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How to identify a fake Miu Miu bag

best ways to identify a fake Miu Miu bag

What are the best ways to identify a fake Miu Miu bag? Our guide outlines the key clues so you can avoid being ripped off by counterfeiters.

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Miu Miu is the second line of the luxury label Prada and was founded in the early 1990s. The brand is named after Miuccia Prada, who was affectionately known as Miu by her family. Compared to the classic design signature of Prada, Miu Miu is much more playful and has a girlish aesthetic. Feminine bags, with the frillyy and smocked details so typical of the brand, give the Miu Miu models a unique look that cannot be found in any other label. 

The beautiful Miu Miu bags are now and then provided with glittering elements or flower applications. This turns every bag into a real statement piece. Every outfit, no matter how simple, is given that certain something by the modern designs of the Miu Miu bags. Miu Miu bags may be more exciting and youthful in their design, but they all have the high quality of their sister label Prada and are definitely worth the investment.

Why should you subject your Miu Miu bag to a fake check before buying? Quite simply, to guarantee the authenticity of your Miu Miu. Because with popular brands such as Miu Miu, there are unfortunately always black sheep among the dealers on the second hand market. The fakes are getting better and better, which is why a very trained eye is now needed to distinguish a fake from an original Miu Miu. 

Best ways to identify a fake Miu Miu bag

best ways to identify a fake Miu Miu bag

So that you are prepared for well-made fakes in your search for the perfect vintage Miu Miu bag, our Fake Guide will tell you what to look out for when buying a Miu Miu bag. As is well known, the devil lies in the detail. 


The logo of Miu Miu bags The most obvious distinguishing feature of a Miu Miu bag is its logo. That’s why the first look when buying a used Miu Miu bag should also be the logo, and this is one of the best ways to identify a fake Miu Miu bag. Because despite the years of experience of the fake manufacturers, mistakes are often made here. The Miu Miu logo has some special features. The “m” is divided into two sections. The left arc of the “m” is a full, round “n” while the right arc is only half an “n”. The two parts are separated from each other by a narrow slit. 

Another important aspect of the logo: The “u” consists of two arcs that do not meet in the middle at the bottom and are also separated by a narrow gap. In addition, in both cases the “u” is placed slightly lower than the rest of the letters. In general, the logo is usually attached to the front of the Miu Miu bag and consists of a metal plaque. 

Of course, with a high-quality luxury brand like Miu Miu, there shouldn’t be any adhesive residue and the logo shouldn’t sit crooked or at an angle on the bag. If you notice features that indicate poor workmanship, you can assume that the bag can hardly be an original.


Another feature of an original Miu Miu bag is its zipper. If the Miu Miu handbag of your choice is equipped with zippers, a check can provide information about a fake. The handles of the zippers of a Miu Miu handbag are all provided with the Miu Miu logo. In addition, the words “riri” or “lampo” can be found on the back of the zip. 

In the meantime, however, many fake manufacturers know about these identifying features and falsify the details of their fake handbags. Therefore, the zipper cannot be used as the only factor to authenticate your Miu Miu. However, if you should find discrepancies here, you can doubt the authenticity of the Miu Miu bag with a high degree of certainty.


Miu Miu has most of its handbags produced in Italy. For some time now, some models have also been manufactured in Turkey. Most vintage Miu Miu bags, however, are still from Italy. When you look inside the bag you should find a small piece of sewing that says “MADE IN ITALY” or, for newer models, “MADE IN TURKEY”. If another country is mentioned, it is almost certainly a fake, and and this is one of the top ways to identify a fake Miu Miu bag. 

Furthermore, every Miu Miu bag contains an additional, white sew-on piece with a three-digit factory code. The two sew-ons can be found either together or in different places in the inner lining.


Every Miu Miu bag – no matter if new or second hand – should be equipped with an original dust bag and a product card. The anthers were either white or gray until 2009. All models produced after 2009 come with a dust bag in a delicate pink shade. 

When buying a second hand Miu Miu bag, you should always pay attention to the year of manufacture if you want to use the color of the dust bag as a distinguishing feature for a fake. In contrast to other designer bags such as Chanel, a Miu Miu bag has NO authenticity card, but is only delivered with the so-called “product card” and a “care card”. 

The product card contains information such as the article number, the style, the type of leather, the specific color and the year of production. The Care Card contains additional care instructions to keep your Miu Miu bag in perfect condition for a long time. It is possible that a vintage Miu Miu bag can no longer show both cards. This does not necessarily mean that it is a fake, but should not be disregarded if you doubt the authenticity of your Miu Miu due to other factors.


A look inside your bag can also give you information about the authenticity of the Miu Miu. A Miu Miu bag is usually equipped with an inner lining made of fine nylon. This makes the designer bag easier to care for than bags from Celine, for example, which are often covered with delicate suede. You can also take a close look at the seams of the Miu Miu bag. 

As with any high-quality designer bag, the seams of your Miu Miu should be sewn straight and clean. Poor workmanship, such as crooked or loose seams, should immediately make you suspicious. They could be a clear indication of a fake handbag. Then it’s better to stay away! Because quality is very important for all luxury brands and should also be present in a vintage Miu Miu bag. After all, you want to enjoy your new dream bag for a long time for your money. 

Basically, however, the following applies: The quality of the stitching should always be seen in connection with the other distinguishing features of an original Miu Miu. There may well be old models whose condition is no longer the best, but which is still an authentic designer handbag. Ultimately, the responsible use and care of the Miu Miu bag also determines how long it keeps its beautiful shape.


Miu Miu is the second line from Prada and therefore not the cheapest among designer bags. After all, quality has its price. Nevertheless, the bags by Miu Miu differ in price from their big sister label. Check against the prices at their official Miu Miu online site. If you come across a retailer who sells the high-quality bags as new at significantly lower prices, you can assume that you are receiving a fake. 


The online market for designer handbags is booming and new dealers are appearing everywhere. When looking for a second hand Miu Miu bag, it can therefore be quite difficult to find a trustworthy seller. Fortunately, there are now certified online shops, which can guarantee the authenticity of the Miu Miu bag. Experts take a close look at every designer part there before you can find the offer online. However, caution is advised at auctions on Ebay & Co. Again and again, fakes are posted here and auctioned by bona fide customers. Disappointed and a few hundred euros easier, you then have to deal with an extremely complex complaint process, which unfortunately does not always end well.

Did you make it to the end of this fake guide for Miu Miu bags? Very good! Then you are now well prepared and know what to look for when buying a vintage Miu Miu bag.