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How to make an inspirational quote lightbox

make an inspirational quote lightbox

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They are totally on trend and must not be missing on any desk or in the home office. Our guide shows hw to make an inspirational quote lightbox to boost your surroundings.

Lightboxes with inspirational quotes can get you going. The favourite saying of ours for this one was made up of different letters. Built-in lights make the box glow and the words are great. And all this makes it a very personal light box. But what other uses could you put it to? The company logo, a beautiful drawing or fancy lettering – all this is possible. We’ll show you how to make your own Lightbox from a simple picture frame.

Make an inspirational quote lightbox: What you need:

  • a deep picture frame
  • small string of lights with batteries
  • white transparent paper
  • black craft paper
  • Aluminium foil
  • Scissors.
  • Hot or liquid adhesive
  • Pencil

How to do it

First, you can come up with an individual saying and draw it on normal paper. If you don’t trust your writing skills, you can of course also select a nice font on the computer and print out your saying. 

Now you can transfer your personal motif to black clay paper and cut it out. A small tip: If you find it difficult to cut out the letter spaces, you can easily paint them white. 

Then you cut out a rectangle the size of the picture frame from the transparent paper and glue the motif on it. 

The piece of transparent paper is then attached to the glass plate with the labeled side down. 

After this step, a rectangle the size of the back wall is cut out of the aluminium foil and glued to the inside of the picture frame… this will reflect the light. 

Now the string of lights is finally being used. You drape them them onto the aluminium foil and fix them with adhesive tape. The section fo the cable with the on and off switch and the batteries should remain outside. 

In the last step, you glue the glass pane with the motif down into the frame. Plug in, switch on and your personal Lightbox will light up the room! 

This project is great for reusing worn-out picture frames and also for personalised gifts that delight your best friend or loved one. There are no limits to your imagination when designing. Of course, you can also paint the frame and decorate it with stickers. This way, old, worn picture frames find a new life.

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