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How to get free Instagram followers – and why to never pay for them!

how to get free Instagram followers increase Instagram engagement

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To grow your followers and likes on Instagram, it is not enough to just create a offhand profile and post a couple of photos. If you really want to achieve significant reach and audience response, there are quite a few strategies and tips for how to get free Instagram followers that you should use to grow your profile. You should never buy Instagram followers, and we will also explain why.

Recent surveys show that Instagram has surpassed other social media platforms in terms of both active accounts and traffic. Instagram is at the top of the digital pyramid with 1 billion followers who clearly believe in the enjoyment and benefits of the platform. And in the digital kingdom, numbers are really everything.

So let’s say you are a brand or a person who really wants to increase the reach and visibility of your profile – what is your immediate goal? Increase followers. The larger your number of followers, the greater your chances of playing the number game on Instagram. For most people, these figures are a sign of credibility and let potential customers and other brands know that your profile is running well and should not be taken lightly.

How to get free Instagram followers the smart way

Using tested strategies and expert tips, and explaining how to use Instagram followers free tools, we will show you how to get free Instagram followers and thus increase your reach, whether it is for your personal profile or for a business brand.

Ensure your profile is properly created

  1. Use a meaningful and engaging profile picture

This is one of the first things people notice about your profile and it is one of the first factors in attracting free Instagram followers. This should be a picture of you (for private accounts) or your logo for company accounts so that other users can recognize your account immediately.

  1. Choose a unique name

The name of your profile should usually be your real name or business name so that you can be found in the search.

Your username should also be aligned with your personal name or your business brand. One useful strategy here is to make sure you create one that doesn’t have spaces but includes letters that are lowercase .

  1. Include a link to your website or writing

You should always feature a link to your website if you are a company, or have a brand that offers products or services. If you have a personal profile you might want to feature links to writing you have published, either articles or books. This is also useful if you want to get verified on Instagram.

  1. Fill out your biography with engaging information

In the biography, you should indicate what other users can expect on your profile. In your bio, you should also let people know what part of the world you are from, and special facts or specific hashtags that relate to your profile.

Activity to promote your Instagram profile

  1. Comment and like posts from your target audience

Through meaningful comments and likes on your target group’s posts and messages, you can make them more ware of your own profile. By liking their images, you can achieve the same effect, and this is a key factor in how to get free Instagram likes. Also always reply to comments that are made to you. This helps you to start a conversation and increase the engagement and interaction.

  1. Use Direct Messages

Where possible, particularly if you are complementing somebody or asking an interesting question, do it as a direct message as well as an on-image response.

  1. Follow other accounts

By following other accounts from your target group, they will most likely follow you back. However, once you have achieved this, you should not immediately unfollow the account. If you do that, it only becomes clear that you have only followed the account to get a follower.

It is more polite to wait one to two weeks to unfollow if the account is not genuinely interesting enough. But don’t overdo it with this strategy: Profiles that subscribe to 500 other profiles, but only have 50 followers themselves, quickly become unbelievable.

  1. Use other social networks

Each social network has its own content: on Facebook, private details are often shared, on Instagram pictures, on YouTube videos.

If you have profiles on other social media platforms, such as Faceboo, Twitter, TikTok etc, you can utilize them to publicize your Instagram account as well, and thus engage a cross-audience.

  1. Collaborate with other Instagrammers

By working with other Instagram users from your thematic area, you can increase your followers and also the number of followers of the other participating accounts. Collaborate on fixed events such as concerts or sporting events. You can easily mark the other profiles in your pictures.

  1. Use other accounts to promote your account

For accounts such as popular sporting or cultural events, other users can upload their own pictures every week and refer to their profile. This is a great method for how to get free Instagram followers and reach other users interested in the same things as you, or in the same industry.

  1. Promote your Instagram profile offline

To get more Instagram followers, you should also advertise your profile offline by including it in your business cards or ads. Often it is also advisable to use so-called short URLs or ‘bitly’ URLs if your Instagram URL is too long.

  1. Take part in special Instagram Meetups

Often there are special meetups where you can get to know other users, exchange ideas with them and get more tips for more followers on Instagram.

  1. Create Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows you to create small video sequences that appear above the actual image stream. Also read how to add music to Instagram Story postings: step by step for 3 methods

  1. Use live videos

Through the live video function, you can let your followers participate in special events or your everyday life in real time.

