How to fold a fitted sheet: 3 easy ways step by step

how to fold a fitted sheet

We outline three easy methods for how to fold a fitted sheet, with step by step instructions. And a neat trick to keep your sheet sets organized in the linen closet.

The fitted sheet was invented by Bertha Berman, and the patent US2907055A for it was granted to her in 1957. Be honest: how do you fold a fitted sheet? Do you somehow crumple it up and stuff it in the closet? Do you roll it up like a sleeping bag? Or do you try to fold it halfway properly, but then despair of the elastic band and give up?

You can actually and easily lean how to fold a fitted sheet so that they look neat and take up little space in the closet.

It is one of the great mysteries of the household that even experienced housewives and househusbands still despair of: how to fold a fitted sheet. Since fitted sheets do not have proper corners , but rather contract due to the elastic in the edge, folding the sheets is rather difficult for many. With these easy methods for how to fold fitted sheets, however, it comes to an end:

The question of how to fold fitted sheet sets often ends up that one finds oneself sullen and annoyed in front of a shapeless piece of cloth, beads of sweat are on the forehead and in the end you stuffed the crumpled sheet balls just carelessly in the closet. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Can you even fold it without simply creating a huge, chaotic bale of fabric that you somehow squeeze into the linen cupboard with great difficulty? We are happy to announce: Yes, it works!

There are 3 simple methods with which you can carefully fold fitted sheets with little effort, not lose nerves and also not collapse completely out of breath.

How to fold a fitted sheet easy methods: starting with the basics

Probably the most common mistake when folding a fitted sheet is to let yourself be irritated by the unusual shape of the sheet . Because somehow it just seems to have way too many corners. No matter how you twist and turn it – it just doesn’t fit.

Therefore, the top rule when folding a fitted sheet is: simplify! With just a few simple steps, you can turn the misshapen thing back into a rectangular piece of fabric, which can then be folded as usual. No more cheeky corners that just stick out of the package somewhere, no more bumps – just a neatly folded sheet, sitting square and level.

Sounds complicated, but it isn’t at all. It is important to have a base on which you can spread out the sheet generously and sort its sides, if you are not using the ‘hands up’ way of folding (see Method 3). Otherwise you can quickly get confused with the amount of material. Using your own bed is obviously ideal for a large base on which to work. Also read how to strip towels, sheets and other laundry: step by step guide

Method 1: the lazy way

Step 1. Lay out the sheet

Lay the sheet out so that the gathered elastic edge is on the top, with the elastic making a smaller ‘inner circle’ than the the edges of the sheet base.

Step 2. ‘Shape’ the corners

‘Pinch’ the corners where the seams are (the parts that match up with the corners of the mattress) into sharper and straighter corners.

Step 3. Start the first fold of ‘quarters’

Take one long edge and fold it across to the centre, leaving a straight edge along the outer fold.

Step 4. Do the second fold into thirds

Take the other long end and also fold it across to the centre, leaving a straight edge along the outer fold. All the elasticized edges should now be out of sight.

Step 5. Complete the folding to the size you want.

Fold in half again lengthways, creating a long rectangle with straight edges. Then fold the length in half and then thirds or quarters, depending on what finished size you want for your linen closet.

Method 2. the tucked way

how to fold a fitted sheet method 2

Step 1: Place the left side on the work surface

Place the bed sheet on the work surface with the left side up, the narrow edge to the front.

Step 2: Tuck the sheet corners together

Well, and that’s the crucial trick, put two adjacent corners of the sheet into each other.

Step 3: Fold a square with the sheet

Fold in the edges a little so that a square is created.

Step 4: Fold the fitted sheet into an even strip

Fold the back third to the front, the front third to the back. The result is a nice, even strip.

Step 5: Fold the strip inwards

Fold the outer thirds inwards. When folding, you can orientate yourself on the dimensions of the folded duvet covers so that both can be stowed together easily in the closet. Alternatively, you can roll up the strip created in the fourth step, as is often done in Scandinavia.

Method 3: Hands up

Step 1. Drape the fitted sheet over your hands held up in the air

Hold the fitted sheet up with one hand inside each of the top corners, with the top two corners inside out and the elasticized edge facing you.

Step 2. Fold the fitted sheet in half and tuck in the corners

Fold the fitted sheet in half vertically, flipping the right corner over the left to create a pocket. Turn the bed sheet 180 degrees and create a second pocket up top. (If your folded sheet has gathered sides, tuck them into each other.)

Step 3. Fold the fitted sheet in half again

Readjust your hold so there are two corners over your left hand and the other two over your right, with the folded seam at the bottom and the tucked and gathered edge facing you. Fold the sheet in half once more so that all four fitted corners meet, and flip the right set of corners over the left set.

Step 4. Lay the folded sheet on the bed

With the gathered edges facing up, fold the longer part of the curved edge in toward the center a few inches to create a straight edge. The sheet should now be a rectangle.

Step 5. Fold down to the size you want

Generally, fold in half lengthwise, then fold into thirds or quarters, depending on how small the shelf in your linen closet is.

Organizing your sheet sets neatly in the linen closet

Chaos in the linen closet? Unruly fitted sheets form clumps instead of straight stacks? Organization and neatness are missing? If you are looking for a specific bed sheet, is it guaranteed to be the last piece you will find in the linen compartment? And then everything has to be cleared again? No need! It is not difficult to stow the fitted sheets clearly in the linen cupboard and saves time when searching!

One of the easiest organizational methods is to take one of the pillowcases from each sheet set and put both folded sheets and any other pillowcases that belong to that set inside the first pillowcase. That way, the entire set is kept together after it is laundered, and you do not waste time searching for a missing pillowcase or trying to match up the sheets.