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How to tell a fake vs genuine Hermes Birkin

How to tell a fake vs genuine Hermes Birkin Bag

What are the best ways to tell a fake vs genuine Hermes Birkin bag? Our guide outlines the clues, so you can avoid counterfeit versions.

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We continue in our fake-spotting series with the French luxury label Hermes. Named after the actor Jane Birkin, the Birkin Bag by Hermes stands for luxury and wealth like hardly any other designer handbag. The popularity and luxury price of this bag is also the reason why the black market of Hermes bags is booming. We will therefore show you what details you have to pay attention to when buying a Hermes Birkin Bag, so as not to fall for the counterfeiters.

Ways to tell a fake vs genuine Hermes Birkin bag

1. Authenticity card
In contrast to other luxury labels, when you buy an original Hermes Birkin Bag, you won’t get an Authenticity or A Genuine Card. Many unsuspecting buyers see this, usually in orange, fake “certificate of authenticity” as a feature of an original bag, but the exact opposite is the case, because this is already the sign that it is almost certainly not an original bag.

2. Invoice
The invoice receipt is not in orange as many buyers suspect, but is almost always contained in a white pocket or in a envelope on which the logo was embossed. If sellers with alleged original invoices in the orange envelope, caution is needed, because this is another indication that it may be a plagiarism. Therefore, always ask for pictures or videos when purchasing online, on which, for example, the invoice can be seen.

How to tell a fake vs genuine Hermes Birkin Bag

3. Hermés Castle
Another feature that you should take a closer look at is the castle, which is so characteristic of the Birkin Bags. In most of the Birkin Bags, the embossed Hermes lettering is very close to the top of the lock, while the number was usually engraved on the lower edge, rather small. Also be careful if the lock is the number 121, because this number is on an extremely large number of fake bags, although still original Birkin bags with this number exist.

4. Handles
If you have the opportunity to inspect the bag in person, be sure to pay attention to the handles. If these are unusually round or bent sideways, it is most likely a forgery. Fake products often have exactly these characteristics, because the quality of the materials is not high quality or the bag has been stored in too small cartons or not properly. If you have the impression that the bag does not look high-quality or poorly processed due to various features, leave your fingers out anyway. Hermes works exclusively with the highest quality materials and checks each bag in advance for all quality defects.

How to tell a fake vs genuine Hermes Birkin Bag

5. Stamp
Each original Hermes Birkin Bag is stamped with the “Hermes Paris Made in France”. Of course, this stamp also owns almost all counterfeits, but a close look is often enough to expose the fake bag. With the original pockets, the stamp is always very close to the top edge and never center between the upper edge and the metal plate of the closure. In addition, it may well happen that counterfeit products contain spelling errors in the stamp or look inferior in quality. When purchasing Vintage Birkin Bags, however, you have to note that until 1965 the stamp only contains the lettering “Hermes Paris” and the addition “Made in France” was added later.

6. Blind stamp
Many luxury labels use individual data systems, which provide information about the year of production, for example. Since 1945, Hermes has been selling a large number of the Birkin bags with a so-called blind stamp, which is usually located on the underside of the handles, straps or the closing. Note, however, that a large number of counterfeits also have a blind stamp. However, if this is conspicuously large, you are likely to have plagiarism in your hands. If you want more information about the individual data codes, just click here .