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How to choose a tattoo design that resonates for you

How to choose a tattoo

This guide outlines how to choose a tattoo by considering what your personality type is, and matching it with a design you will love — and likely never grow tired of.

The best way to find designs that reflect your personality is to find a talented artist who can create individual designs. One of the best ways to find an artist is to ask your tattooed friends. This article discusses how to choose a tattoo based on your personality or the trait you want to express — with a special section on how to choose a tattoo that symbolises strength and resilience.

Whether it’s the first tattoo or the twenty-fifth, your next piece should reflect who you are. If you do not have a personal connection to your tattoo, we leave the desired design to the artist. You can get a tattoo and live with it for the rest of your life or read through this article on how to choose a tattoo to find the best match between your personality and the ink. 

How to choose a tattoo based on your personality

This comes down to the fact that if there is something you want to embody, an ink tattoo that symbolizes it will help you become the same. The sign that represents your personality is your zodiac sign because it says a lot about who you are and what you do. Constellations and zodiac symbols, including less obvious options such as animals and planets of the zodiac, also say a lot about you. 

If your zodiac sign is Leo, a tattoo of a lion would be perfect for you. Prepare for your session by discussing your ideas with your tattooist and buying the best, safe, and effective tattoo lotion on the first day of your session so you give the best care for a new tattoo.

A nature lover should opt for flowers or leaves design as it suits your personality the best.

While other people might tell you to be careful about what you do with your skin to stay the way you are, they can’t tell you how careful you should be when you ink a tattoo in a place that has a deep meaning and reveals a lot about a person’s character. 

Not all tattoos are for pleasure or style, and others are not a reminder of an event or a loved one. Some tattoos extend one’s personality, but they do not have a profound meaning, so you do not get them. 

Character-based tattoos symbolize various meanings, including beauty, tenderness, and joy. Symbols are associated with our well-being. 

If you are a wild soul or an animal lover, you can consider an animalistic design. If you are independent, a bird tattoo is best suited for you. 

A watercolor tattoo is a representation of one’s perception of the world. The person who chooses this part of the tattoo loves their creative side and wants to show it. Watercolor tattoos are usually prominent and have good placement for visible body areas. 

Minimal watercolor tattoos should imitate the quality of traditional watercolor paint, which plays a prominent role in this design style. The vibrant color of the ink makes the look unmistakable for both men and women. The ink is mixed with the tattoos to create a feeling. 

Don’t miss out on the best watercolors and think about coloring them. These 3D water types have the best artistic skills to mix and mix colors to make them more realistic.  Another artistic style to consider if you are creative is stick and poke tattoos.

How to choose a tattoo design that conveys strength

People who choose a tattoo can do so for various reasons: either to show love for another person, by designing the tattoo itself, which is attractive, or by the fact that it has a meaning that matches their personality. One of the most sought-after tattoos today is the one that conveys strength and self-resilience.

Overcoming different types of obstacles is important to many people. Therefore, they choose this type of tattoo. Then we give you some additional tattoo ideas that usually transmit strength.

Strength and resilience are different for each person, so everyone can choose the one who has a certain meaning and make him think that it symbolizes strength and overcoming. If you do not choose a specific one, we will give you ideas about the tattoos that usually give strength to the person who chooses them.

The tattoo of a bull usually means a symbol of strength for the person. The bull is a sacred animal in Celtic culture and shows overcoming and strength in the face of various adversities in life.

Another of the most popular tattoos related to strength is that of butterfly. It is a creature that is identified with overcoming challenges and strength due to the metamorphosis it goes through in his life. It is a tattoo that was chosen by many women and that usually attracts attention due to the use of numerous colors.

The koi carp tattoo is very famous in Japanese culture And like the butterfly, it has the meaning of metamorphosis and strength. This tattoo is based on a legend very popular in Japan, which tells how the carp went up the river and turned into a giant dragon.

If there is a worldwide popular tattoo that refers to overcoming, then it is undoubtedly the phoenix. Everyone knows it because it is a bird that is reborn from the ashes to fight against all sorts of adversity. It is without a doubt the strength tattoo par excellence. It is also very popular because it is eye-catching and colorful.

Charm tattoos also mean strength and energy to continue fighting. One of the most common and tattooed people on her body is the one that refers to Fatima’s hand. It is a tattoo that deters bad vibrations and gives strength to the person concerned.

In addition to these tattoos, which are most popular in terms of strength and self-improvement, there are another series of tattoos that usually also mean strength: The semicolon symbolizes leaving evil behind and going forward to continue fighting in life. Tribal symbology also refers to overcoming and strength. Another set of symbols such as hearts or stars can mean strength for the person who decides to tattoo them with their personal meaning.


As you have seen, there are many tattoos to choose from if you want to express your personality or symbolize strength. The most important thing before you do this is to understand how to choose a tattoo design that is really attractive to you, and one that symbolizes what you feel and stand for in this life. It does not matter whether it is large or minimalist, in these cases the symbolism and meaning is what prevails. Also read our complete guide to tattoo aftercare.