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How to upcycle a door into a desk

upcycle a door into a desk

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Do you have a discarded door left from the last conversion and don’t know where to go with it? Do not dispose of! Because of its dimensions, it is the perfect table top. With just a few simple steps and low costs, you can breathe new life into it! Our step-by-step guide while show you how to upcycle a door into a desk.

If you still have a discarded door, you can count yourself lucky, because it has an optimal size (210 x 86 cm) to start a new job as a large desk pad. An old door is quickly refurnished. To have a smooth end edge at the desk, the fold is balanced with a bar, everything is cleanly spat and the door leaf is painted.

The crowning finish is the applied glass plate, which can be made appropriately with the glass or an acrylic glass plate. Two drawer cabinets on wheels (here: Helmer from Ikea) pick up the plate, and the desk is ready. As a stopper, a non-slip carpet pad is placed on the metal cabinets. Then everything is perfect. Decorative side effect: In the door compartments under the glass you can keep cards, favorite pictures and beautiful pens visible.

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Variable applications

Of course, our recycled door not only makes a good impression as a workplace. Even as a dining table, it is an eye-catcher. Shortened, repainted and equipped with matching legs, the door can also be used as a coffee table. And if the white color is too boring for you, just paint it in any color. 

Steps to upcycle a door into a desk

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In order to ensure that the fold of the old cassette door receives a planned completion, a strip is glued to the door stop with mounting glue.

When the bar is attached, small edges and unevenness are sanded off.

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Smooth the dried filler. First with 80s, then with 120 grit.

Before painting, sand the door leaf thoroughly (180s) and paint.

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To prevent the glass plate from slipping, it is best to glue transparent adhesive points onto the door leaf. At least six pieces for this sized area.

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