How to do summer makeup styles


Image via: Pexels

Summer, sun and vacation time. You do not want to give up a great make-up despite 30 degrees and high humidity? In this guide, We’ll show you how to create perfect and natural summer makeup styles that can handle hot summer days.

Summer makeup styles: the right tools

You should not underestimate the right tools for a long-lasting makeup. Therefore, get good brushes, so that makeup and Co. can be distributed much better and more evenly. I’m a big fan of beauty blenders, try the sponge for applying and blending your primer.
Right makeup in the summer – how it works:

Step 1: Preparation is crucial

If you want to look fresh all day with summer makeup styles, the right preparation is especially important. Before you start applying make-up, you should thoroughly clean, exfoliate and cream your face thoroughly.

As a result, makeup products adhere well to your skin and look more natural. In addition, you prevent so unsightly dandruff and the emphasis on dry skin. A great difference makes a good primer. It brings out your skin color better and conceals your pores. This will leave your makeup in place for hours, so perfect for hot days!

Step 2: Perfect complexion

For natural summer makeup styles, a perfect complexion is a must. The first step is the primer. For this you need a concealer, it makes dark circles, small redness and impurities disappear in no time. By the way, you should always choose a shade lighter than your primer.

Now the foundation is applied and here is: the higher the thermometer rises, the easier the texture should be. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a matte finish and a glossy finish, while matte versions are better suited for summer days due to their longer durability.

For pale skin types, a light or rosaceous tone is recommended. For darker skin you should resort to Pfirsichtönen. If your skin is very clean anyway, you can replace cream, foundation and concealer with a BB Cream. This wonder cream saves time, moisturizes and is slightly lighter. If you are prone to oily skin, you should supplement the products with a small amount of transparent powder or compact powder. It absorbs not only excess fat, but also sweat, thus ensuring a dull complexion.

Two little make-up tips for you: You sweat on a hot day on the face? Do not despair, but to refresh during the day simply apply a little transparent powder. In addition, you should make sure in the summer, that in your Foundation or BB Cream sun protection is integrated.

Now we come to the summer glow. For a bit of color on the face a little rouge provides. Especially good for a summer freshness, colors like coral or apricot on your cheeks. Tanning powder on the other hand gives your face contour. Place the brush at ear level and stroke the bronzer under the cheekbone to the corner of the mouth. For a nice shimmer in the sun, you dab with a brush a small amount of highlighter on the upper cheekbones and your lips heart on.

An instant trick for tired eyes: Put on some highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, because that opens your eye.

In order to let the products merge well with your skin, it is advisable to spray a finishing spray over your face. This makes the look look more natural and fixes your summer makeup.

Step 3: Waterproof eyes in the swimming pool

So that your mascara does not run, you should fall back on waterproof products in the summer. These not only withstand every visit to the swimming pool, but also guarantee an eye-opener without annoying smudging.

Of course, the same applies to eyeliners and kohl. To maintain a natural touch, you can use brown instead of black mascara, which emphasizes your eyes just as well, but looks much more natural and discreet! For powder eyeshadows, you should first apply a primer to your eyelid so that the color does not settle in the eyelid fold.

Of course, you can also use so-called cream eye shadow. Tip: Keep in the fridge in the summer. So you get when applying a refreshing and decongesting side effect.

Step 4: Long lasting lipstick

Tip that keeps your lip color even at high temperatures.

Apply a lipliner on the entire lip under your lipstick. Dab the excess lipstick gently at a pace until no color excess remains to stick to the cloth. Particularly suitable for summer are so-called lip tints. The color of these fuses with the skin and so can not blur. Important for our lips as well is not only moisture but also a sunscreen in intense sunlight. Therefore, use lip care only with UV protection in summer.