How to save money when travelling to India: expert tips

how to save money when travelling

We outline how to save money when travelling to the incredible culture of India, with tips to make your trip very cost-effective.

India is a country where tourists come from all around the globe. If you are travelling from any other country to India then saving money is something you will surely prefer. So, are you someone who decided to have a weekend getaway in India?

Or are you a backpacker travelling with a tight budget? Whatever is your reason, travelling in India can be expensive if you don’t know how to save. From the travel expenses to food and accommodation, the more things you add to your list, the more your bill will be, and less will be savings.

How to save money when travelling to India

Let’s talk about some easy tips to make your trip to India cost-effective without compromising on the magnificent sites.

Learn how to negotiate: it’s an art.

Indians are good at negotiation, and they love it. Right from buying something or availing some discounts, you can learn the art of negotiating only by roaming on the streets of India. Try to learn such skills while shopping on the streets as this will help you save some bucks there. Buying something in half of the rates will be a great deal for you, as you can spend the saved money somewhere else.

Look for a backpacker hostel.

Never interpret it as a hotel. Backpacker hostels are great guest houses that are very pocket-friendly as compared to hotels. With the increase in tourism in India, the number of hostels is increasing in India every single day. With a cost of less than Rs. 300 you can avail kitchens, cafes, private dorms and single beds. There are countless options in India; simply look for the right hostel to get a different experience.

Visit India in the offseason.

Well! There is no offseason in India as it varies from state to state. Usually, peak season is from October to March, and off-season depends upon the region you will travel in India. Off-season in the Northern region will be around summertime, while those in the southern and western regions will be in the winter. Know about the offseason of your destination place in your travel plan, as fewer tourists will be present. Thus you can get most of the things at cheaper rates.

Enjoy the food, but at the right place.

Since India is also famous for street food, you should taste every mouth watering dish. But to save money and to satiate your cravings, you should try a few ideas. Book rooms or hotels which provide complimentary meals like breakfast. You can also look for small eatery joints full of local people, which guarantee you safe food at lower prices.

Travel in general public transport

Are domestic flight fares too high? No need to worry. You can book a train ticket or state-owned public transport to reach your destination on a low budget. Such options will not only give you incredible experience while travelling, but also you can reach your destination safely.

So, are you ready to get an everlasting experience in India while keeping a check on your budget? Start booking your tickets now. India enjoys many tourists from Dubai and other countries; if you are from Dubai, book dxb to bom flights early to get some discounts. India has excellent connectivity from other countries too, so look for your flights now!

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