How to mix metallic looks with your wardrobe

mix metallic looks with your wardrobe

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The 80s are back and with them the metallic look of gold, silver, platinum and copper. The glamorous fashion trend can be combined in a variety of ways: from a simple everyday outfit with subtle metallic accessories to a metallic all-over look. Whether it’s shiny trousers, sneakers in silver or great metallic bags, we show how to mix metallic looks with your wardrobe.

Mix metallic looks with your wardrobe: 3 rules!

  • No metallic combinations. Focus on a variation of metallic colors. That is, it is important to only wear a metallic tone and not combine silver with gold and copper. So your look will be particularly harmonious to mix metallic looks with your wardrobe.
  • The right combination. As a rule, a maximum of three garments in Metallic! If you wear only a metallic part, your remaining clothes should also be kept discreet. So do not mix eye-catching patterns like leopard print to shiny metallic pieces.
  • Metallic meets leather Also with the kind of materials one should be careful. Particularly suitable for a metallic look are garments made of smooth leather, preferably in black.

Fashion trend: Silver trousers

Can it be a bit more extravagant? On the catwalks of the world, the silver trousers now also arrive in the fashion boutiques and online shops. If you do not want to go for an all-over look, you can combine subtle black and white clothing with metallic trousers. By the way, with this outfit you can see how great black leather works together with shiny fabric.

Metallic shoes in focus

This look is classically simple and thanks to the sneakers in silver something very special to mix metallic looks with your wardrobe. A perfect example of how even individual accessories enhance the look as eyecatchers. Our pretty metallic sneakers with pearl trim and white platform sole even unite several trends in one. Combined with a gray wool coat, a white shirt, dark jeans and a large shopper, the outfit is great for a long shopping trip on colder spring days.

Bags in a metallic look

Another great combination for your metallic look are pastel colors. The delicate colors form a perfect basis for metallic garments and make you want more. This street style clearly focuses on the silver backpack. An absolute must-have for the upcoming season to mix metallic looks with your wardrobe!

Conclusion: the metallic look can suit anyone!

As you can see, the current fashion trend Metallic offers the right look for every taste! Whether extravagant and eye-catching or simple and subtle – you will definitely find your new favorite outfit when you mix metallic looks with your wardrobe. 

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