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How to buy an engagement ring: the mistakes to avoid

How to buy an engagement ring

This guide outlines how to buy an engagement ring seamlessly, and what you should avoid doing!

We know you’re excited to pop that life-changing question. You’ve made the decision that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the lady (or man, as the case may be) you love. You have envisioned a future of happiness and want to take that next step, so you need to ask that question soon.

However, that proposal wouldn’t be complete without that centerpiece, that particular piece of jewelry that you’ll need to seal the deal. You need to find your special someone an engagement ring that’s not only going to amaze them but will also symbolize your readiness to take the plunge.

How to buy an engagement ring: what NOT to do

You must avoid a few things how to buy an engagement ring, and we’re here to help you out. So read on, and we’ll try to guide you to prevent making mistakes when buying the ring.

Forgetting to check their ring size

You want to make sure that everything about the proposal is perfect. As the first step in how to buy an engagement ring, don’t forget to check your special someone’s ring size. Yes, we know that you can resize the ring afterward if it doesn’t fit perfectly, but you wouldn’t want to have them think that you don’t know their ring size and you bought it with someone else in mind, right?

Not researching their taste

There are different types of ring styles, so you need to do some research about their preference as the nest step in how to buy an engagement ring. Does your special someone like elegant bands and settings? Or do they want attention-catching bling? Do you think that the ring will match their personality and disposition? Do your due diligence to ensure that your wedding proposal will be off the charts good.

Not setting a realistic budget

You need to make sure you have enough budget as the crucial third step in how to buy an engagement ring. You don’t want to overextend your funds and go into debt. You also don’t want to shortchange your special someone with a ring that doesn’t amaze. Once you realize that you’re in it for the long haul, you should set aside a budget for the ring. See below for how to calculate how much an engagement ring should cost.

Not doing enough research

We know you want to provide the best jewelry to seal the proposal, and you might want to keep it a secret as long as possible. However, not asking people close to them for input in how to buy an engagement ring for them will throw you off the loop as you don’t cover enough ground. Exclude them first from your circle of trust and plan everything without them knowing. Then, keep their friends and relatives in the loop and request them to keep their part of the bargain. You can then surprise your special someone with that beautiful proposal at the right time.

Only looking at one brand

When you’re shopping for that ring, don’t immediately settle for one chain store. Instead, for the best results in how to buy an engagement ring, look around, try several outlets and look at the choices available. Read their reviews, find out a lot about their services, and weigh their pros and cons. Don’t just settle on buying the first ring you see. It’s not supposed to be an impulse buy unless it’s part of the grand scheme and you want to propose while purchasing the ring.

How to buy an engagement ring: how much should it cost?

How much you want to pay for an engagement ring is an individual decision. While some like to spend a few thousand euros more, others hold back a little. But maybe they put more budget into the wedding rings or use it for the wedding. In addition, some women prefer sporty and simple rings and others prefer very opulent models, which are then also in a higher price segment. In order for you to have orientation, we present you with a rule of thumb in terms of costs for the engagement ring below.

If you want to decide for yourself how much budget you want or can spend on an engagement ring, you should take a look at your monthly net salary. The following applies: Invest calmly in a noble engagement ring, after all, it is a gift with meaning. Rule of thumb: It should be half a monthly salary.

Don’t get into debt for the engagement ring

If you can afford it, you can of course add a few more euros. But make sure that you do not get into debt and get into financial difficulties. Because the marriage proposal with infection of the engagement ring should be an exclusively beautiful moment for both of you!

Experience among men who have already bought an engagement ring shows that it is worth spending a little more money on a ring. After all, your sweetheart is happy about a particularly beautiful piece of jewelry. And if this is still noble and durable, she still has friends on her ring after years. In addition, many women like rings that sparkle.

Engagement ring cost = 3 monthly salaries?

Some believe that men should invest about three months’ salaries for the engagement ring. This is common in the USA, where the engagement ring is not only intended to show that a couple is together and will get married, but also stands for how much the man earns. A ring with diamond is almost mandatory here for engagement. It can’t be high-profile enough.

The cost of engagement rings can vary greatly. While rings made of silver are very cheap, rings made of white or yellow gold already come with a higher price. In addition, the simpler the engagement ring, the cheaper it is. But even if you want to buy an engagement ring with diamonds, you will already find models for less than $300. Take your monthly net salary as a guideline and then decide how much you can spend on a ring. In the end, however, only the message you want to convey counts. And who knows: Maybe your loved one is just as happy about a ring from the chewing gum machine?

Final thoughts

Preparing for the proposal can be a nerve-wracking process. However, you shouldn’t fret because you can ask for help to plan everything. Then, when you ask that question, you’ll make it as perfect as possible as it will be the start of your road to forever. So also read How to buy jewelry and How to write wedding vows: 10 tips and 70 examples