How to have a glow up: the 9 steps

How to have a glow up:

This guide on how to have a glow up takes you through the 9 steps to make your amplify your intrinsic beauty and attractiveness.

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We find it difficult to forgive our faces bodies for how we look. We all know we can be more beautiful. And how to have a glow up can be an important factor in making our inherent beauty shine through.

Beauty is as changeable as the spring collection. And even if we are unlikely to be lucky enough to conform to the current ideal of beauty, it is always temporary.
Especially in times when beauty consists of untouched flawlessness, it is extremely ephemeral.

How to have a glow up: the 9 steps

How to have a glow up

The following 9 steps do not only relate to your specific appearance. Appearance is only partly created by the outside. There are many different aspects that make a person look beautiful. This certainly also includes meeting the standards of beauty. But if we think about it carefully, these ideals really only mean to correspond to an average.

And mediocrity is actually boring.

Not the beauty that is in each of us. All aspects of our appearance are more or less far from average. But a deviation does not mean that we are ugly. It makes us unique and is a gift. Nevertheless, we want to get the best out of ourselves. And as you will see, it’s not that difficult at all.

How to have a glow up: 1. Live Your Passion

Doesn’t enthusiasm have nothing to do with beauty? Think again. When people are filled with enthusiasm, they shine from within. Your face, your posture everything opens wide. The eyes light up and they cast a spell over everyone else.

Do you think anyone at such a moment pays attention to the fact that the lips are too narrow, the cheekbones are not pronounced or the legs are too short?

The truth is: enthusiasm is beauty. And an irresistible one at that.

If you have a passion, something that really gives you joy and makes you forget the time, then you are not only beautiful in these moments.

When we talk about our interests, we come to life. It is contageous. And it makes everyone else happier too. Everyone wants to spend their time with someone who is full of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm works on three levels. First of all, it brings rays into your eyes, which is always beautiful and attractive. But even more important: The more time you spend doing the things that make you happy, the more it shows on your face, as we will see in the next step.

How to have a glow up: 2. Increase Your Quality Of Life

When you’re happy, your facial expressions change and, in the long term, your facial features too. Of course, the shape of your head and your profile are determined. But there are also many small muscles under the skin of the face.

We need these muscles to laugh, smile, cry, look angry, or frown hard. The muscles that we use most often get stronger and thus also tighten the skin.
By the way, there is extra facial muscle training for this.

But it is much easier and nicer to find out what you enjoy. You are incredibly beautiful when you completely forget yourself and surrender to your joy in a relaxed manner.

In addition to pure fun, the deeper meaning also lets you shine from within. You can find it in certain tasks such as your motherhood role, a voluntary activity or even your normal job. But you can also concentrate on your further development and, for example, play a new language or an instrument.

This aspect of the quality of life also fills you from within and what is inside you inevitably radiates outwards. The more you enrich your life with things that are important to you, the less you ask yourself the question “ Am I beautiful? ”Or think something like“ I hate myself ”.

And the more natural your appearance will improve without you having to do more.

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? That was yesterday. Today, joy is pure beauty, but joy doesn’t just happen. Like everything, it is the result of conscious decisions and actions. Just take the time today to do something that makes you happy.

Maybe you want to get creative, dance, pamper yourself with special dishes, fragrances or a massage. Whatever makes you feel good and enjoy life, makes you beautiful at the same time.

How to have a glow up: 3. Get To Know Your Body

This tip is not for everyone, but it is worthwhile for everyone.
You like how your body feels? No? Then it is high time to change that.
Get a nice smelling oil and massage your body with it.

Just allow yourself a half hour break and consciously feel the touch. Whether we touch other people or ourselves, happiness hormones are released. And that leads to the fact that we accept our own body and like it more and more.

In this way we not only care for the skin, but also develop a new perception of our body. This increases self-confidence and also affects the perception of others.

