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Knowhow: the 6 best small gift ideas for coworkers and friends

Small gift ideas coworkers and friends

Are you looking for inexpensive small gift ideas for coworkers and friends, but struggling to find anything that fits into your budget?

6 Best Small Gift Ideas for Coworkers

There are many great small gift ideas that work well, and we’re going to list six of them below.

1. Coffee Mugs With a Twist

Who doesn’t like coffee? Sure, some people don’t love the delicious taste of coffee, but are these people really worth knowing? Probably not. Over 50% of people drink coffee and some 2.25 billion cups are drank per day. If you know that the receiver drinks coffee, a mug may be a great option.

You can choose mugs with quirky phrases on them, or you can go to the extreme with Ember. The Ember Temperature Control mug is a smart mug that’s perfect for coffee and tea. The mug is stainless steel, comes with an app and can have its temperature adjusted with the tap of an app.

You can even find a travel mug available that features these same great features. So, what’s the one downfall of this mug? It’s probably more expensive than you might want to spend, in which case stick with something quirky instead.

2. Ceramic Succulent Planters

Plants are a great option for older coworkers or anyone that just got their first house or apartment. But what if someone is terrible at keeping plants alive? There’s one, great option that works perfectly: succulents. Small succulents are very affordable and fit perfectly inside of ceramic planters.

And they’re very difficult to kill. The person needs to water them every few weeks as needed and leave them in the window so that they get some sun. If they can follow these two simple tasks, they’ll have an easy time keeping their succulents alive.

You can find entire succulent plant kits online that offer both the planters and plants.

3. Custom Sock Swag

When you want to gift a coworker something quirky and fun, custom socks are a great option. These are gifts that are good when giving to multiple people because you’ll need to meet minimum order requirements.

You can make socks funny gift ideas for coworkers by:

·         Adding in funny quotes
·         Add logos or designs

And socks are also a functional gift. Everyone wears socks, so they’ll be appreciated by everyone that you gift them to, too.

4. Candles – a Timeless Classic

Candles may not be one of the top small gift ideas for men coworkers, but this is slowly changing. People from all walks of life love candles, whether for decoration or to burn in their homes. You’ll want to think of scents that you know the person will love, including:

·         Blue spruce
·         Lavender
·         Apple
·         Red roses
·         Cinnamon
·         Vanilla

Don’t know which candle to buy? Shop around for candle sets or curated candles to have a variety of options to choose from. When you purchase candle sets that have an array of scents, you lower your risk of the person not liking the scent you purchase.

5. Book of the Month Club Membership

Book of the Month clubs are a major hit as small gift ideas amongst coworkers and friends that love reading. Did you know that some readers (over 33%) in countries around the world read daily? Books hold a wealth of knowledge, and they allow some to escape their mundane routines.

If you want to make a person that reads smile, give them a Book of the Month subscription.

These subscriptions offer their members monthly books that are specially curated to ensure that the books are worth reading.

6. Food or Wine Subscription

Finally, food or wine subscriptions are a good start if you don’t like any of the previous recommendations or don’t think that the recipient will enjoy them. Again, depending on your country of origin, you’ll need to look for options in your area.

A few great options include:

·         Wine Awesomeness
·         Fit Snack
·         Try the World

You can also find coffee and tea subscriptions for those that rather drink a hot cup of coffee than snack on something. There are a lot of great subscription options that your coworker is sure to love and appreciate.

What good small gift ideas for coworkers do you have? Let us know so that others struggling to find the right gift for their colleagues know what options they have available.

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