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How to find a leaking roof problem with traces on roof beams

leaking roof problem

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For the roof, more precisely the attic, you should check every few months, as well as after heavy rains — and take a close look at all visible wooden parts of the roof to find a leaking roof problem.

Because it shows very quickly whether the roof is leaky – in the form of much darker (than the surrounding wood) trace traces that are getting narrower from top to bottom that reveal if there is a leaking roof problem. And believe us, a leaking roof problem is one that you need to look at addressing as soon as possible, whether it is something that you do yourself to fix the roof damage, or a job for which you have to hire a professional repair person — before you have to even replace the roof.

Leaking roof problem: What happens if I do not fix it?

Such trace marks are clear signs that something is wrong with the roof and / or the drainage. But the scale of possible damage is wide. From mildew to decay to masonry damage she goes – but not in any case.

Old trusses have the advantage that damage here can be detected much easier than in the insulated / dismantled variant.

How do I proceed?

Such an exception would be particularly given if the tracks are still small and only recently a particularly heavy rain (such as summer thunderstorm) took place. Then you should watch over several weeks and more rains – it is quite possible that just driving rain penetrated, but otherwise there is no further damage. Only when the spot increases with each chill, action must be taken – as described in point two; So the repair of damaged roof parts.

How do I avoid it in the future?

By staying alert all the time. On rainy days or when there is nothing else to do, the good handyperson should go with flashlight and cell phone camera in the attic. Show traces, photograph them and compare them a few days after the next rain on the basis of the photo.

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