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How to deal with hair stylist burnout in a salon: expert strategies

Hair stylist burnout

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We outline strategies for how to deal with hair stylist burnout when you own or are managing a salon, and keep your staff happy and healthy.

Hairdressers often find themselves in the role of therapists to their clients. They create special relationships with their clients, who feel comfortable confessing their struggles to their hairstylist. Even if there are many programs aimed at assessing mental health, many people find it more effective to talk to their hairstylist once a month. But who’s looking out for the hairstylist? 

Strategies to deal with hair stylist burnout

Everyone knows that the hairstyling world of work is peppered with demands and frustrations, and after a while, even the most enthusiastic hairstylist feels stressed out and fatigued. Everyone working in a beauty salon experiences stresses to a lesser or greater degree. If you’re a salon manager and spot stress signs in your team members, you should immediately address the potential problem. 

Here is how you can take care of your hairdressers

Remind them they’re not alone

You can support your workers’ mental health by encouraging them to make time for themselves. They should take time off weekly when they can engage in the activities they love the most. As a salon manager, you can provide them with a series of free services.

When is the last time your hairdressers had their own hair done? Or they had a massage? Work with other specialists to come and spoil them once in a while, to help them relax and allow them to take a break from their busy schedule. It’s easier said than done, but you can spare an hour on their mental break if this can improve their mood and help deal with hair stylist burnout. 

Offer them peace of mind

Many hairdressers often are stressed out that their clients don’t like their job and make complaints or refuse to pay. They may also be worried that the products and equipment they use may fail to work and damage their clients’ hair. To offer them peace of mind, you can purchase hairstylist insurance to protect them from being held liable in case of an accident. 

Encourage them to maintain a healthy diet

During working hours, calorie intake is considerable. Bolting foods between clients and living on a string of strong coffee or energy drinks are damaging for one’s health. You should encourage your hairdressers to treat their bodies like temples, even if this isn’t compatible with a hairstyling environment.

Get a subscription with a caterer that provides healthy food to prevent them from eating junk food only because it’s the most accessible option. A diet rich in junk food can prevent the brain from functioning correctly and even damage its capabilities. Teach your hairdressers to treat food as a healthy fuel to help ward off hair stylist burnout.

Promote the benefits of a good posture

Poor posture is typical in hairdressers because they spend their days on their feet. Please encourage them to stretch between the jobs and engage in physical activity after work. You can collaborate with a gym to enroll your workers in yoga and tai chi classes to prevent them from experiencing strains due to their bad posture. 

It’s crucial to communicate with your staff and show them that you can help them transform the working environment into a healthier one that supports their wellbeing