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How to tell fake vs genuine Belstaff jacket

fake vs genuine Belstaff jacket

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A real classic of the Belstaff brand are the iconic leather jackets in the biker look. We will show you how to tell a fake vs genuine Belstaff jacket.

In the past, the Belstaff leather jackets were especially appreciated by motorcycling for their high functionality. The breathable yet waterproof jackets provided the perfect protection for motorsport enthusiasts. Today, Belstaff’s leather jackets are among the stars’ favourites and conquer all the catwalks of the world.

Eli Belovitch founded the Belstaff brand together with his son-in-law in 1924. The aim of the two was to offer high-quality leather clothing in a biker look. The target group consisted mainly of motorcyclists. Due to the outstanding quality of the jackets, well-known motorcycle racers became the brand ambassadors of Belstaff and increased the awareness of the company. 

Today, Belstaff products are not only popular among motorcyclists. The brand is not only one of the most sought-after film outfiters – stars such as David Beckham and George Clooney also wear Belstaff fashion privately. In addition to traditional biker-style leather jackets, Belstaff also offers T-shirts, sweaters, trousers, accessories and shoes.

Ways to tell a fake vs genuine Belstaff jacket

The Belstaff logo

Check the shape and accuracy of the Belstaff brand logo. Compare the logo on your jacket with a Belstaff logo, where you can be sure it comes from an original item. Pay attention to the springs of the Phoenix and possible inconsistencies. If you notice any differences or inconsistencies, it is almost certainly a counterfeit product.

The sleeves of the jacket

For some Belstaff products, the logo has been affixed to the sleeve of the jacket. If this is the case with your jacket, check that the logo is on the left sleeve. For original Belstaff products, the logo is always affixed to the left sleeve. If the logo on your jacket is on the right sleeve, it is a fake.

The exception to this, as pointed out by reader Nick Chaney, is that in the 1970s, the Belstaff Trialmaster Pro had logos on both sleeves in some markets.

The zipper of the jacket

Another authenticity feature is the rounded zips of the jacket. These are based on the optics of motorcycle handlebars and pedals. Therefore, the zipper sliders are rounded off by original Belstaff jackets and have a fluted structure. Other closures of the jacket should also have this structure and look the same.

The metal elements on the jacket

Apart from the zipper, you can also check other metal elements on the jacket to see if it is an original. With a real Belstaff jacket, the metal elements, such as the buttons, show the logo of Belstaff or the brand name. If this is not the case with your jacket, it is probably plagiarism.

Authorized Belstaff Dealers

Belstaff is keen to crack down on counterfeit products and their sellers. To protect your customers, Belstaff offers a list of authorized Belsatff retailers on its website. Here you can be sure that these are original products. If you buy a Belstaff jacket from a retailer that is not on this list, neither the authenticity nor the quality of the jacket is guaranteed.

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