How to write wedding vows: 10 tips and 70 examples

how to write wedding vows

The wedding vows are a great way to make the wedding more personal and romantic.  Our guide outlines how to write wedding vows, with writing tips and 70 examples to inspire you in how to write your own vows that are beautiful and real.

Many couples prove their love for each other with personal marriage vows in front of all relatives. This not only takes creativity and the right words, but also a lot of courage and practice to make this emotional moment perfect. We will help you with valuable tips and templates for a self-written marriage vow. They are also useful when you want to renew your marriage vows.

The personal approach

More and more couples are choosing a self-written, personal, romantic marriage vows. It is a confession of love or a promise in front of all guests that gives an insight into the deep relationship of the future couple and in which there is so much heart and soul that most of them find it very difficult to bring it forward without tears. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth it. Such a love message leaves its mark and leads the couple even more in love into their marriage.

In addition, you do not risk that the registrar or the pastor does not reproduce the love story quite correctly or does not decorate it as romantically as you would like. A personal marriage vows can be agreed in the church as well as at the registry office or a free wedding ceremony. Find out in advance about the usual duration and make sure that it should not be too long. If you have more to say to yourself, you can talk to yourself at the party or wait until all the guests have gone home.

How to write wedding vows: 10 tips

Here are ten tips to help you prepare, write, practice, and recite your vows on the road to vows. With them you can avoid classic mistakes, save time and express what you always wanted to say to your partner.

How to write wedding vows: Make clear agreements together

If you both have decided on a marriage vow together, you should make precise arrangements. That means: among other things, decide on the length of the vow . It would be uncomfortable for one person to speak for two minutes and only talk for twenty seconds. One to two minutes are usual, but for a free wedding it can be a little longer.

Also, discuss the timing of your marriage vows with the registrar or pastor. Are personal marriage vows possible in principle? Do they have to contain certain components? Should the marriage vows be made before the “Yes I want” or after ? Do you both want to start with “I vow…” / ”I promise…” or do you present something individually and freely?

Discuss whether you are just referring to marriage vows and the future, or whether you want to make a confession of love to the other. So that this emotional moment is perfect for both and both feel well prepared, you should always clarify such important key data and information exactly.

How to write wedding vows: Leave enough time to write

Starting your marriage vows early enough is the cornerstone of stress-free writing. Give yourself at least a few months in which to reflect and seek inspiration. Especially if you are at work, you will probably only find enough time on the weekends to focus on your vows. The less time you have, the more pressure you will put on yourself and the higher the likelihood of writer’s block. Be sure to plan on writing multiple versions. 

How to write wedding vows: Start with a theme

In general, it is difficult to put into words the profound and in principle indescribable feelings for a loved one. Then nothing to be left out and everything you feel to be put into a short marriage vow is almost impossible. For this reason, a good strategy for how to write wedding vows is to come up with a ‘theme’ for your vows. In this way you can pick out a small but important aspect and really go into depth instead of just ‘sketching’ everything superficially.

For example, in looking at how to write wedding vows, you could start with what is your partner’s best quality? Choose it as a basis and describe situations in which it comes to light. In which moments did your partner impress or surprise you? How does he strengthen you, your love, and your entire life through this one quality?

Other topics are, for example, your briefing story or the execution of a particularly romantic moment that you will remember for a lifetime are good kickstarters for how to write wedding vows. How do you two imagine your future? Record your shared dreams in your wedding vows. If you could describe your relationship in one word, which one would it be and why? Do it and keep working on your text until you are really satisfied.

How to write wedding vows: Look for sources of inspiration

Sometimes words are simply lacking and one has writer’s block. Everything then sounds somehow wrong or bad. This dissatisfaction can be frustrating and spoil the pleasure of getting married. But there are a few techniques you can use to stimulate your creativity and find new inspiration.

On the one hand, you can read through well-known love quotes, love poems or wedding sayings and write out a few that reflect particularly well what you are feeling. Second, you could paint a picture that can express feelings in a very different way than words can. You could also watch a few wedding films, or at least scenes from the films where vows are recited.

mind map to create, can also work wonders. Write your partner’s name in the middle and create individual strands for their character traits and passions. Don’t just name positive things, try to capture his entire character. Because maybe you love a few small quirks and mistakes of his the most.

How to write wedding vows: Use everyday language

Even if rhetorical language certainly sound beautiful and poetic, you should still choose language for your marriage vows that you also use in everyday life. Polished vocabulary and cryptic metaphors will probably not only confuse the guests, your partner will also be amazed at this suddenly new side of you. The most important thing is that your personality and the feelings for your partner are shown to advantage in the text.Tip:

While it is good to revive your personal relationship in marriage vows, you should n’t overdo it with inside jokes and nicknames. After all, you certainly want all guests to understand what you mean.

