How to do quick, elegant medium hairstyles


The alarm clock is ringing. Intoxicated, it goes into the bathroom and a Blinzler in the mirror shows: Overnight, the hair has turned into a mess and it must be a rescuing hairstyle ago. No time for elaborate styling? Not necessary. It’s easier and in less than 5 minutes you can do quick, elegant medium hairstyles:

Hairstyle 1: quick, elegant medium hairstyles

Take both front parts of your hair, turn them in and fasten them with two small clips on the back of the head . So annoying strands disappear from the face and the hair style gets shape again. If you still want to provide another eye-catcher, you can attach the two strands with a decorated clasp .

Hairstyle3 Tutorial1 300x68 - 4 refined, fast hairstyles for medium-length hair

Hairstyle 2:

Here is a little weaving skill required. They take a wider strand of hair from the top hair and braid it from the hairline to the back of the head . Before you attach the strand to the back of your head, pull out a small strand of hair there and then put it over the hair clip , so that it is covered. Now they repeat the whole thing with another hair part: Lichen these from the side to the back of the head and cover them again the clasp with a new strand.

Hairstyle4 Instruction 300x68 - 4 refined, fast hairstyles for medium-length hair

Hairstyle 3:Only here is the complete top section at the back of the head put together casually. This hairstyle can also be worn with decorated hair clips or even with light waves.

Hairstyle 1 Instructions3 300x68 - 4 refined, fast hairstyles for medium-length hair

Hairstyle 4: For a bit more swing, first of all use a curling iron or a straightener to twist some light curls into your top hair and just the tips of the hair (save time!). Then, as in Hairstyle 3, plait a wider strand at an angle to the back of the head. Clipping, pull a few strands of the braided in the face, loosen up, ready!

Hairstyle 5 Instructions 300x55 - 4 refined, fast hairstyles for medium-length hair

So: less is sometimes not only more, but also really nice. Subtle changes every day are a pleasant change. Which hair tricks can save you the day sometimes in the morning?