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How to save on energy bills: 5 smart tactics

save on energy

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This guide outlines clever and easy ways to save on energy bills in the home, so they cost less money.

Saving energy around the home is easy when you have the know-how. With the easiest energy efficiency tips, you and your family will soon save on energy bills — and put the money to better use!

5 ways to save on energy

Saving on Hot Water

You might not know this, but hot water systems are the grandest energy consumers in most households. As a matter of fact, hot water systems account for up to thirty percent of a home’s energy use. The underlying tip to save on energy bills for hot water is to use cold water whenever possible.

For instance, you might want to switch to the use of cold water instead of warm water to wash your clothes in the washing machine.

Did you know that the average showerhead uses at least ten liters of water every minute? If you think about it, you realize that this is a lot of water. You might want to install a low-flow showerhead instead and immensely reduce the flow of hot water.

Another trick to save on energy bills is to replace your long hot showers with shorter showers – you might want to use a shower timer in an attempt to keep the showers short.

Saving on the Refrigerator

When it comes to your home utility bills, the refrigerator typically accounts for 15% of it. Make sure that your refrigerator isn’t using any unnecessary energy by setting the temperature correctly. The ideal temperature is 4 degrees for the refrigerator section and minus fifteen degrees for the freezers.

Many households have a second fridge that they use only for drinks. We recommend switching it off when it is of no use to save on energy bills. Also, you could put a timer on it. By doing so, you will ensure the safe storage of food and minimal use of energy.

If you find that you have actually never used the fridge, you are better off without it as it is only adding to your monthly utility bills. ALSO READ:
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Save Energy on Standby Power

The appliances that are on standby consume at least 10% of the home energy use, which means that it costs you more than $100 annually. Understandably, the easiest way to save on energy bills here is by switching off the appliances on the wall when you are not using them.

When it comes to your computer, we recommend enabling the energy-saving feature to save energy. Also, make sure to switch off all appliances on the wall when they are not in use. Remember, the tip is to be tech-savvy and energy-savvy.

And, of course – don’t forget to turn off the light every time when you are not using them.

There is something known as phantom loads, where the electricity is used by the electronics that are on standby mode. While such loads are grossly undetected – these are actually a major source of energy waste.

According to some reports, at least 70% of the home energy is consumed when electric appliances are either switched off or on standby. To take care of such problems, you can immensely benefit from smart power strips – also known as advanced power strips that are used to remove the problems caused by phantom loads by switching off the power supply to the electronics when not in use.

If yours is a big house, you can benefit from commercial electrical contractor Los Angeles.

Save Energy Bills on Cooling & Heating

How well you keep the extreme weather conditions at bay doesn’t only affect your comfort but also adds enormously to the electricity bills. Your house’s heating and cooling system contribute to 25% of the energy bills.

You can do numerous things to save on energy bills on heating and cooling. For instance, make sure that the doors and windows of your house are caulked to prevent air from escaping through gaps. You don’t have to use the air conditioner at the very beginning of the summer as you are all good with the ceiling fans as they keep the air circulating in the room.

Also, keep all windows and doors closed to keep the cool air inside. Depending on the direction of the windows, you can install external shading on your house. Another cheap and natural solution to the blazing summers is to grow a big tree outside the house so it can work as a shade.

Bring Energy Efficient Appliances at Home

There’s no running away from the fact that appliances are the biggest sources of energy consumption in today’s time. seldom will you come across a household in your social circle, wherein all the appliances are of the energy saving feature. Bear in mind, if you don’t have energy efficient appliances, it will be hard for you to rest assured about things going in your direction. 

Now that inflation is all time high, you need to make some real changes in the house to save on energy bills. Today, you will find tons of appliances that need to be chucked out immediately. Plus, when you incorporate them in the house, you will see a considerable difference in the energy costs. Secondly, when energy efficient appliances are brought in the kitchen, they will cut down the time that it takes to prepare something.

In other words, the overall cost of energy will go down and you will be able to spend this money elsewhere for the betterment of your family. So now is the perfect time to take this step and see what the future unfolds.

Go Solar

You might also want to think about installing a solar panel for your energy consumption at home. No wonder, adding a solar panel to your home will do wonders to this place. You might be a little skeptical about investing in this option but it will  be worth it. Especially if you choose to incorporate them for the rest of your home, you will reap its incredible benefits in the future. Now is the best time to bring solar panels to your home, so you can have a good quality life.


It wouldn’t be wrong to state that saving on electricity bills is nothing less than art – and you can achieve the unachievable by becoming a smart energy consumer.