How to write wedding vows: Show honest feelings

An open confession of love can be very upsetting, and it takes a lot of courage to speak freely in front of so many people. Knowing that a lot of people are listening can create inhibitions that keep real feelings under wraps.

Especially when there are work colleagues and neighbors among the guests with whom you do not have a particularly close relationship, the temptation is great to try to keep your composure . But if you want to keep your composure, you can’t let your feelings run free and you can’t make your spouse a hundred percent honest confession of love, as he deserves it.

It is important to think only of your partner for this one moment, to block out everything else and to allow emotions. Nobody will laugh at you or be skeptical. At weddings there is a state of emergency in which the open ‘display’ of love is desired. Overwhelming feelings are part of it and are incredibly romantic for the occasion.

How to write wedding vows: Write multiple versions

Perfectionists , in particular, experience persistent dissatisfaction when writing vows. This is simply because words seem inadequate to what we feel. If you’re frustrated, just write multiple versions of your vows, preferably on different topics .

Write a version in which you describe how you got to know each other; a version in which you perform your partner’s best quality and a version that explains how unique your relationship is and how much you value it. In another version, point out your differences and describe why you complement each other so well and are such a good team.

Ultimately, delete the versions that you are unhappy with. If you can’t make up your mind, ask friends or family for help and think together. Maybe two frames will even match and you can fuse them together. Have patience with yourself, take your time and allow yourself breaks. So you are guaranteed to find the right frame for you.

How to write wedding vows: Prepare vow cards

Newlyweds are usually very nervous and agitated when they recite their wedding vows. In order not to forget anything and not to risk a blackout, the marriage vows should be written down and taken to the front. The text can either be written on index cards, which can be nicely decorated on the back, or a somewhat larger card can be tinkered or bought that the couple can share.

If one of them is not to find out beforehand what the other is saying, both vows can be written down in the correct size and, for example, glued into them by the best man. He tells the bride and groom how much space they have available and puts the card together accordingly. Gladly allowed small ornaments or loops make the overall picture perfect. Finally, the vow card will be on each photo during the presentation.

How to write wedding vows: Practice out loud over and over again

No matter how often you read through your wedding vows, in the end you have to say it out loud – and that’s how you should practice beforehand. Find a quiet place and keep going over the vows aloud. You should avoid reading out loud , as you have to speak loud and clear in church, in the registry office or at a free wedding ceremony so that all guests understand you. If you are afraid of speaking in front of a lot of people, practice with a few friends or family .

How to write wedding vows: Find a beginning

If the words don’t come easily despite all mind map and inspiration attempts to find a beginning, you can begin with “I swear …” or “I promise …” . Imagine what you always want to be for your partner in the future. What do you appreciate about your relationship today that you always want to keep? Make a few bullet points and choose the most important things – the more unique, the better. 

  • I vow never to stop working on myself so that I can make you happier day by day.
  • I promise you to always stand by your side and always face the world with you.
  • I vow to bring your favorite chocolate with me whenever I go shopping, until the rest of our days.
  • I promise to always hold you in my arms if you get scared watching a movie.
  • I vow to always make you laugh when you are sad.
  • I promise to look you in the eye every morning when I wake up and every night when I fall asleep for the rest of my life and tell you I love you.
  • I vow to always be honest with you and never hide anything from you.

How to write wedding vows: examples

The following examples represent a variety of suggestions to spark inspiration for how to write wedding vows. They are of different lengths, and have different ‘themes’. Some correspond to classic formulations, others reflect the love story or the marriage proposal , some are a love hymn to the partner and still others are inspired by well-known wisdom and quotes.

You may find phrases that express exactly what you want to say, or you may find out what type of marriage vows you like best. In any case, the examples can help you orientate yourself and stimulate your creativity for how to write wedding vows yourself.

From today I will put my heart in your hands forever. It belongs to you alone, because I am sure it is safe, loved and protected there. I say “yes” to our past, I say “yes” now and here in the present, and “yes” to our future, which I look forward to so infinitely.

I promise you, for me your dreams will always be the most important thing, your smile the most beautiful and your eyes the deepest that I will ever look into. I love you.

Leo Tolstoy once said “You only have to love and everything is joy.”

Since you came into my life, I see the world in a completely different light. In a light that drives away dark thoughts, outshines bad moods and that even lets me enjoy bad weather, because I know that I can then spend the time with you on the couch.

