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How to source clear aligners to straighten your teeth

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More and more adults want straight teeth, but don’t want to wear unattractive mouths full of metal. Clear aligners are the practically invisible solution!

Being more attractive is just one of the motives that drives people to optimize their appearance. Depending on age and life situation, the reasons why someone wants aesthetic corrections are very different. Beautiful and evenly straight teeth are part of it and for many people they are the prerequisite for smiling freely and confidently.

With the invisible aligners, this goal can be achieved quickly, easily and safely with professional support from the dentist. More and more adults are discovering an uncomplicated way to finally fulfill their desire for straight teeth.

Further, you can find reliable dental suppliers that can provide the clear aligners in kits to you at home for even more convenience. Visit SmilePrep to find out more.

Different motives – one goal

Today people not only want healthy, but also aesthetically beautiful and straight teeth. Because that is the prerequisite for an open, free smile. After all, numerous studies and surveys show that people with an attractive smile with evenly straight teeth are more successful. Those who find themselves attractive appear more self-confident and are better received — both professionally and privately.

The motives are very different depending on the life situation. The 25 to 35 year olds need self-confidence in order to be successful in finding jobs and partners. Middle-aged people have to assert themselves against professional competition, while the so-called “best agers”, after the children are slowly out of the house, fulfill a long-awaited personal wish with tooth correction.

However, there is one thing that all those interested in tooth correction in adulthood agree on: straightening teeth should work quickly and unnoticed by others. If possible until the wedding, the next application date or the planned vacation. Many people who have customer contact in their job do not want to appear with unsightly fixed braces and would prefer clear aligners. Also read clear braces vs metal: pros and cons.

Trend towards aesthetic tooth correction

The increasing demand for quick and easy methods of tooth correction are meanwhile also trying to serve non-specialist providers. With “do-it-yourself” offers from the Internet or in shops for walk-in customers in busy shopping streets or centers, start-up companies offer simple correction systems. Many of them forego the involvement of a dentist or orthodontist.

From an orthodontic point of view, the clear aligners means treatment with transparent aligners to remove misaligned teeth. It is typical that these clear aligners are barely visible. Modern orthodontics offers two very different options for this: Almost invisible braces are conceivable both as a loose brace and as a fixed brace.

In orthodontic practice, loose clear aligners have proven particularly useful. Thanks to the clear aligners, it is possible at almost any age to correct misaligned teeth without severely impairing one’s own quality of life.

How do clear aligners work?

Transparent braces basically work just like any other brace. So-called aligners are used for this in the Invisalign system. The aligners are a new form of tooth correction that is tailored to individual needs. The aligners are transparent and removable. The aligners are replaced again and again at short intervals, thereby moving the teeth. Usually you change to a new rail within a period of 1 to 2 weeks. Each splint moves the teeth more into the desired position.

What is particularly advantageous about the loose, transparent braces is that they can be easily removed and then also offer significant advantages when cleaning. In addition, of course, transparent braces also impress with their optical advantages. While conventional braces always have a significant impact on aesthetic well-being, transparent braces are almost imperceptible to outsiders and therefore hardly disturb the overall visual impression. You can remove the splints for eating and brushing your teeth. So there are no restrictions on not being able to eat solid or sticky food. Cleaning is also quite normal. Simply remove the splint and clean your teeth as usual.

Are there any disadvantages to clear aligners?

With all the benefits, patients should be aware that the outcome depends on the patient’s cooperation. Transparent braces are preferred for misalignments, the duration of the treatment and the problems of which are manageable. But even severe misalignments can now be treated well with aligners.

Basically, the question of whether transparent braces are recommended in a specific case is a topic for a discussion between the orthodontist and the respective patient. In a preliminary discussion, the practitioner can ask exactly what end result is being sought and whether this can be achieved through the use of transparent braces.

Can I take part in everyday life as normal with clear aligners?

Many patients feel that their everyday life is impaired by visible braces. This applies in particular to adult patients who are clearly reluctant to use braces, for example in the professional field. Clear aligners can be helpful here, because they enable the correction of misaligned teeth without this being immediately visible to other people.

Clear aligners are even invisible from a distance of 80cm. Incidentally, this also applies to communication: in the majority of cases it is also possible to speak with transparent braces without this being noticeable in any way. The pronunciation is not hindered – this means that treatment with transparent braces is also possible for people

How do you compare clear aligners and fixed braces?

Most patients find the aligners much more comfortable and stress-free than the fixed braces. The advantage of Invisalign aligners is ease of brushing your teeth. You can simply remove the splints and brush your teeth as usual. In addition, you can eat normally, you don’t have to worry about hard or sticky foods.

Even for very sensitive patients, the careful and gentle and therefore pain-reduced treatment due to the uniqueness of the splint material is a reason to choose Invisalign. Of course, “invisibility” also plays a major role from a distance of 80 cm. Adults in particular often do not want to be seen that they are wearing braces.