How to use hashtags, and what NOT to do with them

  1. Use descriptive hashtags

Hashtags are used to classify your post thematically. That’s why you should choose hashtags that describe your image.

  1. Choose the right language

Often foreign language hashtags seem “cooler”, but you should use hashtags that your target group also uses or searches for.

  1. Use local hashtags

For pictures about an attraction or other well-known places in a region, you should use local hashtags such as #NY or #Cali.

Also make sure that any hashtags you use are aligned with your personal profile or brand. Don’t use, for example, hipster hashtags if you are a serious business brand. Also use the geo-tagging function, which allows you to specify the location of the image.

  1. Check how often a hashtag is used and don’t use ones that are too common

With much-used hashtags such as #Summer or #Amazing, your own photo will quickly sink under the weight of thousands of others using the same hashtag. With the less commonly used hashtags, your post might reach fewer people, but it will certainly have more longevity.

Find a happy medium between commonly-used and rarer hashtags. You can use the search tool to calculate the amount of use a hashtag has had, by finding out how many others have already used it and how often.

  1. Create your own hashtags

Especially with Instagram accounts with products, it is worthwhile to create your own hashtag and use it in every post as a smart method for how to get free Instagram followers. Your followers will hopefully then also use the hashtag when they use products from you and upload a photo of them.

A good example here are sports brands such as Adidas and Nike, or the Instagram profile of Miss Sophie. Under each post you will find, among other things, the hashtags #MissSophies, #MissSophiesLove and here the hashtag #FlowerGirlMS, which stands for a special collection.

As far as it can be reconciled with the topic of your profile, you can also use current “trend hashtags” as a method to increase Instagram followers free. Often such hashtags appear at sports or music events, special weather conditions or other fixed events.

Be active and engaging

  1. Take part in Insta Challenges

This promotes networking and makes your account even more visible. An example of this is Megan Thee Stallion’s wildly popular savage dance challenge, or the gesture challenge.

  1. Stick to your topic

When choosing a photo, you should not lose sight of the thematic framework of your profile. So it makes little sense to post on a profile about fashion that otherwise deals with business.

  1. Vary your photos

In order to offer your followers variety, it is a good ideas to occasionally deviate from the normal posts. For example, if you usually post serious business advice, on Friday afternoon post an amusing affirmation or image.

  1. Post quality photos

Make sure that the photos are not pixelated or that part of the image is not cropped so that part of the subject is missing. Try and make the photos as engaging and attractive as possible, too, to attract Instagram followers free.

  1. Post regularly with a schedule

Make a plan for when to post which kind of photos, and use a scheduling tool to help you with this. So you won’t get stressful situations if you have been so busy you haven’t posted or prepared a photo for a while. Spend some spare time preparing ones for future use.

  1. Use filters

There are a lot of tools for enhancing and making your photos more creative on Instagram, including filters. Pay attention to a healthy but appropriate use of filters, which should be adapted to the topic of your Instagram profile.

However, the more reputable and well-known your profile is, the less conspicuous filters you should use, otherwise you will face criticism that can actually harm your brand.

  1. Publish images when your followers are online

You can look at the statistics on your profile — and also Googe Analytics for your website if you have one — to determine when the bulk of your target audience is online.

  1. Ask interesting questions

By asking questions in the image itself or in the caption, you can improve the interaction rate among your images and thus get a significantly higher reach for how to get free Instagram followers.

Why you should NOT buy them

  1. Your interaction/engagement stats plummet

If you buy 10,000 followers, you have a lot of subscribers, but you must be aware that they will never interact with your content. They are either not even real people or people who have completely different interests and do not want to deal with your account.

Especially annoying: the worse your interaction rates, the worse you will also be treat by the algorithm. In the long term, you will break your entire profile with it!

  1. Bought followers do not align with your target group

When you buy followers, you usually get subscribers who speak a different language, live on the other end of the world and have completely different interests than those you represent with your company. The bottom line is that you will never be able to increase your real profile or sales through them.

  1. It is easy for others to see you have bought followers

There are many analysis tools with which you can view the follower development of other accounts. Follower purchases are particularly easy to recognize here: Instead of a curve that is slowly going higher, several thousand followers are suddenly added in one day. Not exactly professional…

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