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How to combine check patterns with your wardrobe

Check fabric

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Anyone who is currently traveling in the city can not really ignore it: the Glencheck pattern. You can see the complex check pattern in the shop windows on blazers, pants, coats, but also gloves or caps. The Glencheck is back – and we show you how to combine check patterns with your wardrobe.

Glencheck – what is that?

Glencheck or Glen Check (“glen” – mountain valley, “check” – check) comes from the Scottish Highlands and is an evolution of tartan. Visually, it looks as if the pattern consists of a large and a small check that were superimposed. Legend has it that it was built near the legendary Loch Ness. Later it was then reserved for the Scottish nobility; especially hunters wore the Glencheck. In the 14th century Edward II, the then Prince of Wales, became a fan of the pattern. That’s why a variant of the Glencheck is named after him.

Pattern overview: Glencheck, Houndstooth, Prince of Wales

The Glencheck is a woven or knitted pattern consisting of several checks. As a result, he has an awful lot of details that are not necessarily noticeable at first glance. Traditionally, the pattern is on a gray or beige background, the checks are then created by white and black threads. It has a cool, professional undertone and is therefore popular with women’s blazers and suits.

The houndstooth pattern is part of the Glencheck, but can of course also be worn individually. It traditionally consists of black and white checks with extended corners. They look a bit like the claws of a rooster – hence the name.

If there is a check over in a contrasting color above the glen check pattern, this is called the Prince of Wales Check. The contrasting color can go from a subtle ocher to a bright red or turquoise and gives the Glencheck that extra something.

How to combine check patterns with your wardrobe: autumn

Outfit 1: Classically elegant for the date

Here the Glencheck meets a dress with matching, double-breasted jacket. Accessories as well as tights and stiletto are in black, so that the pattern can come into the foreground nicely – and the outfit is perfect for the next date. The check pattern of our dress is broken up by the black dots and hems and does not look so cool. To match, we style black ankle boots and a small shoulder bag with silver accents.

Outfit 2: Glencheck in the leisure look

When it gets cooler, a coat has to be made in the Glencheck – and with that you can easily style a beautiful casual outfit. The white pullover and the gray scarf pick up the colors of the checked pattern. Add a casual pair of jeans and boots to complete the look. To make the look a bit more feminine, we opt for a chic lace-up ankle boot that visually extends the leg through the heel, and for a pullover with lace details on the cleavage.

Outfit 3: Business Glencheck meets Sporty

Glencheck up and down? Naturally! The plaid trouser suit is perfect for the office. Matching: Sneaker in shades of gray instead of pumps. A feminine touch gets the look with the dark gray Beret. The outfit is rounded off with a white shirt and a black bag that work in contrast to the different shades of gray. For our look we take a Jogpant in the Prince of Wales Check and combine it with a white blouse and matching sneakers. For the head, we choose a trendy Bakerboy cap that keeps you warm. The black of the shoppers picks up the black in the pattern of the pants again, so that the look is nicely consistent.

How to combine check patterns with your wardrobe: colours

Glencheck looks like an elaborate pattern, but is really easy to style. The easiest way is simply to take the plaid part as an eye-catcher and to make the rest of the outfit monochrome. An additional pattern, such as narrow stripes, can compete with the plaid garment and be tiring for the eyes. A combination with white or black always works. And do not be shy about jeans: a glencheck blazer with a white T-shirt and a pair of beautiful jeans trousers – you can never go wrong with that. The business look of the Glencheck is a little loosened by the jeans, the outfit looks casual yet stylish.

If it may be a bit more, the Glencheck works but also with bright colors. The trend color Pumpkin fits perfectly to a checkered pants. If that’s a bit too much, you can balance it with neutral white between color and Glencheck.

Especially trendy: the jogpants in Glencheck with side stripes. As a result, the somewhat cool business look, which the check often radiates, is lifted and the outfit looks sportier. This fits a sweater in the color of the side strip and, to round off the look, white sneakers.

If you want, you can also combine several pieces of clothing in the Glencheck pattern. Suited for the office and leisure: Blazer and trousers in check pattern with a monochrome blouse or shirt and matching shoes. To make it look clean and fit well together, the glen check of all garments should have the same color.

Checked accessories with the trend pattern Glencheck

To create the perfect Glencheck outfit, of course, accessories must not be missing. Especially on scarves is the trendy check to find – perfect for the fall and winter. For the cold fingers there are plaid gloves and on caps you will find the pattern more often. Such accessories fit perfectly with otherwise simple outfits and upgrade it. A glencheck stole can be perfectly combined with a dark coat, well-fitting jeans and chelsea boots.