I‘ve never felt more comfortable than near you. You calm me down and make me happy . You make sure that I don’t regret anything in my life because everything ultimately led me to you and made me the person you fell in love with. That alone gives me enough self-confidence and confidence to face every challenge in life. You enrich my life and I am infinitely grateful for it. I love you.

(Before the ring is awarded)
For me, this ring means eternal loyalty, eternal love, eternal trust and eternal friendship. He should always remind me how much I love and appreciate you and how much richer you make my life. When I look at it, I will always think of this special day and all the love that is here in this room today.

This feeling will accompany and strengthen me every day. I am infinitely grateful that you enrich me with this feeling. You are the most important thing in my life and I love you more than anything.

I love you for not only being there for me, but for all the people who need you. I admire your kindness and your patience, your sense of responsibility and duty for your entire environment. You are attentive, courteous and incredibly lovable. You are my role model, my best friend and my great love.

I vow to love you unconditionally with all your qualities, to strengthen you and never want to change, to always be grateful for you and always to respect you. I vow to tell you at least once a day from today that I love you. I vow to always be loyal to you and always stay the way I am, so that I can remain the person you fell in love with.

When I look you in the eye I know who I am.

When I look you in the eye I see the future, I see family and most importantly, I see happiness. Indescribable happiness that gives me confidence and security. Because you see so much in me, as much as I could never understand. But now I have you for that. You remind me of who I am and that I am enough for who I am.

Since it seems almost impossible to put into words my boundless love and admiration for you, I will use a few examples to help you show what a wonderful person you are.

You have always given up the last piece of chocolate to please me. You watch series with me that you don’t even think of as good, just so that I don’t have to watch them alone. You resist remarks about my driving skills and show an angelic patience when I park just to give myself confidence.

You deserve all the luck in the world because you are the best person I know. I promise you that I will always appreciate all of your wonderful qualities and that I will hopefully make you as happy as you are me. I love you.

When we met, I never expected that we would be here one day. Before we learned to love each other, we were in a class and at an age where you normally don’t become aware of the love in your life. But somehow I always knew that you were special.

I have never been so sure of anything as at this moment. I have never loved anyone like you. I’ve never been so fulfilled and I’ve never been so happy to get older. Because that’s what I want: I want to grow old with you, celebrate our wedding anniversaries and indulge in memories, sit on our terrace and watch birds, get visits from our children and grandchildren and be proud of our fulfilled life.

You give me the ability to see and dream of the future so far. I love you now as much as I love you in my dreams about the future.

I love you so much that I would love to never let go of you when we hug. I love you so much that I would love to write it on every house wall. I love you so much that I would wait ten years to just spend ten seconds in your arms. I love you so much that I would give up my whole life just to be with you.

You are everything to me, the beautiful center of my world and the sure compass that always shows me the right way. Thank you for all the big and small moments in our relationship. Thank you for existing.

Sören Kierkegaard once said that marriage is the most important journey of discovery a person can go on.

My darling, you don’t believe how excited I am for this trip; on everything that we will experience and on the wonderful moments that we will share with each other. A small family is already being planned and I already know that it will be perfect because we can both just do anything. You give me courage and you give me so much love that I would never have dreamed of. I am incredibly grateful to have met you, because from that day on my life has turned for the better.

I love you. You are my best friend. Today I give myself to you with our wedding. I promise to encourage and inspire you to laugh with you and to comfort you in times of worry and uncertainty.

I promise to love you in good times and bad, when life seems easy and especially when it seems difficult, when our love is easy and when it is a challenge.

I promise to honor you and always respect you.

I promise you these things today and for all days of our lives.

My best friend and my great love. Today we reaffirm the relationship we have enjoyed so far and look forward to our future together as married couple, which will deepen and strengthen this relationship. I will be yours in prosperity and poverty, in disease and health, in failure and success.

Together we will dream, but we will always stumble and help each other up. We will share all things and support each other and our families.

I will appreciate and respect you, comfort and encourage you, always be honest with you and always be by your side as long as we live – liberated and bound by our love.

I am your best friend. I promise to love you and to respect you too and I will always try to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving. But above all, I promise to always be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you

I take you as my partner for life, safe in the knowledge that you will always be my friend and my only true love.

I take you tobe my wife / my husband, knowing in my heart that you are my eternal friend and my great love. On this wonderful day, before God and everyone who is here with us today, I give you my sacred promise to always be by your side as your confidante, in illness and health, in joy and sadness, in good and in bad times.

I promise to love you unconditionally, to give you comfort in times of need, to encourage you to achieve all your goals, to laugh and cry with you, to grow with you, to always be honest with you and to appreciate and appreciate you honor as long as we both live. I will honor, encourage and support you … you are my best friend for life.

