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How to choose the right drink for any event: simple guide to drinks

how to choose the right drink for any event

Outlines how to choose the right drink for any event, and when it’s best to choose champagne, wine, whisky, vodka or beer.

Whether it is your first date or an anniversary celebration, it is likely you will want to enhance it by having some drinks. Opting for the right liquor is an important factor to make the event more special, so you need to know how to choose the right drink for any event.

The overwhelming options in front of you, like going for a vodka or beer, a whiskey or champagne, make the decision a difficult one. You might end up making the wrong decision and regret that it ruined the perfect evening for you.

How to choose the right drink for any event

To help you pick the appropriate drink, whether as a guest or a host, we have made things easier by suggesting the best drinks for various occasions.


It is the symbol of celebratory drinks. Nothing comes close to champagne when it comes to express your joy and share it with others.

The podium stands for Formula 1 racers, the wedding halls and conference rooms have witnessed more glasses of champagne than any other liquor for celebrating every big and small achievement.

The beverage is known for its low alcohol content, making it perfect for formal gatherings and work hour exceptions. It does not lower your attentiveness so that you can keep on enjoying the event just as you were doing it in sober mode.


If you are going on your first date and trying to spend lavishly but accurately to impress your date, then do it with your wine choice. An old red wine always does the trick and acts as a trump card because when nothing else goes right, red wine sure does.

The two most common types of wines are red and white wine. Well, there is a simple rule to engage both of these. White wine goes perfectly during the early hours of a dinner, that is, before the main course.

On the other hand, red wine is a perfect companion for the main dishes. The nature of red wine makes it ideal to complement the main course of the dinner. Remember this generic rule whether you are the host or the guest.


Originally made for medicinal uses, this beverage turned out to be majorly consumed across the globe for recreational purposes. When your friends come over for a house party, this drink serves as the best entertainer.

A pair of ice cubes dipped in the glass of whiskey while you play poker with your friends is enough to give the room vibes from the movie GodFather.

If you plan a weekend getaway with friends that includes camping and bonfire, whiskey is a must-have drink for such outings. Chilling around the bonfire while sipping the beverage will uplift the whole experience in a matter of seconds.

A glass of whiskey is a perfect anti-stress agent that lets go of all the bad experiences of the day.


Like whiskey, Vodka was initially used for medicinal purposes, but this colorless and odorless drink became a popularly consumed liquor quickly. The high content of alcohol makes it perfect if you want to get drunk fast.

If something is bothering you for days, get yourself some vodka and spill the unsaid words to your friends to feel lightened.

It is perfect for weekend bar nights where you dance and sing on karaoke while hammering shots of Vodka down your stomach.

The next morning hangover nausea is a must thing with such parties, so follow this complete guide to getting rid of it quickly with home remedies.


It is one of the most common alcoholic beverages. The most significant reason for its popularity is its good taste. It is a perfect drink for your metime. If you are looking for a good time after a long and tiring day, get yourself a beer. Friends hang out in your backyard, and BBQ parties are completely dull without a chilled beer bottles.

Compared with all the occasions, beer is best for watching sports either in the comfort of your sofa, in a club or in a stadium. You can never purely enjoy a sports victory without some beer alongside. If you face difficulty opening bottles, protect yourself from embarrassment by using a perfect ring for opening bottle caps.

how to choose the right drink for any event

It makes opening bottles convenient so that you can be the ideal host and serve opened beer to your guests.

Bottom Line

With so many varieties of liquors around us, everyone has a different liking. Some might prefer beer over whiskey, while others prefer scotch over a beer. Although preferences can be different, standards do not. And if you want to opt for the right liquor, you need to understand those standards. The next time you are inviting friends over or are in charge of refreshments for an office meeting. Remember the points made above and make no mistake while choosing alcohol for specific events.