How to have a glow up: 4. Understand Your Own Beauty

Did you know that people always see themselves much more critically than everyone else? Even objectively beautiful people often doubt their appearance.
On average, people are perceived to be around 20% more beautiful than they judge themselves.

No matter how objective the popular ideal of beauty may seem, it is only a passing fad. And it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. You are unique. Your characteristics distinguish you from all other people in this world. How could that not be called beautiful?

Imagine if all people looked exactly the same. Wouldn’t that be boring? Wouldn’t fashion trends develop that make as much distinction as possible?

People don’t always want the same thing. They like variety, they are enthusiastic about the extraordinary. The special. And something special doesn’t come about when we adapt to the norm with make-up and surgery. It arises because life shapes us. It is caused by the wrinkles on the face, the scars on the skin and the many irregularities.

No matter how much you conform to the current idea of ​​beauty or not, beauty is subjective. It is an evaluation, not a truth. And to amplify that, assess the best aspects of your appearance and — as in the next step — make style changes that highlight your best.

How to have a glow up: 5. Find Your Best Style

Every personality and every body is matched by individual clothing styles. They are first made up of what you like. In addition, there is the not inconsiderable question of where you feel really comfortable. And of course you should find yourself beautiful in it. So it has to flatter your figure.


The sequence of clothes that fit perfectly and make you feel right at home is simple: You don’t have to worry about your appearance. You are completely calm and shining because you can concentrate on the things that are really important to you.
The feeling on the skin also plays a significant role. Choose fabrics that feel good to you.


Your own style goes beyond clothing. It is enhanced by accessories, the haircut and colors. Of course, it all depends on what you like. Yet there are certain haircuts that only fit a few head shapes and colors that make you look sickly.

Before you have your next haircut, get extensive advice from your hairdresser and do some research on the Internet to find out which cuts have what effect on your head shape.


Even if you look at yourself absolutely critically, there are certain characteristics that you like. Maybe your eyes, your lips or your chin? No matter what it is, put it in the limelight. Focus less on hiding your blemishes. Rather, increase the awareness of your most positive aspects. Then the rest is no longer noticeable anyway.

The advantage of this approach: you not only automatically look more beautiful, you also get your very own, individual style that stands out from the everyday monotony. OK then! Celebrate your uniqueness.

How to have a glow up: 6. Posture and Attitude Is Everything

Posture can change anything. Most before and after photos are taken with changing posture. Because a body can look slim and well-trained for a moment, but without tension a stomach slips out and the muscles are suddenly no longer visible. Much of the attraction actually comes from better posture.

So what does a healthy posture look like? It’s actually very simple: Head up so that the underside of the chin is parallel to the floor, chest out, shoulder blades relaxed together, tense muscles in the buttocks so that the pelvis falls slightly forward.

Ok, it’s not that simple. Especially not when you have to keep reminding yourself of it. What helps is a long-term improvement in posture by exercising the right muscles.

Exercises for posture and attitude

There are many exercises that promise that. For starters, I can recommend yoga, especially the tree. In this exercise you stand exactly as described above. You put your hands together in front of your chest and then lift one leg. Press it against the side of the other knee and straighten up like you’re being pulled up with a ribbon.

You train your balance and are automatically forced to stand correctly. A few breaths every day are enough to see a change soon. Incidentally, the exercise also grounds you and gives you inner security. This reduces stress and thus also wrinkles;) What also helps is loosening your joints. Tension not only hurts, it also prevents good posture and depresses the mind.

Shine from within with a tense neck? Forget it! Here, too, you can quickly remedy the situation: just let the affected joints circle a few times in both directions. You will feel better and the energy can flow freely again. This also improves your body awareness.

How to have a glow up: 7. Take Care Of Your Body

To improve appearance, it is essential to know and meet the needs of the body. Because only a healthy body gives you vitality and energy. And everyone sees the difference.

Move. Every Day!