I promise to honor you, to encourage and support you on our common path. Even if this path becomes difficult at times, do I promise to always be by your side so that we can achieve more through our connection? can than alone.

I promise to work on our love and always make you my number one. With every beat of my heart I will love you. I solemnly promise you that today.

You know me better than anyone else in this world and still you manage to love me. You are my best friend and my great love. There is still that part of me – which after all these years with you – cannot believe that I can be the one who will marry you.

From today on I promise you:

I will laugh with you in times of joy and give you comfort in times of worry. I will share your dreams and support you to achieve your goals.

I will listen to you with enthusiasm and understanding and I will tell you uplifting words.

I will help you when you need help and give you your freedom when you need it.

I will trust you in good times and bad, in times of sickness and health.

You are my best friend. I will always respect and love you.

You are my heart – my one and everything. I once promised you that we will always look forward to each other and that we will keep this happiness and love that we felt at the beginning.

And today I stand in front of you and couldn’t be happier that we have found each other and that we are now witnessing exactly this love to our families and friends.

I promise you that I will kiss you goodnight every evening, hold you in my arms when you need consolation and that our common path from here on is guided by our love and trust in one another.

I promise to love you and appreciate your friendship as the most precious gift in this world.

I look to our future in which we will build families and our relationship will grow with trust in God.

I promise to be by your side in sickness and health, in times of prosperity and need, in peace and unrest, as long as we both live.

You are my wife / my husband

My feet walk because of you

My feet dance because of you

My heart beats because of you

My eyes see because of you

My mind thinks because of you

And I love because of you.

I promise to be your helm, your comforter, your companion, your best friend and your wife/husband. And most of all, I promise you myself.

Until today, the day when I told you that I love you, the day when I knew that I would marry you, was the best day of my life.

I believe in you, in the person you will be and in the couple we will be together.

I take you to my wife / my husband with all my heart, knowing and accepting your weaknesses and strengths, just as you know and accept mine. I promise to be trusting and supportive and always make the happiness and love of our family my top priority.

I am your partner in wealth and in poverty, in illness and health, in failure and success. I will dream with you, I will celebrate with you and I will always go by your side, no matter what hurdles our lives hold in store. You are my everything – my love, my life, my today and the rest of my life.

I choose you to be, my wife / husband, in friendship and in love, in strength and in weakness, to share the good and the bad, in challenges and in failure. I will appreciate and respect you, no matter what our life may bring and always be grateful that we have both found each other.

I promise to be a loving friend and spouse. To talk to you and to listen to you, to trust you and to appreciate you. To respect you and appreciate your uniqueness. To support, comfort and strengthen you in the happy and worried times of life.

I promise to share hopes, thoughts and dreams with you and to build our life together afterwards. May our lives forever be intertwined, May our love keep us together. May we create a home that is compassionate to all, full of respect and pride for others and ourselves. And may this home always be full of peace, happiness and love.

I take you to be my wife / husband and friend. May we together endure all the worries that make our life difficult and share every joy that life has in store for us.

I promise you my life. A connection made in love, consolidated in trust and renewed again and again. I promise you a life full of support and hope, connection and love.

I will comfort you when you cry and celebrate every laugh – just as you will be there for me with my worries and my joy. You will be my wife / husband as long as there is love. My confidante for all time

I offer you my love.

I offer you my strength.

I offer you my weakness.

I offer you my support.

I offer you my loyalty.

I offer you my trust as long as we both live.

I consider myself overjoyed because I have found a love that grows and becomes stronger, despite the distance, across national borders, despite morning commuting, barking dogs and different seasons.

I don’t see this pledge as a promise, but as a privilege: I can laugh and cry with you, I can take care of you and share everything with you. I can run and stroll with you. Build a future with you and live with you.

YOU complement ME

You make me better

You are my best friend and my mentor. My companion and confidante.

And also my biggest challenge. But most importantly: You are the love of my life and you make me happier than I ever imagined. You make me feel more loved than I ever hoped. You made me a better person because our love for one another is reflected in the way I live. I am really blessed to be able to call you part of my life, a life that is becoming our life together today.

Where there was cold, you brought warmth. Where there was darkness, you brought light. Our miracle lies in the path we have chosen together.

I enter this marriage with you in the knowledge that the true magic of love is not to be afraid of change, but to walk the path together, hand in hand. Let us give each other a responsibility to make every day perfect.

Whatever lies ahead, good or bad, we will master it together. Perhaps one day the distance will test us, or the many years to come. But as long as we always think of each other first, we will have a friend. In good times and bad, in sickness and health, in joy and pain, to love, appreciate and trust.

