How to keep towels fluffy when you wash them

keep towels fluffy when you wash them

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Towels are used several times a day and come into contact with various types of soiling. We show you how to wash and dry them properly. In order to maintain the cozy feeling and the fresh scent of towels, we have put together the most important information below when it comes to washing towels and how to keep towels fluffy when you wash them.

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Basics of washing towels

The main issues are:

  • Sorting by colors
  • correct temperature setting
  • frequency
  • right program
  • Spin speed
  • suitable detergent
  • final drying

Sort towels by color

Before washing, it is important to separate the towels by color. The simple guideline is that colorful and white towels should be washed separately.

What washing temperature for towels?

When washing, it is important to choose the highest possible temperature in order to completely kill germs and bacteria.

The correct washing temperature also depends on the colors of the towels. Colorful towels are washed at 60 degrees Celsius. White towels, however, can be put into the washing machine at 90 or 95 degrees without hesitation.

If in doubt, a look at the sewn-on label is always recommended, where appropriate information can be found.

How often should towels be washed?

For the actual washing, it should only be switched on when the drum is full. In terms of electricity and water consumption, it is not recommended to use the washing machine only because of three or four towels.

Which washing program for towels?

No washing machine has a special program for towels . Therefore, the setting for cottons and colored clothes must be selected.

At what speed should you spin towels?

To ensure that the towels do not take so long to dry completely after the laundry is finished, a spin cycle at 1,400 revolutions per minute is recommended. It is said that the higher the spin speed, the drier the towels come out of the drum.

Which detergent for towels?

A color detergent is used for colored towels, while a full detergent is used for white laundry. The heavy-duty detergent also contains a bleach to lighten the white towels as much as possible.

If in doubt, it is also possible to use a mild or sensitive detergent.

How to keep towels fluffy when you wash them

Fabric softener for towels?

You can decide for yourself whether you add a fabric softener to the laundry or not. It is only important that you do not overdose it, as too much of it will restrict the absorbency of the towels and they will become stiff over time.

Towels in the dryer, right?

It is important that the towels keep moving during drying, as this allows air to be trapped in the fibers. The tumble dryer is ideal for this. You can also hang the towels outside on the leash when it is not windless.

If you decide to dry the towels on the heater , it is important to remove and knead the towels in the meantime so that they do not become stiff.

Warning: Avoid ironing your towels. Because the absorbency is lost.