How to choose the right shoe cabinet for your needs

how to choose the right shoe cabinet

Leaving shoes around the house can make it look cluttered and messy, as well as being a trip hazard! The more people who live in your home, the more shoes there will be, with potential for dozens of pairs of shoes to be left to their own devices in your home. Our guide outlines how to choose the right shoe cabinet for your needs and for your particular home, including type, depth and design, that can help take .

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Having a shoe storage cabinet is a great way to keep your shoes organised. Whether you have one in your hallway, a bedroom or tucked away in a storage cupboard, they can be an excellent way for you to save space, while also serving as a decorative piece of furniture in your home.

The ideal shoe cabinet provides storage for your shoes, without taking up too much space in your home. How deep should a shoe cabinet be to store your shoes? Check out our guide to learn more about shoe cabinet sizes and how to choose one for your home and to help care for your shoes.

What is the ideal shoe storage cabinet depth?

The ideal shoe storage cabinet will have a depth that’s deep enough for most shoe sizes. A single shelf storage solution will be between 20 and 30 cm deep, making them easy to fit into narrow spaces.

At a minimum, a shoe cabinet should have a depth of 20 cm. This will allow you to store most shoes types with ease. The height and width of a shoe cabinet can vary widely, allowing you to choose the option that best suits the space that you have, as well as your storage needs.

Shoe cabinets are designed to fit shoes without their boxes, so if you’re looking to store your shoe boxes as well as your shoes, you might want to consider alternative solutions such as shelving to help you store and organise your shoes.

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Types of shoe cabinet

Just like shoes, shoe cabinets are available in different styles and sizes. Narrow shoe cabinets with a flip-down drawer front are ideal for narrow spaces, perfect for fitting up against a wall in your hallway, landing or bedroom.

Larger shoe cabinets resemble more of a sideboard-style, providing an attractive feature in your home. They also make a great space for decorating with different home accessories such as lamps and vases.

Shoe racks are a great space-saving alternative to a shoe cabinet, providing more flexibility as they can be moved around easily, and can fit easily in small spaces such as porches, storage cupboards and the bottom of the wardrobe.

With several options for storing your shoes, you should be able to find a shoe cabinet that suits your needs.

How to choose the right shoe cabinet for your home

Choosing the right shoe cabinet for your home depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The available space that you have
  • How many shoes you need to store
  • Whether you need additional storage for other items besides shoes.

Before you start considering your options, you should measure the space that you have to see what can work. While you might have the width available, you’ll need to carefully measure the depth your space can accommodate, without it blocking key walkways and doorways. You should also make sure you can open the doors with ease.

Some shoe storage racks have a very narrow depth and can be wall mounted to provide you with some flexibility. This can allow you to install multiple storage racks to suit your needs.

Shoe cabinets can provide some additional storage for items such as keys, dog walking accessories and more, as well as being the ideal space to add a touch of decor. Consider how you’d like your shoe cabinet to look in your home to help you choose the right style. Some people like them to be inconspicuous, whereas others like to make them more of a feature.

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Shoe storage cabinets for small spaces

Even homes with limited space can make use of a shoe cabinet. Thanks to their narrow depth, they can easily be placed against a wall to give you simple storage where you need it most. Being able to store your shoes out of sight will make your space less cluttered, making it look brighter and more spacious.

A shoe storage cabinet makes a fantastic addition to your home, helping to keep it neat while keeping your shoes organised. With the right shoe cabinet, you can make sure the whole family’s shoes are kept out of the way, without sacrificing a lot of space.

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