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How to make your own relaxing DIY spa weekend

DIY spa weekend

When every day in the week is starting to feel stressful it’s exactly the time when we need to leave everyday life behind and have a DIY spa weekend. What I like most about these DIY spa weekend days, I outline below.

DIY spa weekend: The salt wrap

I prefer to start a relaxing day in the salt wrap. This is like a holiday by the sea for me. Just coat your skin with salty water, cuddle up in a warm blanket and then take a deep breath. Each breath provides the body with valuable minerals. These clean the respiratory tract, have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the tendency to allergies. After half an hour in a salt wrap I always feel like I was born again.

DIY spa weekend : The beer bath

So, now that I’m wide awake and completely relaxed, it can go on straight away. For example, with a soothing beer bath. The beneficial effects of beer have now been scientifically proven. They care for the skin and also the hair. Yeast and malt provide the rich vitamin content. With such a relaxing beer bath one sits in a heated bath tub. And if you are lucky, you will also be served tasty appetizers.

The hot stone massage

This is my favorite massage and must not be missing on any wellness weekend. With her come – as the name implies – warm stones used. As a result, all body functions are activated and waste products are transported out of the body. At the same time it has a calming effect on the nervous system and leads to a deep relaxation. Just lovely!

The chocolate massage

Finally, a little insider tip from me: the chocolate massage. It is not only a treat for the skin, but also for the senses. The soft consistency and the great smell make me melt away every time. And best of all: With a chocolate massage you can also indulge yourself at home. Just mix 100 grams of cocoa butter with 100 grams of shea butter and three tablespoons of cocoa powder and you’re ready to go. Have fun relaxing!

Wellness at home is a great keyword: Spoil yourself often with a soothing foot bath, massage soles or fragrant lotions.