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How to hide an Amazon order on computer or app: step by step guide

how to hide an Amazon order

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Can you hide orders on Amazon? If you are logging into one Amazon account with several people — such as your spouse or other members of your family — the function to hide orders is sometimes very helpful. We outline step by step how to hide an Amazon order on computer or app, how to clear past orders, and tips for saving money on the site.

This function is of particular interest to those who buy a gift and do not want their family to see it in the list beforehand. In this way you can order surprises or gifts, for example, without the other users seeing it. Also see how to sell books to Amazon: complete guide and expert tips

Some people find it a little difficult to navigate the Amazon functions, but it actually is not complicated to follow the steps for how to hide orders on Amazon.

Amazon shows you in the “My Orders” area what was last put into your shopping cart. Especially if you share your Amazon account and want to keep gifts and surprises secret, you should hide your Amazon orders.

It is now easy to keep a secret without our surprises being revealed through the course of the process. Whether you have an Amazon Prime account or not, there are ways to simply hide your Amazon order history from the standard view without deleting it. The purchase and browsing history of your entire Amazon account is continuously tracked and recorded by Amazon’s sophisticated artificial intelligence system. The ability to access your purchase data can come in handy when re-ordering or tracking down receipts. If this information gets seen by the wrong eyes, Christmas, birthday surprises can be ruined.

If you have already set up an Amazon account that other family members have access to, you can simply follow the steps for how to hide order on Amazon.

How to hide an Amazon order – because there is no delete function

Especially when you share an Amazon account with someone else, you may want to delete your hisory of old orders. But it can also be useful for tidying up your order list in any case. However, there is no option to actually delete orders. Therefore, you have to get a little creative in order to be able to get the orders out of sight.

You have the option to hide a maximum of 100 orders on the website. To hide Amazon order, follow these steps:

  • Click on “My Account” on
  • Select “My Orders”.
  • To the right of all orders you will see several options. At the bottom there is always the “Hide order” button. By clicking on this option, the order disappears from the overview.
  • Finally you have to confirm the query with “Hide order”. Clicking this button will hide the order.

Now your order is hidden in the order history. But be careful: You can still view this purchase via My Account if you scroll down there and select Hidden Orders. They can also be found using the search function. Also read how to spot fake Amazon reviews.

How to hide Amazon order history

Remember that you can archive 100 orders at a time. When you reach this limit, free up some space. Go to the entire list and tap “Remove order from archive” for your old purchases.

You can view hidden orders under ‘My Account’

If you want to see all hidden orders, open the “My Account” page. There you will find the sub-item “Hidden orders” in the “Order and shopping settings” area, where you can see all hidden orders. To have the order reappear in the history, simply click on “Make order visible” on the right.

Quick quide

If you want to show your hidden order again, go to My Account > Hidden Orders > Make Order Visible.

How can I hide an order in the Amazon app?

Can I hide an order that has already been placed in the Amazon app, similar to how it works on the website on the PC? If you occasionally order something from Amazon, you may know the function with which you can hide individual orders.

Even if you still cannot delete an Amazon order, you can hide it quite easily and the entry is no longer displayed in the order overview, unless you show the hidden orders. Some people might ask themselves, can you hide orders in the app and if so, how does it work? Also read how to pass AWS Certified Developer Associate exam tests.

Hiding Amazon orders on the phone

Even if you can do pretty much everything in the Amazon app for Android and iOS that you can do on the website, depending on the operating system and app version you have on your phone, you may not be able to hide any orders. However, there is a way around this.

If you want to hide an order on your mobile phone, but you cannot do this via the app, but you can easily navigate to the Amazon website with the Safari or Google Chrome browser, switch on desktop mode or the Request the desktop version and then hide your Amazon orders on your mobile phone as you would on your PC.

