Knowhow: top mount refrigerator vs bottom mount – which is best?

top mount refrigerator vs bottom mount - which is best?

This guide outlines the pros and cons of a top mount refrigerator vs a bottom mount refrigerator, to help you make the best choice.

Modern kitchens come with a bevy of culinary marvels. While your cooking appliances help get the job done, your fridge preserves the ingredients you need. When hunting for the best fridge, you might come across two types; the bottom mount refrigerator and the top mount one. 

With this blog post, those who don’t know how to buy a fridge can get a head start on shopping for kitchen equipment and choose between a top mount refrigerator vs a bottom mount refrigerator.

Top mount refrigerator overview

When we think of traditional style refrigerators, there is a good chance you are picturing top mount fridges at Gimmie. After all, we have seen top mount refrigerators our entire life, and it has become a part of our tradition. 

A top mount refrigerator is a conventional style fridge with a fresh food compartment beneath a small freezer. The freezer is located at the top, making it easier to store meat, ice cream, and other products. The biggest advantage of a top-mounted refrigerator is its size.

Typically, top mount refrigerators are 30-33 inches wide with large doors that easily open on the side. The fresh food compartment has sufficient space, and you can buy a bigger fridge based on your needs. Top-mounted refrigerators are the least expensive, making them a budget-friendly option for today’s homeowners. Since top-mounted refrigerators are very common, they tend to have different sizes, colours and designs to match your kitchen aesthetics. 

However, the greatest drawback of a top mount refrigerator is that you have to bend down to reach the fresh food compartment frequently. This bending is less than ideal for many homeowners and causes stress and frustration. However, this reason isn’t enough to disregard this durable and efficient refrigerator. 

Bottom mounted refrigerator overview

Bottom mount refrigerators, also known as bottom freezers, feature a fresh food compartment on top with a freezer on the bottom. This unconventional design offers much easier access to the fresh food compartment. Homeowners can conveniently access the beverage area without frequently bending. However, bottom-mounted refrigerators aren’t as common as their counterparts. The unconventional position of the fridge may cause issues within the compressor. 

Nevertheless, bottom mount refrigerators come in built-in and freestanding designs. They offer an assortment of colours and designs to match the aesthetics of your kitchen. Plus, the freezer section is comparatively larger than a top-mounted refrigerator. 

Benefits of a top mount refrigerator

Despite the design and placement of the freezer and fresh food compartments, top-mounted refrigerators have a few additional benefits. 

Energy Consumption 

Top-mounted refrigerators are more energy-efficient than bottom-mounted ones. This is because the compressor is located at the bottom in a top-mounted fridge. The compressor is responsible for maintaining the temperature in your fridge. It’s the most crucial part of your fridge, and if anything happens to it, you’ll probably have to buy a new refrigerator. The compressor’s downward placement is ideal for maintaining appropriate temperature and keeping it away from harm’s way. 

Easier to Store Meat and Other Products

Most people don’t mind the occasional bend to grab a beer. After all, you are paying significantly less money with a top-mounted refrigerator. However, if your freezer is constantly in use, you might enjoy a top-mounted fridge because it’s easier to access. Moreover, top-mounted refrigerators have been in the market for ages, and people are used to them. If you switch your refrigerator, it will take several days for you to adjust to the new set of your freezer and fresh food compartment. 

Staying Clean

Top mount refrigerators require less maintenance and work, unlike their counterpart bottom-mounted refrigerators. Since the compressor is off the floor, dust and debris are less likely to get into the unit. This increases the life of your fridge, and you don’t have to take it to the repair shop too often.

Controlled Temperature

Since the compressor is mounted above the floor, the heat generated escapes without interfering with other parts. This controls the cabinet temperature, and your food remains fresh for longer periods.

More Storage Space

Unlike bottom-mounted refrigerators, there is no room for insulation or refrigerant lines above the compressor. This gives you more space in the fresh food and freezer compartment.

Top mount refrigerator vs bottom mount: which is better?

Now that you know about top and bottom mounted refrigerators, it’ll be easier for you to understand which one is better. 

Cost Point of View

If you live on a budget and can compromise the occasion by bending over to grab a cold one, a top-mounted refrigerator is best for you. However, if you prefer convenience over cost-saving, you can opt for a bottom-mounted fridge from a price point of view. Bottom-mounted refrigerators are more expensive, and if you are willing to pay the additional cost to minimise your backache, you’ll be happy with a bottom-mounted fridge. 

Convenience Point of View 

Hands down bottom-mounted refrigerators are more convenient to use. You don’t have to bend to gran fruits and vegetables. Plus, your freezer is located at the bottom, so you don’t have to lift heavy items. However, the downside of bottom-mounted refrigerators is the placement of the compressor and its price. You’ll be paying more for a kitchen appliance that won’t be as durable as its counterpart. Perhaps that’s why most people prefer a top-mounted refrigerator. 

Aesthetically, both top and bottom-mounted refrigerators are stunning. However, you won’t find the same variety of designs and colours in a bottom-mounted fridge. That’s why most Australians prefer a top-mounted fridge. 

The bottom line 

Choosing the perfect fridge for your kitchen is the key to a happy home. After all, your delicious ingredients are stored in the refrigerator, and you need them to stay fresh. The convenience of a bottom-mounted fridge is hands down phenomenal. But it has several drawbacks.

Plus, finding replacement parts for a bottom-mounted fridge is difficult because there aren’t in abundance. In the end, if you don’t mind bending down, then you should be happy with a top-mounted fridge. But if you prefer convenience over money, then a bottom-mounted fridge is the champion.