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How to make great birthday party invitations

birthday party invitations

This guide outlines the steps and tips to create stunning birthday party invitations for any age birthday.

Without any doubt, your birthday is a special day that has to be celebrated with your loved ones. If you are planning to organize a party with your family and friends, you should also think about the birthday party invitations. As matter of fact, the creation of the birthday party invitations is one of the first things to do to organize your own soirée.

The invitations must be accurately and clearly structured to inform guests of the event and provide useful information, but they also must be eye-catching and unique. It is for this reason, that birthday invitations have to be personalized using colors, fonts, and design. According to your style and the mood of the event, you can be extravagant or as straightforward as you like.

Create stunning birthday party invitations with a template

If you want to attract your guests’ attention and inform them in advance of the type of party you’re planning to let them say “wow”, you have to think about a stunning birthday party invitations template.  However, if you prefer a more formal style, then you should go for something simple with a clean, minimalist design. In any case, the template of the invitation card will be a starting point.

Defining a color scheme for the birthday invitation card is crucial, and maybe you can choose it according to the theme of the event or the color of the party decorations you will use to create the right atmosphere.

Use different fonts

As for the fonts for birthday party invitations, you can use different font styles, but you have to keep in mind that they must be coordinated with each other. You can try mix and match, but better to choose fonts belonging to the same or similar categories. It means it is fine to mix different types of sans serif fonts and using Times New Roman with other typewriters’ old-style fonts.

If you are searching for inspiration about the fonts for your project, you should know that you can rely on graphic design platforms. For instance, you can find countless styles and formats of cool fonts downloadable for free on Creative Fabrica to give your birthday invitations a terrific look.

When it comes to picking the fonts, one general rule you can follow is to select a decorative font for the header and a similar one for the sub-header. On the other hand, a plain font for the body text will be the right choice. If you desire to design a unique invitation card, or you are creating a birthday invitation for an informal party, then you can combine the title of your invitation with a header, by choosing a funky pattern and a neutral background. Taking inspiration from the techniques used by professional graphic designers, you can choose an image, a symbol or a text as the main point of your invitation design.

Choose the best images and layout

To make your birthday party invitations balanced, you have to imagine to split it in half. In this way, you can create a simple and clear invitation card, also well suited for formal occasions: put a decorative image on one side, and the party details to the other part, choosing a color block background. Nothing prevents you from selecting an image and possibly lowering its opacity, but in any case, make sure you can create a nice contrast between fonts and your background image. This type of invitation design looks better for card with a horizontal orientation.

Moreover, if you want to keep your birthday party invitations simple and clean, you can choose a background image which naturally frames your text. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to stock photos that are designed for this use. For example, you can pick an image that reflects the theme of your party, or – once again – a plain background that matches the color of the party and the decorations you will use.

Are you throwing a theme party or an original celebration? Then you also need to make the invitation card special. For example, a great idea is to make your birthday invitation look like a cinema ticket, reproducing a life jacket if it is a pool party. Your party will seem cool and exclusive before it even starts.

Information to write on birthday party invitations

Of course, you have to think also about the details you must include in your invitation card to make every information as clearly as possible.

The first thing to do is to inform the guests whom the birthday boy or girl is and if they can bring other people, such as partners, friends or kids. It is better to address one card to every guest, but you can send one birthday invitation to a couple.

Obviously, on an invitation, the date and time of the party are one of the most important details, so they have to be clearly and visible. Other relevant information to put on the birthday invitation is where the party will be hosted. You can insert details about the location, information about how to arrive, adding a map and a link if you are sending your invitation by email. The address of the venue and a telephone number must be included too.

You also need to inform your guests about the type of the party: it is a formal celebration, a birthday party theme or if they must have a dress code or even fancy dress … such as a space party. Inform your guests about the gifts: maybe you let them free to choose the best present for the birthday boy or girl, or just add a link to a gift list if there is one.

Add an RSVP on your birthday party invitations: giving your guests a phone number or email address and letting them know when they can confirm their attendance at the event can help you organize a successful birthday celebration.

Useful tips to send and print your birthday party invitations

Once your birthday invitation is ready and all details are set, it is time to send your birthday invitations. It is better to inform guests at least two weeks in advance, and you can choose whether to print your invitations or just send them by email.

Simply save your invitation card as a picture or PDF if you’re sending your invitations via email, whereas print invitations if you want to send them by post or deliver them by hand, an ideal solution for formal events.

If you are printing birthday party invitations yourself, be sure to add bleed and crop marks to make the final trim easy to do. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to set up your files properly if you opt to use online printing services.

Final tip

Before sending and print your birthday invitations, take a moment to check the guest list and verify that you have not forgotten any.

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