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How to: best ways to dry shoes easily

the best ways to dry shoes easily

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What are the best ways to dry shoes easily? Our guide outlines the ways to do this without damaging your shoes.

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Especially in bad weather, which we have to endure from time to time, our shoes get really wet. If it rains several days in a row, then many don’t even know which pair to wear the next day. The wet shoes are getting more and more by the day. They pile up in the stairwell or near the heating in the bathroom. 

After a few days the first couple is finally dry and you can put it on again. But also only until the rain returns, because then the whole game starts again from the beginning. If you are in a particularly hurry to dry your shoes, it can happen quickly that you ruin them. To prevent this from happening, we have 3 tips for you on how to effectively and gently free your shoes from moisture and moisture.

Leather shoes are sensitive

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe that doesn’t get shoes wet – except maybe rubber boots or don’t go out at all. But that is not necessarily the best solution. Instead, there are some good tricks to help your shoes dry up quickly. Especially with leather shoes, however, you always have to be very careful. In the case of incorrect treatment, they react very sensitively. Here are our tips to help you dry your shoes quickly and protect them from any damage.

Tip 1: Take off wet shoes quickly

If the shoes are still slightly damp, then you should put a shoe tensioner in it. This gives the leather its old fit again.

The first thing you need to know is that you always need to take off wet shoes quite quickly. Wet shoes can quickly lose their shape due to the load. So take off the shoes, remove the laces and open the shoe as much as possible. Now just stuff some newsprint into the shoe so that it’s everywhere. The paper absorbs moisture quite quickly, so you should also renew the paper quietly every few hours. 

In this way, you will have really dry shoes again within a day. However, for leather shoes, you should pay particular attention if you want to dry them with the help of newspaper or other paper. You must never put too much newsprint in your shoes. Leather is very malleable when wet. Too much newsprint in the shoes can create unsightly bumps.

Tip 2: Never put shoes on the heater

You should never speed up the drying of the shoes by increasing the temperature.So don’t put your wet shoes on the heater and refrain from drying the shoes with a hairdryer. Especially leather shoes will take that away from you. The leather can become brittle and break due to something like this.

Tip 3: Hang them by the laces

If your wet shoes have leather soles, then you should hang them on the laces for drying. Alternatively, you can simply put the shoes on the side. It is important that air can come to the sole.

As you can see, it’s actually not that hard to get shoes dry again. You just have to be patient. Never put your shoes on a heater or oven and don’t blow the shoes. Otherwise, you won’t have any of your beautiful shoes for long.