How to mix velvet with your wardrobe

Velvet fashion

Image via: Pexels

The stuff of kings is back: velvet. Today, we wear the shiny fabric a bit different than the kings of Europe. Our guide will show you how to mix velvet with your wardrobe.

Mix velvet with your wardrobe: always special

Velvet is considered a particularly soft fabric and has a shiny surface. In the past, velvet was even made of silk and was therefore considered the stuff of kings. Today cotton or chemical silk is used for it. Nevertheless, velvet looks very noble and extravagant. Especially in the Christmas time and on the holidays a velvet piece should therefore not be missing in your closet.

For what occasion can you wear velvet?

Velvet is a noble and royal material, which makes it look very powerful. That’s why it’s best to combine no more than two pieces of velvet. If you have decided on a velvet garment, you should wear only subtle jewelry, because the fabric even makes your outfit shine. With a velvet piece you will quickly become an eye-catcher. Especially during the Christmas season, velvet dresses, skirts or blazers are very popular and will spice up any outfit.

This is how you combine the trendy material

Let’s start with a dark blue pantsuit made of velvet. Combined with a casual beige turtleneck and brown boots, the velvet outfit does not look too overdressed. The rolled-up trouser legs also make the look very casual – so in my opinion it is a great variation for the office or a restaurant visit with your loved ones.

My next outfit proposal is a velvet dress. Especially for the upcoming Christmas holidays or New Year’s Eve, you are just right with a velvet dress. I chose a berry tone combined with a long chain. So your holiday outfit is perfect and gives you a shiny appearance.

Velvet accessories

If a complete velvet outfit is too much, you can also go for velvet accessories. How about a pair of velvet boots? Another nice way to combine the trend in your look are velvet handbags. A little tip: They are also very stylish Christmas gifts!

You should pay attention to this with your velvet look:

As you can see, velvet is very versatile and can be worn both casual and chic. It is important that you pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid two differently patterned pieces of velvet
  • Velvet speaks for itself, so do not combine too much jewelry
  • Velvet accessories also give your outfit a shiny appearance

We wish you a lot of fun shopping!