My beloved, in my heart there is only room for you. Loving you until the end of my life is the greatest promise I can make to you. I promise to love you, to hold on to you, to enjoy the time with you, to comfort you, to cheer you up, to amaze you and, above all, to appreciate you.

That we’re both always looking for new adventures in our lives is something I appreciate so much. I love it even more when these great adventures look like the two of us prepare dinner together with a good bottle of wine and great music.

I would marry you just for your risotto.

Because of you I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream. Overjoyed I look to our future together and to spend the rest of my life with you, to take care of you, to feed you and to always be there for you, whatever life has in store for us as long as we both live.

I look expectantly into our future and the chance to grow together, to get to know the person you will develop into and to fall a little more in love with you every day. I promise to love and honor you.

Today I take my place at your side – as your wife / husband. May we spend many days together that are full of faith, love, understanding and respect. Today is the start of the rest of our lives. I choose you to spend with you today and all of my tomorrow.

Today we go from me to us., take this ring as a symbol of my decision to spend my life with you until death do us part. I came to this place today to meet you, and from here we go together as married couples.

Everything that I am and everything that I have, I offer you, in love and friendship. From this day on I will love you and be there for you, carry you in my heart and place you above all others. You are my light and you showed me more love than I ever expected.

I always had goals, expectations, and things I wanted to do. But when I met you, I learned what it means to dream. You dreamed of traveling, but not only within the country. You dreamed of visiting Spain and Italy and places that I have only read about. I’ve learned to dream about the things I deserve.

We will always be there for one another. In good times and bad. I will always support you … I’ll be there and fight your struggles for you. I will help you with your responsibilities and make your problems mine so that we can both bear some of the burden. If you have to carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders, I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder next to you.

I share my life with you. Wherever you go, I’ll go with you. Whatever happens to you, I will master it with you. In good and bad times, in joy and sorrow, in wealth and poverty, I take you to my wife / my husband.

On this special day, I give you, above all those who are dear to us and important to us, the promise to always be at your side: in sickness and health, in joy and sadness, in good and bad times.

I promise to love you unconditionally, to comfort you when you need comfort, and to encourage you to achieve your goals. I will laugh and cry with you, grow with you, always be honest with you and appreciate you as long as I live.

I take you as my partner and from today I will love and honor you. I give you my infinite love and affection. I always promise to be honest with you, to value you and to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams with you.

I am so looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, my best friend. I promise to be there when you need me to fill your day with sunshine to give you consolation to donate and you courage to help you reach all your goals to be your best friend and you my life of to love with all my heart.

I promise to be by your side and take your hand whenever you need help. I wholeheartedly promise you to spend the rest of my life with you.I promise to hold your hand every night and that I will never lose the magic of our love.

Wherever the wind will take me, I will always be by your side as your wife / husband. Take this ring as a symbol of my love and connection to you. I go this way with you

Today, beloved, I connect my life with yours, not only as your wife / husband, but as your girlfriend / boyfriend, your lover, your confidante.

Let me be the shoulder on which you lean, the stone on which you rest, your partner.

Together with you I will go on my life path from this day on. Trust my love for you

From today on I will share my life with you. Trust my love because it’s real. I promise to be a trustworthy partner to you and to share your dreams, goals and hopes without exception. I always promise to be there for you. If you fall, I’ll catch you. When you cry, I will comfort you. When you laugh, I share your joy. All that I am and all that I have is yours from this moment on and forever.

Today I give you my heart, my promise that I will go with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey takes us. We will live, learn and love. Together. Forever.

The sun is shining today, on our wedding day, just for us. And how could it not? Because our love is stronger than ever and our hearts beat in the same rhythm.

I promise you to be a loyal and trustworthy partner, from this day on and for our whole life. No matter what happens, we’ll get through it together.

In joy and pain, in good and bad times, in illness and health – I will always be there for you to comfort you, to love you, to honor you. Now & Forever.

I promise you everything. I promise to promote your compassion because it makes you so unique. I promise to nourish your dreams, because your soul shines through them. I promise to support our challenges, because there is nothing that we cannot master together. I promise to be your partner in everything, not to see you as a possession, but to work together with you as part of the whole.

Finally, I promise you complete love and trust, because a single life with you is not enough.

Today is a day full of music and celebration. I promise to share my life with you. Regardless of whether the days to come will be happy or sad -I will spend them with you.

I promise you trust and patience, respect and light-heartedness, attention and self-improvement. I will celebrate your victories and love you even more in defeat.

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