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How to pass AWS Certified Developer Associate exam tests

AWS Certified Developer Associate

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The Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification is one of the ‘must’ certifications for IT professionals who work in the field of cloud computing. Associate Developer Certified AWS is one of three association level certifications offered by Amazon Web Services. This guide outlines how to pass AWS Certified Developer Associate exam tests, the background of the AWS certification levels and what they mean.

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AWS Certified Developer Associate exam: overview

The Associate Certified Exam shows your understanding of Core AWS services, its use, and the best practices of the basic AWS architecture and your skills in the development, deployment, and debugging of cloud-based applications using AWS.

The Amazon Web services (AWS) are widely used throughout the world with the ability to develop and transfer all types of applications through the cloud. Certified in AWS will give you many opportunities and improve the skills to provide a safe path. In addition, AWS certification increases your income potential. Salary partner Developer Certified AWS is somewhere around the hospital. 7.25,000 per year. This article provides a brief review of the AWS Developer Associate (DVA-C01) exam, the outline of the course and exam preparation guide. How to remove a directory in Linux: step-by-step guide and tips

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Many organizations have their own cloud service which results in great competition with other cloud services to be above. The Amazon Web service (AWS) is under the upper cloud service by having a good impact on individuals and companies globally.

AWS services include features such as data encryption and various access controls that provide data security through the Cloud. Also, AWS has the ability to host dynamic websites to run various web servers and applications. It also includes hybrid capabilities to work with it. How to get a Javascript project started: JS explainer

AWS has three levels of certification ranging from the level of association to a professional level. AWS Certified Developer Associate is one of the basic AWS certification architectures. Next is the AWS Developer Associate Certification.

What is in the AWS Certified Developer Associate course and exam?

AWS Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C01) exam has been designed to test your knowledge and skills in mobilizing, developing and debugging applications based on cloud by using AWS and basic architecture. The AWS Developer Association Exam will help candidates to develop a good understanding in the core AWS service and have best practices in the AWS architecture.

AWS Developer Associate Exams are designed for candidates who have advanced experience in developing and maintaining AWS applications. This certification will examine your knowledge of the application, debugging, and development of cloud-based applications. How to clone a Git repository: step-by-step guides for 3 ways

AWS Certified Associate Developer Course Structure

We can’t deny how tough it is to pass the AWS Certified Developer – Associate (AWS-Developer Korean Version) certification. What we can do, however, is face the task and find ways to cope with it.  There are five domains covered in the outline of the Developer Certified AWS course. These are:

AWS Developer Associate – Domain 1: Deployment

Domain deployment in the AWS Developer Association Exam includes 22% of total battery materials with topics covered by:

  • Spread written code in AWS using pipes and CD / CI patterns.
  • How to use Elean Beanstralk to apply the application.
  • How to set up the application package deployment to spread it to AWS.
  • Application deployment without a server.

AWS Developer Associate – Domain 2: Security

AWS Developer Associate Security Domain includes authentication and encryption methods by having 26% of weight. This is considered an important part of this certification. This includes:

  • How to make a call that is authenticated to AWS services.
  • Apply applications for authorization and authentication.
  • Encryption Implementation Using AWS Services

AWS Developer Associate – Domain 3: Development with AWS services

This domain includes a 30% cancellation in the test that needs to be focused more when preparing. The part covered in this domain is:

  • How to translate functional requirements into application design.
  • Write code for applications without servers and codes that interact with AWS services using API and AWS.
  • Apply application design into the application code.

AWS Developer Associate – Domain 4: Refactoring

This domain will provide in-depth knowledge of AWS services and features included. It covers 10% of the weight in the test and the parts covered are:

  • Migration of existing application code to run on AWS.
  • Optimizing the application to use the best features of AWS services.

AWS Developer Associate – Domain 5: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Domain monitoring and problem solving includes a 12% weight where you will develop skills to identify errors and how to monitor it. This section includes:

  • Write code to monitor.
  • Conduct root analysis on errors found during testing or production.

Exam prerequisites

AWS certified associate prerequisites are:

  • It is important to have more than 1-year experience in maintaining and developing AWS-based applications.
  • You must have proficiency in at least one advanced programming language with knowledge in AWS core services.
  • You must know how to write code for applications without servers and how to use AWS services, SDK and AWS CLI to write applications.

Tips for success

  • Set a deadline and book your exam. If you don’t set the date you will not be able to take the preparation seriously. Eventually you can lose months or years. Once you set up the date, your mindset changes you will be more willing to study.
  • Go through a course. I went through acloudguru course. However you can go through any other course also which you like. These courses are well organized and help you understand the requirements better.
  • Attempt Quizzes. Quizzes help in recalling the knowledge and register the concepts better in your brain.
  • Make notes and flashcards. – Using an app to do this, this helps you by asking you the questions after certain time interval and helps in remembering the concepts long term.
  • Repeat and Repeat. – We would like to emphasize that you should repeat the concepts by watching the videos and attempt the labs again and again. For the videos I would suggest increasing the speed to 2x when you watch it the second time to save time. If required you can repeat a section which you need to refer again.

Some topics which are very import to do practically for the exam which we found were tested in exam.

  • Create EC2 instances and run few scripts.
  • Create and run Lambdas and understand the configuration.
  • Understand and create API gateway and connect it to Lambdas.
  • ECS and Docker. Try to deploy with ECS.
  • Create a hello world application and deploy it in Elastic Beanstalk. Try to install different versions of the same app. Then try using different deployment options.
  • Create users, groups and roles in IAM and assign it to users and resources such as EC2.
  • Create buckets in S3 and try to create private and public files. Try to create a website in S3 bucket.
  • Create cloud front distribution and understand the various options and their meaning while creating the cloud front distribution.
  • Create a dynamo db table and create Local and Global secondary index and understand the practical reason to create them. Also understand the provision utilization for write, eventual and strongly consistent reads.
  • Understand the cloudwatch logs and how to configure them.
  • Encrypt S3 bucket with KMS and SSE keys.
  • Understand the cognito well and also understand its use cases.
  • What are the various CI/CD services. Try to use Code Commit and Code Deploy services and also understand what are the purpose of other services such as Code Pipeline.
  • Understand what are the steps to configure AWS X-Ray.
  • Understand cloudwatch and create a small stack with help of cloud formation.


Passing this course and exam will enable you to find AWS Certified Developer Associate jobs in the industry.