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How to personalize gifts that everybody will love

personalize gifts

This guide outlines how you can come up with great ideas to personalize gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, even Christmas — or just to say “you’re special.”

Extraordinary and personalized presents are much sought-after gift ideas for all occasions. Whether with a personal message on the gift or an individual photo or dedication, personalized gifts delight men and women alike. Here we have put together wonderful and symbolic gift ideas for you to think about how to personalize gifts for truly unique presents.

Gift ideas of this kind show the recipient that they are a very special person to you. After all, you’ve come up with something special!

Personalize gifts for impact

Small gift ideas coworkers and friends

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, even Christmas are very personal celebrations. And you should do the same to personalize gifts on these occasions. Of course, the best way to do this is to offer individual, personalizable gifts.

You will come up with truly unique items if you first think about the gift. What do the bridal couple or your spouse like as a present? What are the preferences of the person concerned? And above all: what fits the occasion? Once you have clarified these questions, the second step is to personalize the gift, perhaps with their names or a personal message. Here you can let off steam creatively by formulating a beautiful text with which you can express your own personalized gift.

How to personalize gift ideas for men and women

Personalized gift ideas are well received because personalization makes gifts for men and women truly unique. In this way, you can tailor a personal gift entirely to the wishes and preferences of the person receiving the gift. Such a personalization usually consists of a beautiful name engraving or an individual text as a dedication.

Just as a Valentine’s Day, wedding or birthday present, personal gifts with engraving are particularly popular. A personal love lock, a customizable heart or an individualized mug – a personalized gift, whether for Christmas or a birthday, with a message always has an individual and personal touch. Personalized gifts can also be used as christening gifts.

Personal and original gifts for the wedding

Something useful, something extraordinary, or would you prefer money? Many beautiful gifts are simply drowning in the flood of different wedding gifts. So you are looking for something that is not just beautiful, but that will delight the bride and groom for a long time and at the same time ensure that you will remain in the very best of memories.

One “problem” is that nowadays most newlyweds already live in a fully equipped household. In most cases, the classic wedding gifts such as toasters, blenders and tea sets are no longer available. Still, it has never been easier to create an original and personalized wedding gift as it is today.

The new media offer creative possibilities that were difficult to achieve just a few years ago. In a few simple steps, many different products can be personalized online or individually designed with a lot of love. This creates a very personal gift, a cool, unusual gift idea or even noble and exclusive Christmas gifts for a very special person in no time at all. How about, for example, an individually designed doormat for the common home? Or a cozy pillow with their names embroidered or painted on it for the living room? Be creative!

Be my Valentine – find a personal Valentine’s Day gift

Are you looking for a little or a big gift? In the jungle of classic love gifts, there is a special category: personalize gifts you give to them. You can use it to transform good gifts into fantastic mementos and personal favorite things. Whether embroidered, painted, photoprinted, engraved or embroidered – you can leave your mark on almost any material.

For a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, for example, you can engrave pet names on a glass or have them printed on fabric. Just combine a nickname with a passion to personalize gifts . Does your sweetheart cook as well as a 4-star chef? Then you can personalize an apron or wooden spoon for them. Does your loved one prefer to drink good wine and enjoy quiet evenings? Engraved wine glasses with a love letter will inspire them.

For men, you could try classic Valentine’s Day gifts such as whiskey glasses or beer glasses. Simply combine the practical gifts with a romantic gesture, such as a beautiful card on which you can pay him an honest compliment or thank him for the past year.

For women, you can even gift them a ring to amp it up a notch. Whether this is your official marriage proposal or you just want to give them a vintage promise ring, doing it over a candlelight dinner will make it even more romantic. 

Take advantage of photos to personalize gifts

Photos are certainly the most important mementos of our time and popular gifts for everybody. Nothing can replace a beautiful photo – so why not make it the basis of a personal gift from with photo printing?

The blanket printed with a photo is particularly suitable for this. You can take a soft and cuddly fleece blanket and add a machine washable vibrant photo print. This super comfy and care-free gift will be perfect for their home or as a picnic blanket.

The cool and thoughtful photo printed custom blanket can be used again and again. Such a blanket is not only decorative, it also impresses with its uniqueness.

A grandparent would adore a photo printed blanket with images of all the grandchildren, so keep them warm and in their grandparent’s thoughts all the time.

So: Give away a personalized photo gift and thus an unforgettable memory with your own style, because personal gifts make the very special moments in life even more beautiful – find exactly the right idea for your personal gift here with us!

The individual note for gifts

Personalized gifts for a boyfriend or girlfriend are always something unique – just think of a towel with name embroidery. Of course, the recipient already has a cupboard full of towels. But one with their name on it? This is your chance for a really unusual idea and a great gift. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be the name or the initials that you eternalize on the present. Cool, original and creative sayings and wishes are also a great idea for a personalized gift.

Attract attention – and sometimes give something cheeky

There are many types of beer glasses, as each type of this delicious brew calls for its own vessel. Therefore, not every beer glass becomes a favorite. But if you also provide a fine beer glass with an engraving with an individual text, then it has the best chance of becoming their favorite glass. In order for the beer glass to have a special status, the associated saying must also be chosen carefully. Bet on the right combination and achieve a great effect with this personal and personalized gift!

Personal gifts for the friend can also subtly allude to their small weaknesses or, of course, strengths. The original engraved winner statue manages this tightrope walk without any problems – you alone determine how much irony there is in your design and message!

Individual is the magic word to personalize gifts

Personalized gifts with engraving will delight men and women. Make your husband happy for his birthday and, as a surprise, give him, for example, a message with a heart as a love gift, a customizable doormat with a dedication or a photo gift with an engraving. Take a look at the creative scope for to personalize gifts for birthday and love gifts that can be individualized with the desired name plus desired text or an image.