How to find the best fasteners for DIY projects


This guide outlines how to find the best fasteners, screws, bolts etc when you are doing home improvement projects.

Carpenters, handymen, and construction contractors respect the value of a quality fastener. Quality is the key player in determining the durability and longevity of a fastener. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are at least a dozen factors that play a role in how long a fastener endures the test of time.

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How to find the best fasteners

As an average consumer, how many times have you found yourself standing in the hardware aisle with no idea of what to look for? Believe it or not, this scenario is more common than one could imagine for unknowledgeable consumers.

Even the licensed carpenter and home improvement contractor knew nothing of screws, bolts, and anchors at some point. They gained their knowledge through exposure as well as you.

Once you get the basics down, the odds of making a better purchase decision will drastically improve. First and foremost, consumers need to know which online and land-based retailers to avoid and why.

Quality Over Convenience

The inexperienced consumer oftentimes thinks a screw is a screw. This is true to some degree but quality must always be applied before convenience when shopping for fasteners.

Now, this is not to say fastener shopping should be inconvenient by no means. It just means, shopping at non-specialty stores is not always a good idea. Take, for instance, Walmart, the largest land-based retailer in the United States. Walmart stocks a decent supply of fasteners in its hardware department. Initially, it makes sense to just pick up a pack of anchor bolts while doing your grocery shopping. Keep in mind, Walmart is all about convenience and affordability.

When it comes to bolting two planks together, the fastener must endure the test of time.

All is hunky-dory until the Walmart fastener breaks amid an important home improvement project. Now, you are looking at a disaster that needs rectifying sooner than later. So, convenience should never be applied before quality.

Quality Over Affordability

Inexperienced consumers start their fastener shopping venture with one goal in mind. This goal entails saving as much money as possible, regardless of quality. In a virtual world, screws and bolts would hold the same value. Back to the real world, fasteners are graded on quality, which varies across the industry. It only makes sense, premium-grade screws are always going to cost more than their low-quality counterparts.

With this said, consumers should never pay more than the average price for fasteners. If you do not know by now, some retailers upcharge consumers just because they can. The increase is generally minuscule to avoid detection.

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Online VS Local Retailers

Consumers should approach fastener shopping with the utmost importance. In fact, the task should be treated in the same manner as buying a new car or home. Rash decisions should be avoided at all costs.

Buying screws online will always require more precaution than shopping at a local retailer. However, it is best to stick with hardware stores when shopping online and locally. Keeping in mind, the number one goal is to acquire quality fasteners guaranteed to endure the test of time.

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