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How to tell fake or genuine Vans sneakers

fake or genuine Vans sneakers

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What are the best ways to tell fake or genuine Vans sneakers? Our illustrated guide gives you the clues to avoid getting ripped off by counterfeits

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One of the most famous models from Vans is the “Vans Old Skool”. In 2016, the Old Skool were the most worn sneakers at fashion shows worldwide. The supermodel Gigi Hadid also presented the classic several times on catwalks. The model is now available in a wide variety of colors. Always with you: the well-known Vans stripe on the sides of the shoe. Also special are the leather inserts, which ensure better stability and durability.

The Vans brand is known worldwide and the Vans Old Skool, Authentic or Sk8-Hi models conquer the catwalks of all fashion cities. In 1966, the brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren founded the “Van Doren Rubber Company” with the idea of ​​producing a particularly non-slip boat shoe. Because of this sole, the vans became the cult shoe among skateboarders. 

Vans are among the most popular casual shoes and are also worn with designer suits. In addition to sneakers, Vans also manufactures sporty clothing such as tops or hoodies. Backpacks and other accessories such as sunglasses, hats and purses are also among the brand’s products.

Best ways to tell fake or genuine Vans sneakers

Vans, like many other branded products, has a lot of counterfeits on the market. We will show you how to recognize these plagiarisms based on the most important authenticity features for a  Vans Old Skool sneaker

The Vans trademark

There are several trademarks on a Vans Old Skool sneaker. On the side of the shoe, the name “Vans” can be seen on a small tab that is located above the seam. In the case of an original Vans, the logo with the “Vans of the Wall” skateboard is printed on the rubber sole on the heel. In addition, the logo on real Vans sneakers can be seen at least once on the inside of the sole. Pay attention to the quality of the print. The color of fake sneakers is usually not as intense as the original.
You should also check the trademarks for errors. Is the name spelled correctly everywhere? Do the fonts and logos match other Vans products? …

The quality of the seams and laces

Vans Old Skool stitching - original

You can also differentiate an original Vans sneaker from a fake by the quality of the seams. Original vans have even and firm seams. If there are any irregularities, it is almost certainly an imitation. Check that the stitch patterns are straight and that the holes appear at regular intervals.
The quality of the laces also suggests a fake shoe. If the shoelace feels thin and flabby, it is most likely a fake old skool sneaker. The laces of original vans are of high quality and feel firm and stable.

The pattern of the sole and the country code

Vans Old Skool sole Original

Another feature of recognizing a real van is the pattern of the sole. The original has a diamond pattern. In the middle part of the sole there is a hexagon in each of the diamonds. So you can see small stars in the pattern.
There is also the country code of the country of manufacture on the sole of an original van. Check that it matches the country code on the sticker in the box of the shoes.

The price of the sneaker

Don’t fall for cheap offers! A new pair of Vans Old Skool costs at least 30 euros. Dealers or other sellers who offer a new shoe much cheaper will almost certainly want to sell you a fake product. Always consider whether the respective offer can be a realistic price. If you are not sure, a look at the rating of the online retailer also helps.

Features of the box

The box of the shoes can also indicate the authenticity of the Vans sneakers. Scan the barcode on the label of the box with a barcode reader on your mobile phone. The information you get from scanning should of course match that on the box and shoe. In addition, new vans are always packed in paper to protect them. If there is no paper in the box, this can be an indication of a counterfeit. The box should also close properly. If you find the quality of the shoe box inferior, it can be a fake product.