How to get a flat stomach: the right food and exercise

How to get a flat stomach

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How to get a flat stomach is simple when you use the correct food and exercise. Our guide outlines the best foods and a specific workout for flat stomach. We also tell you what to avoid

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The stomach needs to go? We’ll tell you 7 weight-loss strategies that will finally make the dream of a flat stomach come true; from proper nutrition to the best exercises.

So that your stomach can finally go away, we have put together a few tips for you that really help. A flat stomach is a combination of proper nutrition, targeted muscle building and relaxation. The first results can be seen quickly, but it also requires a lot of discipline until the fat on the stomach is really gone. So there are also tips on how to persevere.

First measure your waist circumference and write down the measurement. The measurement is taken in the morning at the level of the navel. Repeat the measurement after two weeks and then regularly every two or three weeks, always in the morning. That motivates you, because you will soon lose a few inches that you may not notice with the naked eye.

How to get a flat stomach with the right food and exercise

How to get a flat stomach

So that your stomach finally goes away, there are tips on nutrition first. Foods that you should rather avoid in the future and those that help you lose weight. As the saying goes: “The six-pack is made in the kitchen.”

Finally, we have great fitness exercises for a flat stomach. Apart from the fact that exercise helps to burn excess calories, with the right training you can specifically strengthen your abdominal muscles and declare war on nasty belly fat. Don’t worry: our exercises are simple – but efficient!

1. The right carbohydrates for a flat stomach

Carbohydrates are always portrayed as the enemy when it comes to getting rid of the belly fat. But that’s not true. Because not all carbohydrates are created equal.

The background: if we eat high-carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta or sweets, the blood sugar level rises and the body produces a lot of insulin to transport the sugar into the cells. On the one hand, this insulin inhibits fat burning and, on the other hand, it ensures that the body stores fat, especially on the stomach.

However, there are big differences in carbohydrates. Sweets, fast food, and white flour products such as light pasta or white bread contain simple carbohydrates (bad carbohydrates) that cause blood sugar levels to rise very quickly. In other words, the body produces a lot of insulin in response to this.

More complex carbohydrates (good carbohydrates), such as those found in whole grain products like bread or dark pasta, make the blood sugar level rise only slowly. The body produces much less insulin, fat burning is hardly inhibited and hardly any fat is stored.

Whole grain products for a flatter stomach

Everyone who wants to get their stomach off should forget the tips that one should avoid carbohydrates completely and instead rely on complex carbohydrates and eat a lot of whole grain products.

Sweets, white flour products as well as fast food and hearty snacks such as chips, on the other hand, should be left behind. You should avoid it, especially in the evening, so that fat burning can run optimally overnight.

Good carbohydrates:

  • Whole grain products (bread, pasta, brown rice)
  • Vegetable salad
  • legumes

Bad carbohydrates

  • Sweets (chocolate, ice cream, cake)
  • White flour products (white bread, light pasta, parboiled rice)
  • Fast food, chips

2. Low carb more often in the evening

Many diets recommend avoiding carbohydrates, especially in the evening, so that fat burning can work unhindered overnight.

There is nothing wrong with a slice of wholemeal bread at 7 p.m., as it has little effect on blood sugar levels. The sweets in front of the TV, as well as chips and popcorn, should be avoided. They really drive up the blood sugar level and are immediately deposited as fat cells on the stomach. Avoid fruit in the evenings. This contains a lot of fructose and also has an impact on blood sugar levels and insulin production.There is nothing wrong with a slice of wholemeal bread at 7 p.m. as it has little effect on the Blood sugar level. The sweets in front of the TV, as well as chips and popcorn, should be avoided.

They really drive up the blood sugar level and are immediately deposited as fat cells on the stomach. Avoid fruit in the evenings. This contains a lot of fructose and also has an impact on the blood sugar level and theInsulin production.

If you want to be on the safe side, choose protein-rich, i.e. low-carb dishes in the evening. This can be a salad with chicken breast or fish, an omelette, scrambled eggs or even legumes or tofu.

3. Don’t snack all the time

Even when it comes to healthy snacks such as vegetables and fruit, one of the most important tummy tuck tips is: Don’t constantly snack when you want to lose weight on your stomach. Give the body breaks to eat and let the blood sugar level calm down.

Eat your fill at the three main meals. Maybe you won’t need a snack anymore. If you are always hungry in the late morning or afternoon, you can grab a snack between meals. A natural yogurt with fruit, vegetable sticks with dip or a handful of nuts are well suited.

