How to handle a layover on a Hyderabad to Delhi flight

how to pack a suitcase layover

This guide outlines how to handle a layover during a flight between Hyderabad and Delhi.

Layover refers to a short stay at the airport during the breakpoint of a journey to change the flight; in other words, it is the time you have to spend at the airport waiting for your connecting flight on a Hyderabad to Delhi flight. Generally, connecting flights between these cities have a short layover, but a long waiting time is possible. These layovers lead to boredom; however, with the right plan, you can make these layovers more exciting.

Moreover, it is allowed to leave the airport during a long layover, without any hassles, but try not to leave the airport during a short layover as you have to go through the security check, which will lead you to miss your flight.

Tips to handle a layover

So, here are some pointers to make your layovers less boring.

1.   Enjoy and Explore the Airport’s Facilities.

Most of the airports in recent times offer the facility of a lounge that provide various facilities , such as food and beverages and also have a comfy space to take a nap. So, you can enjoy all these services while waiting for your next flight. Also, some airports have shops to buy perfumes, jewelry, or liquor.

Furthermore, there can be multiple halts during a Hyderabad to Delhi flight at cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, Bangalore, Bhopal, Lucknow, etc. So, during this time, you can also watch movies, videos, and shows to avoid boredom.

2.   Read a Novel, Magazine, or Newspaper

If you have a connecting flight, carry your favorite novel, or get a magazine or newspaper from the airport lounge. Reading can save you from the boredom of long layovers. Also, it can increase your concentration and give freshness to your mind.

Therefore, it is important to pack some books or get entertainment, especially when on a connecting flight. Besides layovers, novels, books, or other reading material is also helpful during flight. So, if you are looking for the best flights with all facilities, you can book your tickets from Cleartrip.

3.   Take a Short Nap

Traveling can be tiring and even disturb your sleep schedule. So, if you want to rest your mind, taking a short nap is a great idea to relieve fatigue. Also, it will make you feel fresh for the rest of your journey. Most airport lounges provide a comfy sitting or sleeping area where you can rest, so take advantage of a layover and relax for some time.

4.   Go out to Explore the City

You can leave the airport during long layovers and enjoy exploring nearby tourist attractions in Delhi, but stay aware of the airport’s security rules. Also, familiarize yourself with the terminal gates to navigate more conveniently. Exploring the capital city, New Delhi, will add a beautiful experience to your journey. But, avoid leaving the airport during short layovers as you can miss your flight because of the security checks.

5.   Watch a Movie or a Series

Many of you who are movie buffs can watch a movie, TV series, or show to entertain yourself. Also, binge watching can refresh your mind, and you can use the airport’s wifi for your entertainment. You can also listen to music and soothe your mind.


Lastly, if you have proper planning, a layover can be a way to take a break, relax during your journey, and relieve stress. So, make sure to use your time wisely and enjoy your journey. Moreover, if you are looking for the best Hyderabad to Delhi flights with all facilities, book your ticket now and enjoy your journey.