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How to build an outdoor shower

build an outdoor shower

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For rinsing off after being in the swimming pool, or just for kids to have fun on hot days, you can build an outdoor shower with this easy guide. And no need for specialist plumbing skills.

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Summer, sun, bathing fun! But you don’t want to be trekking swimming pool water back into the house. The solution is tou build ae garden shower! The whole thing is then easily connected by a hose to the outside water tap. And even if you don’t have a swimming pool, children will love the outdoor shower on hot days!

You might think: “Building a garden shower is okay, but laying the water connection? Far too elaborate!” True, this would be far too expensive, and that is why we got a garden hose and hose couplings in the diy store in the garden department and thus created the variable water connection. Quite simple!

Steps to build an outdoor shower

garden hose is also used inside the wooden body, which is equipped with a regulating valve at hand height. At the top of the chrome-plated wall arm, this hose then finds connection by means of a tap piece from 3/4-inch (hose cross-section) to 1/2-inch (wall arm diameter).

The wood for the garden shower

A word about the dark wood with the milled shaft. This is the particularly weather-resistant OHT wood. This wood is treated in a pressure boiler for about 20 to 30 hours in the so-called O(il) H(eat) T(reatment) process in over 200°C hot rapeseed oil and thus pronounced weatherproof. So just right when the water bounces down on it.

You also need this for the garden shower:

  • Hose system:A wonderful help with this object are the hose system and the accessories. Thus, the entire internal water-carrying technology consists of this system, in which the couplings are simply plugged into the hose sections and turned. The hose itself has been fixed with a total of four hose holders in such a way that the control valve always remains positioned in the middle of the handle hole.
  • Stainless screws not only look beautiful, but are also non-rottable. We recommend to use simple screws during production and then remove them after the adhesive has been tied, paint the box white and then install the very noble looking stainless screws in the object.

Build an outdoor shower: Dimensions

The height of the garden shower is up to you, and can be adjusted accordingly because of using the garden hose to supply the water. 

Step 1/6: Nail rubber profiles

In order to prevent water pools from forming between the individual parts of the base, which could possibly destroy the wood, two rubber profiles are nailed for each understay. These profiles then keep the woods at a distance.

build an outdoor shower

Step 2/6: Attach the boards for the shower platform

Each board is fastened to the under-stays with two screws from below. To do this, drill a pocket hole for each bolt with a 15 mm drill and then a 3.5 mm diameter through hole.

build an outdoor shower

Step 3/6: Assemble a wooden box channel

The man-high wooden box, which later covers the garden hose, is assembled with external mounting glue and screws. If the adhesive has been tied off, the box is coated with a weather-resistant varnish.

Step 4/6: Drilling hole

Drill a 20 mm hole for the wall arm and saw out the bars so that the arm can be inserted from above.

build an outdoor shower

Step 5/6: Mount the base plate

Mount the base plate of the wall arm. Clearly visible here is the tap connector.

Step 6/6: Attach the wooden box

build an outdoor shower

With 8 x 100 mm plate head screws, the wooden box is attached to the base.

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