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How to plant tomatoes correctly

Grown tomatoes

Tomatoes can be planted both in the garden and on the balcony. You have a huge selection of varieties today. What you should consider to plant tomatoes correctly, we have summarized in this tip for you.

When and where you should plant tomatoes

For tomatoes, it depends mainly on the location. This is because the plants need a lot of sun, but at the same time do not tolerate too much wind.
It is best to plant your tomatoes along a wall that faces south. This protects your tomatoes from excessive wind.
Remember not to plant tomatoes in front of the icy saints in May, because in advance it may come again to frost. The plants do not tolerate this well.
Also, protect your tomatoes from rain, otherwise rot threatens. It is best to cover the tomatoes with foil. Be careful not to place the foil directly on the plant. Otherwise, you can also use special tomato houses.

How best to plant tomatoes correctly

Do not place the tomatoes side by side. You should leave at least 60 centimeters of space for the next plant. In particular, if you plant the tomatoes on your balcony, the following also applies: When planting, the tomatoes should be at least five centimeters below the ground. So you need not only large, but also deep flower boxes.
To grow tomatoes properly, you should buy special aluminum or stainless steel rods.

This is how to properly care for your tomatoes

  • Be sure to water only the soil or roots. If the leaves come into contact with water, rot can also develop here. It is best to cut off the lower leaves to avoid risk.
  • For tomatoes, you should remove the side shoots regularly and as directly as possible. The whole thing is called vomiting and helps your tomatoes to become ripe and big.
  • Work torn leaves into the ground to protect the tomatoes from pests. Be sure to use only leaves that are not rotting.
  • It is best to use fertilizer that is high in potassium. In this way your plant gets enough nutrients.
  • What you should consider when planting your balcony, we show you in another practical tip.