How to choose personalized gifts: the options

personalized gifts

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This guide outlines how to choose personalized gifts for any occasion, to make sure your gift is unique and treasured.

If you have someone special in your life, there is no doubt that you will want to give them something special for Christmas, birthdays or … just because you want to. And there are a lot of options on the market. But if you really want something special, you will want to get your special someone personalized gifts that shows you know them. Something that is more than just a thing they can open and then put on a shelf for years.

How to choose personalized gifts

If you are looking for something unique, read on for our picks for personalized gifts.

Unique personalized gifts

Getting your special someone unique personalized gifts starts with asking what makes them unique.

For example, are they a bit of a daredevil? There are lots of “experience” gifts online like skydiving, rock climbing, four-wheel drive racing, and much more available to get your loved ones’ blood pumping.

Are they a travel junkie? Are they already thinking of where they’re going the second that they’re on the plane? Maybe a staycation is in order? If they’re a culture vulture you can set up a tour of a nearby city they’ve never been to, absorbing all the history that comes with it. Or even a city they have been to that they can find a new appreciation for.

Or are they someone who is always checking their horoscope every morning and saying they can’t take the bin out because Mercury is in retrograde? Why not buy them a star? There is an infinite number after all, so they won’t run out.

Gifts personal to your relationship

No matter what you consider a relationship to be, be it in the general sense of the “relationship” you have with your mum, or co-worker or bus driver, or a “relationship” as in you’ve found the one and you’re sticking with them, there are two things you can tap into for personalized gifts: memories and ‘in jokes’.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with in jokes because that would defeat the purpose of an in joke. Grab something you and your loved one laugh about and give them a gift with something related to it. For example, if your girlfriend only ever seems to look up at the football when Cristiano Ronaldo is on screen, get her a Ronaldo football shirt.

On the memories side, we can help you out with options for personalized gifts. So many of us are carrying all our memories in our phone, usually even in our social media profiles. You can give your loved one a photo album of all your print Instagram photos and memories made together, so that you have something tangible you can look at and laugh at when you want to.

Gifts that make life easier for them

Think about what your special person has to face every day and think about how you can make that easier with personalized gifts. It can be small, but it will still be meaningful. For example, if your loved one has mentioned that someone keeps stealing their mug at work, get them a personalised mug with their name on it. Are they on their feet all day? Get them a great pair of fuzzy slippers to come home to, or a foot massager. It can be as simple as that.

A lot of the time, we avoid gift ideas that seem too practical or ‘run of the mill’, but, in reality, gifting someone something that will streamline their day is one of the easiest ways to bring a smile to their face. Has their on-the-go coffee cup started to permanently smell like coffee? Maybe it’s time to invest in a new, higher quality one. Does their cutting board still carry the beetroot stains from last spring? Why not get them a brand new one?

Hobby gifts

Finally, while buying a useful gift for someone with a particular hobby can be daunting, it’s a great way of ensuring that they’ll get plenty of use out of your gift. If your friend likes watercolors, for instance, you’ll want to put plenty of effort into working out what supplies they need. Art supplies differ in quality significantly, so don’t jump to buying the first paint-related product you see. The same goes for any hobby – try to it into the conversation and see what they mention organically.


Making gift-giving personal isn’t always easy. We tend to have a handful of evergreen options that we return to each and every time a fresh idea doesn’t jump to mind within seconds, but thinking up personalized gifts to put a smile on our family and friends’ faces isn’t as hard as we think it’s going to be. Take some time to consider how you can fill a void within their lives – however small that void is – and they will be able to see quite how much care and thought went into their gift.