Movement is essential for the body and mind. Our digestion only works with constant movement. And the oxygen supply to our organs is only really stimulated with it. Exercise increases the blood circulation, which also makes our skin more beautiful, and helps us to remove harmful substances.
It increases overall health, enables smooth digestion without bloating and also helps with posture.

30 minutes a day is ideal. It doesn’t always have to be sport. A walk in the fresh air, cleaning the house with good music and dancing, or romping around with the children can be enough. Incidentally, three 10-minute exercise is also allowed. 5 push-ups during your lunch break can work wonders.

Another advantage: exercise also releases happiness hormones, so that we are more satisfied overall and have a better charisma.


Water is even more important than exercise. We need it for every single process in our body.  Drinking plenty of water not only increases your intelligence, but also helps you drain what doesn’t belong in your body. Water protects the skin from wrinkles and gives it a healthy glow. And did you know that sufficient water consumption also alleviates most allergies?

Multiply your weight by 0.05, then you know how much water you need at least in one day. Because of exercise and possible sweating, I still add half a liter to this value for myself.

It’s difficult to drink that much at first. But you will get used to it super quickly and then you will notice that you would have always needed so much water.


Lack of sleep doesn’t exactly bring out our nicest sides. You probably already knew that. But no matter how much make-up you put on your face, the effects of a long night are more than just dark circles.

A lack of sleep makes us throw all the rules of posture overboard and our discipline jumps behind. We automatically eat more and less healthily because the body releases the hormone ghrelin.

And our personality is not particularly attractive when we are tired. We are then sunk in ourselves, listless and hardly a spark of the fire of our enthusiasm can be seen.

Get 8 hours of sleep every night. It is not for nothing that it is also called beauty sleep. Try to go to bed and get up at regular times. This has the advantage that your body gets used to it and the regeneration becomes even more effective.


Fast foods, candy, and other processed foods don’t just make you fat. They also disrupt the natural processes in our body. You can see that in bloated bellies and blemished skin and also in bad mood.
Poisons such as alcohol and cigarettes in particular cause the skin to age faster because they remove moisture from it. This will make your face look unhealthy.

So try to cook as much as possible yourself. Eat lots of vegetables – this is the only statement on which all nutritionists, medical professionals and gurus agree.
Learn to listen to your body and provide it with what it needs.

How to have a glow up: 8. Care For Your Skin And Hair

Skin and hair are a crucial part of our appearance. You have a decisive influence on the first impression. For beautiful, healthy skin it is important to know its constitution and to adapt cleaning and care to it. Whether dry, oily or combination skin – there are the right products and process steps for every type.

The more naturally you stick with it, the better. Chemistry only irritates skin and hair even more and makes them dependent on these products.

Regular cleansing and gentle peelings (1-2 times a week) not only make your skin soft and give it a better complexion. Most of the pollutants are removed from the body through the skin. If all pores are free, they can escape and then be removed during cleaning. In this way you also do something good for your health.

By the way , the perfect emergency solution against oily hair is dry shampoo, which you can easily mix yourself from starch and cocoa. Chocolate fragrance included.

How to have a glow up: 9. Take Care Of Yourself Always

Finally, the most important step on this list: take good care of yourself. Not only about your health, but also about your soul. Ask yourself less “ how do I get pretty ” and more “what makes me happy ”.

Do something good for yourself more often. Pamper yourself, give yourself flowers every now and then. Do everything you need to feel really good and beautiful. But also be indulgent with yourself if you have a boring day on the sofa.

You are valuable and unique. You are worth taking care of yourself. You are worth a glow up.

Beauty comes in an infinite number of varieties. That is exactly what makes them so special. Some beauty is obvious at first glance. But sometimes it’s more intimate. Sometimes one only becomes aware of the beauty when the uniqueness is discovered in it.

So the real question we should be asking ourselves is not, “ How do I get prettier? ”But“ Where am I beautiful? ”“ How beautiful am I ? ” With this changed approach, you will soon find the aspects of your very own beauty.

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