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How to fix damaged roofing: expert methods and tips

Roof damage

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Hardly any area of ​​the house has to suffer as much from the weather as the roof. Sun pops mercilessly on it, heats up the covering partly on hotplate temperature. Come rain, they are shock-cooled within seconds, pull together. Run-off rainwater, along with dust, acts like an eternal maelstrom of emery paste. Hailstones suggest that hundreds of kilos of snow load are often used in winter – and the wind keeps shaking the bricks and slates all year round. Although roof coverings are designed for all these loads, it is the ravages of time that are helping to damage them. Our guide shows how to fix damaged roofing.

Fix damaged roofing: What happens if I do not fix it?

Then the roof will leak at individual points. Water penetrates. It drenched the underlying rafters, the insulating material. Rot arises, or mold. The roof rots downright. And as further penetrating water accelerates these processes again, the damage that finally can make a whole house collapse adds up.

Also this super-problem began with some cracked roof tiles, which were ignored for years, until the substructure was rotted.

How do I proceed?

It depends on what the roof is made of. Are it normal, hinged tiles, you can replace them on your own. It looks similar with tarred flat roofs, which can be made waterproof again by repairing the damaged area with bituminous compound. Only with metal roofs and those made of slate, the professional ran.

How do I avoid it in the future?

  • The regular cleaning of the gutter is already an important point, but for the care and maintenance of the roof areas at the house are still several more steps – depending on the type of roofing:
  • Regular (before and after winter) inspection of the covering, preferably from the ground via binoculars.
  • Immediate replacement of defective roofing elements.
  • Mending cracked mortar sites.
  • Check the rafters in the attic.
  • Removal of dirt accumulation, such as washed out dust on flat roofs and moss approaches (sponge effect).

That sounds like more work than it actually is, especially since you can conclude a maintenance contract with a specialist company for the more difficult jobs. And: Above all, the cleaning can be done quite easily with a coarse broom with a long handle – especially from the roof window.

gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.