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How to take care of your hair on summer vacation

Sun care

With a few simple tricks you keep your hair on vacation from sun damage and dryness. What is useful before the sun and what makes sense, you will find in our guide to care of your hair on summer vacation.

Care of your hair on summer vacation: Hair care is the alpha and omega

Finally holidays! Sun, beach and bathing fun – what sounds like relaxation to us is pure stress for our hair. The result: It is dry, dull and brittle. The problem: Hair damage is irreparable! A good care before sunbathing, in between and also afterwards is the alpha and omega to protect your hair. The best tips to take care of your hair on summer vacation for …

Blazing sun :

Direct, strong sunlight dries out your hair because it consists of over 10% water that evaporates. The simplest solution: Wear a sun hat or a modern bandana headscarf. This will also prevent you from having a painful sunburn on the scalp and take care of your hair on summer vacation.

Salt and chlorine water:

Whether you bathe in the sea or in the pool – your hair is always strained. After bathing, it is recommended to rinse your hair with clear water to take care of your hair on summer vacation, so that all chlorine residues and the salt of the seawater do not stick to it. The salt crystals act as minimal burn glasses on your hair, which increase UV damage.

The daily care:

NEVER comb through wet hair with force or tying it together extremely tight! It is much more sensitive when wet and can easily be damaged or even broken. Rather unravel loosely and loosely assemble or braid. After each day of bathing you spoil your hair best in the evening with a moisturizing shampoo and a conditioner.

Generally, throughout the summer: Apply once a week, an intensive care pack – such as a spa or hair mask – and leave a generous effect. In addition: hair dryer away, hair rather let it air dry. Nourishing oils or a serum with sun protection factor you can give during the day again and again in the hair. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, just take a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil – your tips will love it! And in the evening, the leftovers that your hair did not absorb are simply washed out.

After the holidays :

A hairdresser visit after the holiday or at the end of the summer is always recommended. Give your hair an extra dose of care from the professional and let the strained tips back into shape. For all ladies with colored hair: color always after the holiday refresh. The combination of strong sun and chlorine water quickly removes color from your hair and so the radiantly fresh colored hair would be bleached again after a short time.

I hope my tips could help you. Give your hair a little more care over the warm and dry summertime!