How to find the right hairstyle for face shape

Face shape

You feel like a change and would like to dare to a new hairstyle? To make the selection easier, you should know the shape of your face. Which is the right hairstyle for face shape to enhance your appearance, we outline below!

Right hairstyle for face shape: recognize your face shape

Before the long hair is irrevocably cut off, you should be clear, which hairstyle you need to suit you best. The easiest way: find out which shape your face has. Depending on you should try out some hairstyles and refrain from others. Sit in front of a mirror and tie your hair back. Now you can see your face shape and eye-catching features. Here we go with the right hairstyle for face shape!

Oval face

The oval face is about one and a half times longer than it is wide. In addition, the cheekbones are slightly wider than the chin and forehead. If you recognize this face shape on you, your desired hairstyle nothing stands in the way! Whether short, long, a cheeky bob or even a middle parting – you can carry everything!

Oval Face 212x300 - The right hairstyle for every face shape

Round face

This face shape can be recognized by a round hairline and a round chin. Even full cheeks are a clear indication. You have a round face? Then you should choose a hairstyle that does not make your head unnecessarily wide. On a straight bangs and short haircuts you should do without. An oblique pony and a long mane on the other hand flatter your face shape.

Round Face 212x300 - The right hairstyle for every face shape

Angular face

You can recognize a square face with a straight hairline and a square jaw. Hairstyles that easily play around the face and its distinctive features are beneficial for these types of faces. Tender steps that fall lightly in the face or even a loose falling pony make it look softer – and look fantastic!

Square Face 212x300 - The right hairstyle for every face shape

Heart shaped face

The features of a heart-shaped face: a wide, open eye area, a narrow chin and a large forehead. This face shape also resembles an inverted triangle. A bob that stops below the chin is perfect for your face! The chin is slightly wider and the forehead is slightly narrower. But other short haircuts and medium-long hair harmonize well with your face. Also nice: playful curls and a straight pony!

Heartfelt Face 212x300 - The right hairstyle for every face shape