How to know someone likes you: the 20 key clues that tell you

How to know someone likes you: the 20 key clues that tell you

Are you looking for the clues and signs for how to know someone likes you? One of the most frustrating things to go through on a relationship level is not knowing if someone is into you. You know, when you’re just meeting a guy or girl, you can never be sure if he / she likes you or not, so it’s completely natural to look for ways to find out how to tell if someone likes you.

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Before long, you’ll be brooding over every little thing because anything could be a possible indication of whether he likes you or not. The process of deciphering these tricky signs for how to know a girl likes you or how to know a guy likes you is really frustrating unless you know these clues.

And if you are going through this or have experienced it in a previous relationship, don’t worry, there is a solution for everything. To be 100% sure if someone likes you, you should pay more attention to their actions and you will see many psychological signs that indicate that they are more attracted to you than you are likely to think. So you will know how to tell if a guy likes you.

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How to know someone likes you

To help you out a little, here is a list of the most common signs for how to know if a girl likes you or how to know if a guy likes you, so that you know which signals to look out for next time you meet them again. There are usually some unmistakable signs for how to know someone likes you.

1. The person makes sure you get what you want

Imagine: someone orders your favourite dishes for you without even you having to ask. It could also be as simple as getting you the latest book you wanted or creating a favorite playlist for you – if someone pays attention to what you like, it means they care.

The person values ​​your opinions and decisions. She or he will try to make you smile by doing little things that you love, such as: For example, they can put a flower vase on your desk — this is one of the clues for how to know a boy likes you, for sure — or get you access to your favorite fanfiction.

2. This person is showering you with compliments all the time

Everyone loves nice comments, don’t they? Having someone compliment you anytime, anywhere – on social media or face to face – is sure to make you feel good.

Even better, if the person pays attention to tiny, everyday details like the way you tie your hair or that your ringtone is cool — these show that the person is attracted to you.

3. Body language can never lie

Have you noticed how your fingers tremble during an exam or how you tap your feet while sitting? This shows your nervousness or boredom, respectively. This is body language showing the inner emotions. Likewise, if a person runs their fingers through your hair, has a smile on their face when they’re with you, or holds hands, all this speaks for attraction.

When we want to impress someone, we adopt good demeanor, we are happy and it is reflected in our smile. We take care to dress well for that special someone. We want the person to be made aware of us and to feel drawn to us. We want to know that he or she likes us.

One of the most common signs that someone likes you is that they look at you a lot. We mean, really often! If you catch the person raising their eyebrows when they stare at you (usually takes a split second), that’s a huge sign that they’re interested. Even if they lean towards you or positions themselves near you, that’s an important sign that they like you.

Do you want to know if someone is subconsciously interested? Take note of their hands, feet, and legs. If they’re pointed at you or angled towards you, it tells you a lot about that they’re really interested in you. If it happens every time you meet, it is a key clue for how to know he loves you.

Also, key an eye out for ‘mirroring’ … Does your counterpart reflect your behavior? So, when you run your hand through your hair, does he touch his hair as well? When you drink, does he drink shortly after, etc.? This is a subconscious sign that he is trying to show you how similar you are – and that is a good foundation for a partnership.

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4. They look at you often

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and one study has shown that a person can fall in love by looking into your eyes.

In this day and age, when our heads are buried in our smartphones almost 24/7, it is special when someone is ready to look at us and hear what we say. What more can make the heart melt today than when someone shows admiration for us by looking at us often?

5. The person wants to know who you really are

Often we build walls around us to protect ourselves from hurt. We wear emotional masks to keep our lives going smoothly. Every now and then a person comes along who really cares and will try to break through your walls.

This person wants to know who you are when no one is watching or when you are literally freely yourself. He / she wants to get to know your hobbies, dreams — and even your family. They want to share your passion for something just to be included in your life.

They would accept your quirks and make you feel like you feel wanted. Time is the most precious gift a person can offer; if someone takes time for you and your hobbies, then they are sure to be in love.

6. The smile reveals everything

A smile is also another important indicator by which you can clearly see if a person is genuinely interested in you. We are all happy when we are with the person we like, and most of the time it comes with a smile that cannot be hidden. It will be an unconscious response to the inner joy that person feels when they are around you.

When someone likes you, it is impossible for them not to smile. So, if it feels like they’re always in a good mood when they’re around, that’s a powerful sign that they’re interested in you.

When this person first sees you, does they change anything about themselves? Is she straightening her hair or is he fixing his shirt? Pretty much this is the sign that they are thinking about how they look while you’re around – because they want you to find them attractive.

7. They are ‘all ears’

There are people who pay attention to everything. A person who is attracted to you would always listen carefully to you. You can speak gibberish or share your problems, but they will never ignore it.