  • To do this, navigate to the Amazon website and log in with your access data, if you have not already done so.
  • Then select “My Orders” under “My Account”.
  • To the right of the order you will see several options and at the bottom also “Hide order”.
  • Confirm that you want to hide the order and it should no longer be displayed in the order overview.
  • Show hidden Amazon order again
  • You can currently hide up to 100 orders on Amazon. You can view the hidden orders under “My Account” and “Order and Shopping Settings” under “Hidden Orders”. Here you can see all the entries that you have hidden in the past. You can also show the order again at any time via “Make order visible”.

Deleting an Amazon order – is that possible?

But is it also possible to delete the orders? On the My Orders section you can see your last purchases listed. Some customers wonder how to delete old orders. Relevant invoices and documents must be kept for tax reasons, for example for commercial trade, but this can be limited to paper printouts, for example. The Amazon account is only about the web interface, on which the data does not necessarily have to be archived for the user. However, you cannot delete the data yourself.

Clear browsing history

The order history cannot be deleted, but the Amazon browser history can be deleted. To do this, go to the “ My Account ” menu almost to the bottom.

Under the last topic “My” you will find the penultimate point “ View and manage your browser history ”. This will call up and display the last articles you viewed.

The elements can be removed individually using the “Remove” button. In this way, nobody can understand which articles have been viewed over time.

With “Change” you can also delete all articles from the list or switch off the history entirely.


The order history cannot be deleted
However, you can hide orders individually
You can also filter your orders if you are looking for a specific order
You can easily delete your Amazon search history under ” My Account ” and then “My”

How to save money when buying on Amazon

  1. Save with promotional vouchers on Amazon

To save money on Amazon, you can find current discount vouchers on countless voucher platforms on the Internet. Most coupon codes, however, relate to specific products such as selected DVDs or specific electrical appliances.

You can often find discounts for notebooks, children’s and Baybar items as well as for MP3s. You can also regularly find seasonal offers such as a Christmas sale or cheaper garden items on Amazon. On the other hand, percentage discount vouchers or vouchers for the entire range are rare.

  1. Bargains from Amazon returned items

” Warehouse Deals ” have been available on Amazon for some time now: Return items are checked here and offered again at greatly reduced prices. The articles are almost always as good as new and you get the statutory warranty.

The products in the “warehouse deals” are up to 50 percent cheaper and Prime members benefit from free shipping. For all other shoppers, the normal Amazon shipping costs apply: From a set level, the delivery is free of charge.

  1. Unofficial price guarantee on Amazon

Bought an item yesterday, today is Amazon selling it cheaper? Don’t fret, but rather contact Amazon customer service. The online retailer is not obliged to reimburse you for the difference, but as a goodwill gesture, they may do so anyway.

  1. Try Amazon Prime for free and cancel immediately

You can test Amazon Prime free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. Then benefit from free premium delivery, Amazon Instant Video and other advantages.
All you have to do is cancel Prime early enough if the extras aren’t convincing. This means that you will not incur any costs.

  1. New offers on Amazon every day

Certain items are significantly cheaper every day: Visit the Daily Deals on Amazon to see current and upcoming discounts. If you order the same products more often, you save around 15 percent with the savings subscription. On the next page you can check whether the savings subscription is worthwhile.

  1. Save real money as a student at Amazon

With the Amazon student program , enrolled students can save a lot of money: In the first year, Amazon Prime is free for students and then at half price.

  1. The Amazon credit card: money back for every order

If you apply for the Amazon credit card , money will be credited to you with every order.
Because for every euro you spend on Amazon, you receive 2 points. As soon as you have collected 1,000 points, you can exchange them for a voucher to spend.

  1. Book Amazon Prime monthly when you need it, instead of annually

You can often save money by subscribing to Amazon Prime monthly rather than annually. In concrete terms, this means: only subscribe to Amazon Prime if you really want to order something. This is particularly useful in the month of Amazon Prime Day and in the month of Cyber ​​Monday week / Black Fridays. The summer and winter sales are also good for picking up bargains and benefiting from Prime.

  1. Save shipping costs at Amazon

You pay a flat shipping fee if you are not a Prime customer and your order is cheaper than a set amount. This is how you can save: If you do not need an item urgently, wait until you have reached an order value of that amount before ordering. Then shipping is free.