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How to spark your fitness motivation to exercise

fitness motivation

This guide outlines several strategies that will spark and strengthen your fitness motivation for your exercise program.

Attempting to motivate yourself to get in your exercise can sometimes seem like a useless endeavor. It doesn’t matter how hard you try; you’ll fall out of your routine and return to where you began. It’s difficult to maintain your fitness motivation!

If you’re like many people, you were quite active as a teenager and young adult. You may have been involved in sports during your high school years and even possibly in college. The idea of not having some sort of physical activity in your routine may not have even occurred to you. 

However, after a long day of work or classes, you probably enjoyed parking in front of the TV with a nice, cool drink. And then, the activity just sort of got less and less.

Fitness motivation strategies

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to work out these days, even if you have a free gym trial. We all know about the various health benefits of working out and know that exercise is good for our blood pressure, cholesterol, heart, and more. That said, it’s still simple to just put that physical activity off for one reason or another. 

Here’s a quick look at a few tips to add a bit of fitness motivation that might just get you to the gym or even just for a run. 

Reward Yourself

If you’re serious about wanting to get that flat stomach back, reward yourself as a fitness motivation. Begin with a workout jar. Each time you exercise, put a couple of dollars in it. If you happen to be doing one of the myriad workout challenges, reward yourself once you finish the challenge.

Or you could put a couple of dollars in the jar for each workout and then $20 or $30 when you complete the challenge. Once the jar is full, use that money to buy yourself something nice or to have a great night out with no guilt!

Find a Friend

Having a friend to work out with is a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated to work out. It can be easy to skip workout days when the only one you’re letting down is yourself. Then you forgive yourself, get aggravated that you skipped exercising, and move on to try the next day again. 

When you have a workout buddy, you don’t want to disappoint them. That is even better when your friend happens to be enthusiastic about exercise. Then their fitness motivation and enthusiasm will push you to work even harder. You may even come to find that you’re more self-conscious about things like giving yourself breaks or being lazy when your buddy is there. 

Document It

Some of Victoria’s Secret models document when they work out to inspire others while holding themselves accountable for exercising. If you are doing some exercise challenge, documenting your workouts is an incredibly good fitness motivation to hold yourself accountable.

If you work out daily, take pictures of yourself daily to track your progress. If you don’t work out each day, take photos on the same day each week. 

It doesn’t matter how you choose to work out, do what works best for you. Some of us might decide to do a month straight to make sure that it turns into a habit. Other people might do it a couple of times each week and gradually build that up to five or six times a week. All that matters is that you exercise, and it becomes a habit. 

Final words

Using the fitness motivation tips you’ve read here today to keep yourself on track, you might come to find that it’s easier than you might think. And remember, don’t punish yourself when you forget. Life happens sometimes; all you can do is try the next day.

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