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How to repair an automatic garage door: fixing common problems

automatic garage door repairs

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This guide outlines how to do automatic garage door repairs and get your garage back in operation easily.

You will not be surprised by the presence of automatic doors in garages or at the entrance to the private home — and nor will you be surprised that they often experience problems. The undeniable usability of design and use makes this exterior element not just a whim, but a part of comfort, safety, and style. However, nothing foolproof has yet been invented, so even such an expensive product requires periodic maintenance and repair.

Automatic garage door repairs

In this guide, we will talk about the most common problems with these garage doors and how you can do automatic garage door repairs yourself.

What tools are needed for automatic garage door repairs?

Of course, the best choice is to contact garage door services like However, if you decide to restore the garage door to work by yourself, you will need primary diagnostics. You can do automatic garage door repairs yourself with a minimum set of workshop tools. Most often, it is enough to have such a set as:

  • multimeter;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • set of wrenches;
  • sometimes you need a level or tape measure.

Troubleshooting automatic garage door repairs

Such malfunctions include:

  • Jamming or tight movement. The reason may lie in the deformation of the runners or some parts of the hinges, sometimes the reason is too much tension of the springs.
  • Extraneous noise during closing/opening. It happens when debris gets between the moving parts. Squeaking or other sounds may occur after the rollers or grooves are worn out.
  • Breakage of cables or springs. It occurs when the springs are excessively worn out, stretched along the axis.
  • Problems with the shaft on the drive drum. This is a non-maintenance unit that only requires replacement with a new part.

The jamming issue can be resolved by loosening the tension spring. Also, with visible deformations, you can carry out a small straightening of the runners with a mallet. If there is an obvious need for this, the rollers or loops are changed. To get rid of squeaks or other noise, lubrication of all moving parts is used. You can also tap on the runners to make them straight.

To avoid breaking the cable, do not turn the gear knob forcefully. If there is a break, then you can replace it yourself. Broken or significantly deformed parts need to be replaced. They can be dismantled on their own using a grinder or screwdriver.

Solving problems with electrical parts

In addition to mechanical failures, problems with the electrical part can arise. The solution in these situations is only to replace a single unit. Consider the options for breakdowns in automatic garage door repairs :

  • The movement is with stops. An incorrectly configured control board leads to such a result. It must either be reconfigured or replaced, sometimes it is enough to lubricate problematic nodes that interfere with smooth movement.
  • Closing/opening does not occur to the full. Non-working limit switches responsible for turning on/off the power supply must be reconfigured or replaced.
  • The doors do not close. It is necessary to check the operation of the photocells responsible for blocking the movement of the sections in the event of obstacles, if necessary, they are replaced.
  • When pressing the remote control does not work, then the problem is in the receiving antenna, which can be brought closer, and there may also be a problem in the remote control, which needs to be replaced or reprogrammed.

When to contact a specialist for automatic garage door repairs

Modern automatic doors are complex in design, including many mechanical and electronic components. Some of the problems arising during their operation can be eliminated by the owner oneself, but more often than not, you will need to contact professionals to carry out repairs. Many service organizations offer a variety of cooperation options for automatic garage door repairs .

It is worth contacting specialists if you find such problems:

  • Loop offset. Many garage owners prefer small repairs of elements, the price of which is low (for example, hinges), to replace all at once.
  • Longitudinal deformation of the frame. This is a serious problem for swing gates, which leads to sagging of their leaves, which occurs due to the lack of sufficient rigidity of the structure. Such a malfunction can only be eliminated by completely replacing the sash and installing a stiffener.
  • Jammed doors. The reason may be a high tension of torsion springs, which are one of the main structural elements of doors. The problem is often solved by adjusting the spring tension, sometimes it helps to replace the hinges or rollers, which are covered with high-strength plastic or nylon, which wears out unevenly. In this case, a violation of the rolling geometry occurs and the door is blocked.
  • Minor breakdowns of mechanical components can be eliminated on your own but it is better to entrust the repair of the electric system to professionals. Doing so could cause serious damage to the electronics and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

For customers for whom it is very important to have the proper and uninterrupted operation of garage doors, it is preferable to conclude a contract for the maintenance of structures according to a plan that includes regular inspections with diagnostics of the operation of all units, service, and repair.

Thus, you can repair any garage door yourself. To do this, you need to correctly diagnose and identify non-working nodes. Sometimes there are several breakdowns. In this case, you need to carefully consider the obvious symptoms, and eliminate all problems in turn when doing automatic garage door repairs .


In general terms, we examined the main breakdowns of automatic garage doors. As you can see from the article, everyone can cope with minor breakdowns. However, in the case of serious malfunctions, it is recommended to seek help from specialists.