8. How does she / he behave when others are around?

When a ‘competitor’ enters the field, it often becomes uncomfortable. Men then often stand up and strut like roosters, women suddenly become very personal and affectionate to mark their territory – or extremely bitchy. Generally, someone who likes you will hardly let you out of their sight in a situation like this .

9. How does she / he behave in direct contact?

Does she or he never look you in the eye for long and constantly look around nervously in the room or fiddle around with their own clothes or the like? Nevertheless, the conversation does not come to a standstill, only making eye contact is difficult. A sure sign that you like someone very much and that they make you nervous.

Inconspicuous, small touches are another sign. Most of the time you touch someone you really like on the arm, upper body or back, even casually in conversation.

10. Are they nervous around you?

If you like someone and have the opportunity to talk to them, you always want to use that. However, sometimes suddenly the head is empty or you can barely get a sound, so out of sheer nervousness you start babbling like crazy and just talk pointless stuff. If somebody starts babbling every time they talk to you, it is because they are nervous — because they really like you!

11. Following you closely on social media

Someone liked all of your posts on social media and just notices everything you’re up to? Then he’ll at least find you very interesting, but there’s probably something more.

12. Their pupils get really big

Have you ever met someone and caught them staring at you with their eyes wide open and their pupils dilating? If you’ve been in a situation like this before, it means that the person liked you.

Psychologists believe that when we particularly desire someone, we try to open our eyes extra wide so that we can see better, thus the brain signals to our pupils to dilate. It’s our way of getting to know someone better, but we do it subconsciously.

13. He or she leans towards you

When you find a person leaning towards you, it is a sign that they like you. He wants to be close to you and talk to you without things or people getting in your way. So if you’re going on a first date and you’re not sure if the guy likes you, pay close attention to how he acts.

If he takes a seat very close to you and you have nothing between you, it is a psychological sign that he likes you. On the other hand, does he put something between the two of you; for example. a cell phone or a glass of water, it is a sign that he is not yet ready for a physical approach.

14. They ask you a lot of questions

If someone you just met asks you a lot of questions, it means that they want to know more about you and share things with you. So if you’re on a date and you’re wondering if the guy or girl likes you or not, just pay attention to the way they are talking.

If he’s just silent all the time, it means he’s not interested in you, but if he’s asking you a lot of questions, it’s a subtle sign that he likes you more than you can imagine.

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15. They show up wherever you are

If someone keeps showing up in the places where you are, you can be sure that they like you more than you think. He or she just wants to be as close to you as possible and will use every opportunity to do so.

They will try to be fun and casual, and they will do everything to make you like him. So if you see them showing up in places they have never been before, you can bet it’s because of you.

16. They try to make you laugh

One of the most important psychological signs that someone likes you is when they’re trying to make you smile or laugh. It will be their highest priority that you feel comfortable around them.

So, if you have a guy in your life who doesn’t have the courage to admit that he likes you but does everything in his power to make you laugh, you can be sure that he is doing that because he likes you.

17. They blush when they’re around you

If you notice someone just blushing around you and not even daring to talk to you, that’s a subtle sign that they like you. Perhaps they like you more than you can imagine, which is also revealed by their blushing, but they’re not brave enough to tell you personally.

When you run into somebody like this, don’t be too harsh on them or play with their feelings, because they’re already struggling to function normally around you. If you’re not interested in them, try to talk to them, be kind, and don’t offend them. However, if you do like them, then take the next step and enjoy your journey.

18. They are clumsy around you

Do you know the scenes from the films in which a boy is deeply in love with a girl, but becomes clumsy when he’s around her? Well, if this happens to you with someone too, it’s a sure sign that they are into you.

They like you but is scared to admit it and has a really hard time seeing you flirt with other people. They don’t know what to do but tries to be as close to you as possible. So the most important thing is not to laugh at them when they do something funny and to help them see that you like them too.

19. They try to be friends with you first

When someone likes you, they first try to be friends with you and get to know you better. After figuring out what makes you happy, they will try to build some kind of romantic relationship with you.

This is the best way for a couple to make their relationship work out as they allow each other enough time to get to know each other and fall in love with them. So if you find that your ‘friend’ is no longer the same and doing things they never did before, it can be a sign that they really like you and want more than friendship.

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20. Sometimes … You just know!

When you get to the point of wondering if there could be more, just see if there is a spark. Long glances from a safe distance, embarrassed looking away when you are close are common signs. In the vast majority of cases, unsafe accidental touches etc. are also indicators that someone is into you. It is always best to clarify yourself by asking. Whether you address a close friend through the flower and ask to evaluate the situation or address him or her directly, is a matter of type.

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