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How to care for a new tattoo properly

care for a new tattoo properly

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Caring properly for a new tattoo is crucial to keep the tattoo in good shape forever. Every professional tattooist should inform you about the correct aftercare after the tattoo in the consultation before the actual tattooing. Even immediately after the completion of your amazing tattoo, the professional will return to the care and also hand out an information sheet in this regard. This guide will outline how to care for a new tattoo properly.

Care for a new tattoo properly: The preparation

In order to be perfectly prepared for the first time after the inking of the new tattoo, it is recommended to get some things before the appointment.

  • Plastic wrap
  • ph-neutral perfume-free soap
  • Wound & Healing Ointment
  • Kitchen roll

What sounds like a more or less normal purchase is in detail the ideal basic equipment to care for a new tattoo properly.

The plastic wrap

Immediately after the tattoo has been pierced, the tattooist will cream the new body image and cover it with a plastic wrap. This is used to protect the wound surface from dirt and thus from infections. The pores are thus made possible to close undisturbed by external influences.

The cream

The wound and healing ointment promotes the healing of the wound, which is a fresh tattoo. It helps the skin heal itself. In addition, increased crust formation is prevented.

We deliberately do not consciously respond to any product recommendations. Just ask the tattooist, he knows exactly what they think is needed and can give the best tips to care for a new tattoo properly.

The soap

The right soap is also a central topic in tattoo aftercare. Here it is important that perfume-free and ph-neutral soap is used in any case. Other soaps irritate the skin and thus make it difficult to heal.

The diet

Many people are unaware of how much nutrition affects the body. The right diet also plays an important role when it comes to wound healing. Thus, a vitamin C-rich diet promotes wound healing and can shorten it significantly, which is a great support from your body when you care for a new tattoo properly.

Care for a new tattoo properly: on the day of the inking

Immediately after the sting, the tattooist protects the fresh tattoo with a foil. When exactly should the film be removed again? This is where the spirits diverge. Some body artists recommend removing the film after 1 to 3 hours. Others advise keeping the film on the freshly tattooed body area for 24 to 36 hours.

What is right of all this for you, the newly tattoo should best decide for yourself. Your own body feeling says when is the right time.

However, it is important not to remove the film simply out of pure curiosity. And pride and “wanting to present” are also the wrong motives for removing the film.

The film serves to protect the sore skin from external influences such as dirt. But at the same time it prevents the skin from breathing and the wound water is held and cannot be removed. Exactly the last two things are the reasons why the slide should be removed after some time.

If the film is removed, the fresh tattoo must then be carefully cleaned. Lukewarm water and ph-neutral, perfume-free soap are to be used here.

After cleaning, the tattoo is thinly (!) creamed with wound & healing ointment. The creaming should be done at best every 4 hours. This is not possible, but at least 3 times a day.

At night after the sting and the next 2 to 3 days, it is recommended to apply a foil while sleeping.

Care for a new tattoo properly: The days after


Over the next few days, care should be taken to regularly clean the tattoo with ph-neutral, perfume-free soap as well as regular creaming.

It should now be cremated 2 to 3 times a day. Important: cream thinly! Too thick and too often applied cream can soften the tattoo and affect the color.


As far as possible, fluency, tight-fitting and abrasive clothing should be dispensed with. All this can irritate the tattooed skin area and, in the worst case, lead to inflammation.

Sport and sun

Sporty activities and sauna sessions should be avoided especially for the first few weeks. The reason for this is sweat, which supports the formation of bacteria and can thus promote infections.

Direct sunlight should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks. So is the visit to solariums. Sun and solarium can lead to color loss and increased sunburn during this time, which can also damage the tattoo.

Swimming pool, lake and sea

Visiting swimming pools as well as bathing in the lake and sea is not recommended in the first weeks after the tattoo has been inked. The reason for this is the risk of infection as well as the softening of the freshly tattooed skin area, which can lead to color impairments as well as skin changes. The reason for this is the fact that the open wound, which is a fresh tattoo, behaves differently in the water than a non-damaged skin. Chlorine water also impairs wound healing.

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