How to identify the most popular cat breeds

most popular cat breeds

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Pets have been a part of human culture and civilization since the dawn of time. Wild, ferocious animals that every living creature once feared have, throughout the history of humankind, become our loyal friends and family members. The feline species has undoubtedly been everyone’s favorite since the age of the pharaohs, who treated them like gods on earth. Our infographic shows you the most popular cat breeds in the world.

We can confidently say that not much has changed — well, theoretically, of course. The internet and its vast virtual territories are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, ruled by our wide-eyed, cuddly companions. This comes from their playful and sometimes mischievous nature, irresistible cuteness, and adorable quirkiness. Even when they can’t be bothered to be in anyone’s company, you still want to play with them.

In the meantime, while you are having a break from scrolling your favorite social media and looking at videos of cats just straight up knocking those expensive crystal vases off some woman’s countertop, we suggest giving our beautiful infographic a read. We put together a visual full of fabulous information about the 50 most popular and loving cat breeds. There are some interesting facts about each one of them and how to identify the most popular cat breeds!

America’s Sweethearts

The American soil has been home to some of the most gorgeous, intelligent, and people-oriented cats in the world who are popular everywhere. Even though they have the same origin, they are relatively dissimilar.  

From their appearance, habits, hair length, and eye color, they are altogether easy to differentiate. The American Bobtail and the American Shorthair are, aside from the length of their tails, pretty similar in nature and appearance, with the latter’s hair being shorter in most cases.

Bengal and Bombay, despite carrying eastern names, still come from the United States. Bengal is fairly distinctive, with its unique marbling or dotted pattern and orange to coffee-colored hair. Bombay, on the other hand, is a lively, social cat, who is usually fully black-haired with yellow eyes.

World’s most popular cat breeds

The Far East Furballs

The Siamese cat is probably one of the most famous cat breeds ever. Their long, dark tails and legs and light ivory torsos are pretty distinct. They use their strong legs to climb to the hearts of millions of people everywhere.

Cats from this part of the world are mostly short-haired, with glistening fur and giant, beautiful eyes. Along with the Siamese, some of the people’s favorites are Korat kitties, who are an uncommon breed from Thailand, usually having white or gray fur. We must not forget to mention the gorgeous, ancient cat breed that is the Japanese Bobtail, which has been a part of Japanese culture and mythology for a long time as an omen of good luck, fortune, and affluence.

Africa – The Roots of the Felinekind

Cats who come from Africa are specific for their terracotta red fur, smaller heads, long tails, and big ears. They are most often medium-sized, with long life spans, and are famous for getting along well with dogs, which is relatively uncommon. Even though they might often be high-maintenance, their playfulness and appealing character are completely worth it.

Mau Cat and Chausie come from Egypt and have been some of the earliest documented pets in all of human history. Immortalized in stone tablets and walls in the Valley of the Kings and favorized now as much as they have been then, they make a wonderful addition to your family. Egyptian Mau Cats are specific for their smoke-toned, dotted fur, and Chausies are mostly darker orange to brown.

Abyssinians are another African breed loved for its great character and loyalty. With its vibrant rust-colored hair and big ears, they are famous for their beauty and lovability. Somalis are their close cousins, with two main distinctions being their long fur and slightly larger size.

Now, if you are allergic to cats but are just as much in love with these furballs as we are, then check out “How to pick the best cat breeds when you’re allergic”. There are plenty of options even for those allergic, but don’t want to miss out on having a real boss in the house.

From all of these gorgeous, lovable creatures, people have chosen the 50 most popular ones based on their character, intelligence, how well they get along with other pets and children, etc. We gave you some insight into only a couple of them – dive into the 50 most popular cat breeds infographic for more. Some of these species may be completely unfamiliar to you!