4. Avoid flatulent foods

It has little to do with losing weight, but if you are already suffering from a belly that is too big, you shouldn’t make it unnecessarily larger by eating gas that is gas.

Which foods lead to a bloated stomach in you can be very different. In general, many people do not tolerate cabbage vegetables, legumes or soy so well. Even raw food in the evening can lead to a stomach full of air.

These dishes are more digestible, for example, if you season them with caraway seeds. A fennel tea afterwards provides quick relief. Raw ginger or ginger tea also help against bloated stomach. In order to avoid bloating, it is also important to adopt healthy eating habits, such as thorough chewing or proper drinking.

5. Alcohol in moderation

If you want to get your stomach off, you should stick to these tips in addition to the tips mentioned: Only drink alcohol rarely and in moderation. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, there are quite a few calories in alcohol . Cocktails also contain a lot of sugar, which raises blood sugar levels and promotes fat storage.

On the other hand, alcohol arouses our appetite and makes us forget all the good resolutions. How often have we had a burger, doner kebab or chocolate and cookies after a long night of partying?

6. Reduce stress and relax

Various studies have shown that stressed people are more likely to store fat on their stomach. If you want to get rid of your stomach permanently, you have to work on reducing stress.

Create regular breaks that you can use for walks or meditation, for example. The most effective stress killer is and remains sport. It not only ensures that your stress level drops permanently, it also helps you lose weight on the stomach.

Our tip: start with yoga ! The gentle workouts are also suitable for beginners and they combine relaxation with exercise. If yoga is too calm for you, you can also try Pilates. Both promote a flatter stomach and strengthen the deep muscles.

Also find out for yourself the best way to switch off after a long day at work. Some like to listen to music, others read, take a bath or draw. Conversations with friends are also perceived as very positive.

7. Flat stomach workout plan

It’s no secret: if you want to get your stomach off, you should not only incorporate tips about nutrition but also more exercise into your everyday life. For one thing, you should do endurance sports at least three times a week . It burns a lot of calories and fat cells.

On the other hand, you should work on building muscles and do special strength and abdominal exercisesdo it on at least three days a week. HIIT training is super effective in fighting fat. The workouts that combine intervals of strength and cardio exercises are short but very intense. Only 20 minutes of training three times a week is enough to train the body effectively and melt the belly fat.

The best flat stomach exercises: sit-ups

This is how it works:
Lie on your back, your fingers lightly supporting the back of your head. Raise your legs at a 90 degree angle so that your calves are parallel to the floor. Now tense the stomach and lift the upper body with the strength of the abdominal muscles. Go back again, but don’t put your head and shoulders down completely. 20 repetitions, short rest, then two more sets.
Beginners can also put their feet on the floor.© iStock

The best flat stomach exercises: oblique crunches

In addition to the classic straight sit-ups, there are crunches for the oblique abdominal muscles.

This is how it works:
Lie on your back, your hands lightly supporting the back of your head. Bend your legs and place them on your right side. Tense your stomach and lift your upper body diagonally to the right. 15 repetitions, then lay your bent legs on your left side and do 15 repetitions to the left as well. Short pause, then two more sentences.

Variation: You can also put your legs up normally and do crunches alternately to the right and left. Then 20 repetitions.

The best flat stomach exercises: jackknife

This exercise comes from Pilates and is great for the entire stomach. In particular, you can also train the important deep muscles in the abdomen.

This is how it works:
Sit up straight, tense your stomach. Now go back slightly with the upper body, the chest is stretched out. Lift your legs at a 90 degree angle from the floor and bring your upper body and thighs closer together like a jackknife. Then go back with your upper body and stretch your legs forward. 15 repetitions, three sets. Make sure that you stretch your chest out and keep it straight throughout the exercise. Do not try to support yourself with your arms.

Variation: With this exercise you can also train the oblique abdominal muscles. To do this, bend your legs sideways first to the left, then to the right and rotate your upper body accordingly.

The best flat stomach exercises: side support

With the side support, you train the muscles in the waist, but at the same time also the entire stomach, the deep muscles and the arms.

Here’s how it works:
Lie on your right side. Now come up so that you only support yourself on the edges of your feet and your right wrist. The hand is under the shoulder, the body forms a line, the pelvis stays up. Beginners hold this position for 10 seconds.

Advanced users raise and lower the pelvis 10 times, very experienced users also lift their upper leg a few centimeters. Repeat the same exercise on the other side. Do a total of three sentences.

If you stick to our tips and incorporate the abdominal path exercises into your everyday life, the dream of a flat stomach will come true!