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How to know when you need to repair garage doors: the signs

repair garage doors

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This guide outlines the signs that will alert you that it’s time to repair garage doors that could fail soon.

Sectional garage doors are very popular with owners of cars and motorcycles. They are comfortable and reliable and could be the best protectors of your property.

However, their service life may be reduced due to installation errors and rapid wear, or due to improper use. Broken down sectional doors give the owner a lot of trouble and become a significant cost item in the budget to repair garage doors. In some cases, sectional doors cannot even be repaired, and the only way out is to replace them with new ones. One way or another, breakdowns due to errors in installation and operation sooner or later lead the owners to the idea that preventive inspections, repair, and maintenance of sectional doors by specialists are still an important thing. In this article, we will explain why it is very important to choose the right garage door repair company.

Signs you need to repair garage doors

It often turns out that the cause of the breakdown that leads you to repair garage doors was rough handling of the device – sharp active movements that run counter to the design capabilities of the gate. Due to such errors, the cables are torn, and the machine begins to react to movements with a hitch, working as if through force. Such signals are a sign that now is the time to start servicing sectional doors, otherwise, it will finally fail, which will take more time and money for repairs.

If gates are properly installed and operated with care, they rarely require repair. There are several basic problems that can arise in such a case, and it is worth knowing about them.

The doors are making noise

If the doors are very noisy, the cause should be sought in the moving mechanism. Check the hinges and rollers – they may have dirt that needs to be removed by washing and lubricating, thus avoiding you having to repair garage doors.

The blade moves with difficulty

If the movement of the blade is difficult and for some time now it has begun to require additional efforts, most likely the problem is in changing the geometry of the blade. The first thing you should do is to check the torsion springs – these parts should not be too tight. Weaken the springs to the correct level, replace the rollers and repair the cable (if there are problems with them too).

Breakage of the cable under excessive loads

The cable often breaks due to the fact that the lifting mechanism has been working for a long time with much greater loads than it should be. The result of this will be a break in the cable and, as a result, the impossibility of fixing the web in the open position. Rope breakage is a common problem that requires prompt attention to repair garage doors. The part will need to be repaired or replaced.

Deformed components of the door structure

Often the problem concerns rotary guides, which can be deformed, and then will need to be straightened. If the procedure did not help to repair garage doors properly, you will have to think about the complete replacement of these important parts.

Preventive maintenance of sectional doors

To prevent premature wear of the parts, periodic preventive check-ups and correction of minor faults should be carried out to repair garage doors, if any are calculated during the maintenance of sectional doors, which includes the following items:

  • preview;
  • troubleshooting;
  • lubrication of locks, joints, etc;
  • loop inspection;
  • carrying out commissioning activities.

The above work should be done only with the help of specialists who can immediately notice problems. An ordinary user of sectional doors, who does not have the appropriate education and experience in this matter, can easily miss a minor problem.

The frequency of preventive inspections depends on the intensity of sectional door use. If there are about 5 cycles of lifting and lowering at your gate per day, prevention can be carried out once a year. If the gate works 20 or more times a day (for example, industrial), it is better to carry out a routine inspection every six months.

There are also special conditions under which a preventive examination should be carried out every 3-6 months. This applies to:

  • automatic washes for cars and railway transport;
  • production and storage facilities, garages, parking lots;
  • gates located in difficult climatic conditions – with high wind loads and negative temperatures, taking more than 6 months a year.

Do not save more than necessary on calling a master who will carry out preventive maintenance. Remember that the price tag for repairs from the same master will be much higher.

Partial or full service of sectional garage doors: what to choose

The faults most often encountered during the maintenance of overhead sectional garage doors are classified as minor problems – blown fuses, loss of electrical contact, etc. The work on such problems can be done immediately and will take a little time.

If more complex repairs are required, you will need a team of craftsmen with special tools and a high level of skill. For example, you can contact STI Garage Door. This company can:

  • adjust, repair or replace garage door springs;
  • diagnose and fix garage doors;
  • replace any malfunctioning parts like chains, cables, rollers, locks, and belts;
  • check garage electric part issues like breakdowns with openers, photo eyes, sensors, and keypads;
  • fix or replace damaged parts of your garage door.


Maintenance of sectional garage doors is the technical inspection and maintenance of doors, which are carried out in full accordance with the regulations for the maintenance of sectional doors. All work is carried out with the participation of specialists from the company that carried out their installation.

After the work has been carried out, specialists must check the operability of the doors – at least five cycles of raising and lowering the leaf with fixation in the upper, lower and intermediate positions.These employees must be familiar with the design of the product and receive installation training and safety training. STI Garage Door offers all necessary services for the owners of garages – from installations to maintenance. The company offers 24-hour emergency garage door repair and guarantees reliable services.

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