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How to tell a genuine Chloé handbag

How to tell a genuine Chloé handbag (1)

What are the best clues for how to tell a genuine Chloé handbag from a fake? Our guide outlines the ways to identify a fake Chloé bag.

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Chloé has always known how to create very special bags — as one of the largest ‘it’ bags of the 2000s, the Chloé Paddington was a huge hit and graced the bags of style icons and celebrities worldwide. And even now nobody can get enough of the newer models from Clare Waight Keller – both the Chloé Drew and the Chloé Faye Bag have been at the forefront of must-have bags for several seasons and have a very special place in the hearts of all bag lovers. 

But sophisticated design, outstanding quality and the corresponding prestige factor have their price, which unfortunately is not affordable for everyone. The counterfeiters of fashion also know this and therefore deliver fakes as far as the eye can see. Some of them can be seen from afar, but some require a trained eye and a large amount of know-how to avoid a fake Chloé bag.

How to tell a genuine Chloé handbag

We have collected the most important points, tips and tricks for how to tell a genuine Chloé handbag, so that when you buy your Chloé bag you are guaranteed to get an original and not be the victim of a bad buy.


The newer models from Chloé in particular are very structured and have a particularly stable shape that does not collapse or wrinkles or creases as soon as the bag is placed upright. Especially with the Faye Bag, this is a criterion that reveals a lot of plagiarism. The model itself is super flat, but thanks to the accordion-like structure that divides the bag into two compartments and the extremely careful workmanship of the leather, it has a super stable shape.

Counterfeits, on the other hand, often save the trouble. The result – the bag buckles, loses its shape or just looks clumsy and cheap. So whenever possible, always do the “stand test” or have the corresponding photos sent to you (when buying online). Do research too, The sizes in which your dream bag is actually produced – you can find the dimensions on the official Chloé website. It is often the case that for plagiarism sizes are offered in which a real Chloé bag does not even exist.


Chloé is known for using only the highest quality leather – it should always feel super soft and extra supple. If the leather looks too plastic, stiff or if it smells of glue or chemicals instead of leather, it is almost certainly a fake. It’s best to trust your instinct – does the bag feel like a real luxury bag? Or could it be a cheap imitation?

 In terms of color, it is unfortunately quite difficult to set up a rule of thumb for Chloé bags. After all, Chloé likes to produce seasonal reinterpretations of popular bag models and the color palette is constantly expanding and new variations are created. Careful research is recommended, e.g. on the official Chloé website, to see whether the desired bag model is produced in the color. 

However, there are bags in some standard colors and fabrics, so-called “permanent collection items” – these are mostly those that are counterfeited. If you know these and know what they look like, you are on a safer side. So here again: research, research, research on the official Chloé website as part of how to tell a genuine Chloé handbag so you can compare the real thing with the one being offered to you.


Many models, such as the Chloé Nile, Chloé Faye or Chloé Drew, do not have a real inner lining – the interior is made of roughened leather, which results in a pleasant, soft velor. With others, such as the Chloé Paddington or Chloé Lexa Bag, this is always soft and should never crackle. If the lining is too loose or sewn too tightly, it does not speak for the authenticity of the supposed Chloé bag – with the originals it always fits perfectly.


Chloé is not about showing off a big logo, but letting the design speak for itself. That’s what Chloé fans love and appreciate the simplicity and restrained elegance. Nevertheless, the French fashion house uses subtle brand stamps – be it on the leather of the bag as with the Chloé Faye or engraved on the hardware with the Chloé Drew. You should know exactly where to find the brand stamp. 

The Chloé Faye will never say “Chloé” on the ring or the Chloé Drew on the leather flap. Is the brand stamp in the right place? Then you just have to make sure that it is absolutely straight, clean and relatively thinly embossed / engraved, placed in the middle and correctly written, namely “Chloé” – the “C” as a capital letter, the rest in small print, with an accent aigu over the “e”. 

The brand stamp on the outside of the bag never has a location, but inside you will find a “MADE IN ITALY” stamp under “Chloé” – that’s where Chloé bags are made. But be careful! Not all models have a Chloé Brand Stamp on the inside – you should only find one on the outside of the Chloé Paddington.


The demands on the quality of workmanship are particularly high when it comes to expensive designer bags. And rightly so – the seams on branded bags like Chloé are always absolutely straight, even and balanced. Most of the time, unless the design demands otherwise, these are in the same color as the leather of the bag and as far out as possible on the edges so that they are as inconspicuous as possible.


Is the hardware too light? Peeled off? Totally scratched? While small signs of wear are normal on second hand bags, the overall impression should still remain luxurious. Otherwise, hands off, because the hardware on Chloé bags is of absolutely high quality and would not peel off even after a few years. 

It would also be important to pay attention to whether the hardware of your pocket model is matt or glossy. While older models, like the Chloé Paddington, tended to use matt metals, new models like the Chloé Drew or Chloé Faye are decorated with shiny metal. If the mattness / gloss of your model does not correspond to the original, it is a plagiarism. 

Also, do some research on the color of the hardware – it is common to assume that the hardware of a designer bag should always be one color (gold, silver, rose gold, …). But many don’t know, for example, that the details on the Chloé Faye are never monochrome: although the ring, chain and other hardware are gold-colored, the clasp that hangs on the ring is silver-colored. Plagiarism manufacturers often overlook such little things, which is why it is always important to be well informed in order to avoid a possible bad purchase.


On every Chloé bag, all zippers should slide perfectly, open and open easily and be straight. Otherwise, the same rules apply here as for the hardware – the right color (e.g. for the Chloé Faye gold, for the Chloé Paddington silver), a certain weight and an overall very elegant look. Good to know – there is usually no brand (neither Chloé, nor a zipper brand like YKK) on the zipper.


Every Chloé bag has a serial number – it is often hidden in an inner bag or something similar, so look for it carefully. This serial number should also match the one on the authenticity card. The card is similar to a credit card type, is white, relatively matt and has “Chloé” lettering on the front with a small black lettering underneath – “CARTE D’AUTHETICITÉ”. There is a hologram on the back of the card – the same should be in the pocket with the serial number. 


Every new Chloé bag also comes with a label attached to the bag with a thread. It is round and also bears the Chloé lettering – but here “three-dimensional”. When you open it you will find the article number (for the Chloé Faye, for example, it is “3S1126-H2O”, the material composition and at the bottom again “MADE IN ITALY”. Care instructions are also included. These are folded up in a small envelope the size of a credit card with, also three-dimensional, “Chloé” lettering. 


All of this comes in a zip-lock dust bag – this is white, again with the “Chloé” logo, and also has a “MADE IN ITALY” label on the inside.


Have you ever seen a particularly lucrative bag deal and thought “That’s too good to be true!”? As a shame it is, but unfortunately it is mostly the same. While you naturally want to find the cheapest possible bargain, you should always keep in mind what the new bag costs and what second hand prices are still realistic. 

Find out more about the new price directly on the Chloé website or other trustworthy websites such as net-a-porter or mytheresa and compare the second-hand prices of different providers who sell your model. If the price is far below, you should think twice about buying. In general it applies