How to go boating in comfort: 7 best accessories and gadgets

go boating in comfort

We outline the best accessories and gadgets for you go boating in comfort and give you the best experience out on the water, whether river, lake or ocean.

If you love spending time in the water, you just need your boat to enjoy your day out. However, you need the right accessories and gadgets to enhance your boating experience. There is no limit to the number of boat accessories and gadgets you can buy, but in this guide, we will discuss our top seven gadgets and accessories that can let you go boating in comfort and enhance your boating experience.

How to go boating in comfort: 7 best accessories and gadgets

  1. Cup holders

Few things are as therapeutic as a day trip on the water. You can bask in the sun, listen to quiet surroundings, and breathe fresh air for a fulfilling adventure. However, there is no point in sitting on your boat for the whole day if you can’t have fun with friends or family during a boat trip. The trip should be hassle-free and convenient, which is why you should have multiple cup holders in your boat. Sure, you can hold your drinks with your hands or put them on a table, but where is the convenience in that? You also don’t want to mess your boat with spills.

  1. Install a t-top
go boating in comfort

You don’t want to get fried in the scorching summer heat while sitting on your boat all afternoon. A great boat t-top from Stryker T-Tops will provide shade and enhance the aesthetics of your boat. In addition, a t-top offers you additional storage, a place to mount equipment, and enhances your boat’s resale value.

  1. Install a small private toilet corner

A restroom on your boat is important, especially when traveling long distances. Installing a covered toilet corner eliminates the need to pit stop for every urge.

  1. A grill

Eating grab-and-go food items during your boat trip is okay, but who would mind eating something fresh? You can make that happen by carrying a portable grill. If you are going on a lengthy boat escapade, a barbeque grill offers a lot of convenience for cooking and improving your boating experience.

  1. Floaties and lilypads

Floaties allow you to easily float on water and even take a nap when you want to. They are great accessories to have on your boat and can make your trip more enjoyable and relaxing. However, you want to mind the size of the floaties you carry as they can easily crowd your boat.

  1. Bean bags

It is advisable to carry a few bean bags on your boat. Long trips can be tiring and taxing, and although you can sit on a regular chair, bean bags provide an extra level of comfort. Also, bean bags are even better than sofas since they can withstand harsh weather conditions for longer periods.

  1. Phone charger

A phone-free boating experience would be ideal, but a phone can come in handy during a boat trip. They can help you to stay connected and make a long trip enjoyable. They can also assist you when navigating. A phone charger makes sure your phone doesn’t die on you while you are lounging on the water.


Boat trips are a great way of relaxing and having fun. The above accessories can take your boating experience to the next level by making it more comfortable, enjoyable, and safer.